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Trish Stratus is often helmed as the greatest of all time when it comes to women’s wrestling as she achieved remarkable success at a time when the industry was dominated by male star powers. She essentially laid out a path in the wrestling industry for future generations of female wrestlers to be considered a trailblazer.

Even at this stage, Trish Stratus was recently involved in a lengthy storyline with Becky Lynch on WWE programming which also made her become a regular member of the Monday Night Raw roster. Since that feud had ended, last summer, she has stepped away from WWE television but the will is still there for a return if a proper opportunity arises.

Apart from her wrestling career, Trish Stratus has been a host on Canada’s Got Talent for several years which helped her maintain tremendous physical condition. Plus, her own yoga routine makes her gorgeous than ever.

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Trish Stratus announced a giveaway on Instagram from Greece

The former 7-time WWE Women’s Champion took to her Instagram to share a gorgeous bikini photo drop from Greece. In a breathtaking pose, she announced a giveaway for 25 lucky winners in collaboration with Tan on the Run.

As mentioned above, Trish Stratus put over Becky Lynch in a big way during their 2023 feud that culminated in a huge steel cage match before getting taken out by Zoey Stark. The WWE Hall of Famer recently admitted to having unfinished business with Stark following that instance.

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Plus, as admitted in a conversation with Monopoly Events, Trish Stratus is also “definitely open” to making a return to the WWE as long as she considers herself to be 100 percent in the ring. After all, the wish is still there for her to become an eight-time women’s champion.

“I want to offer something different for another superstar that I’m going to work with, elevate them, do something with them,” Trish Stratus stated.

“As long as I can give 100 percent [I would return]. I don’t want to come back and be like, ‘Here’s my 60 guys, here’s 60 percent, let’s go. I want to make sure I do it like I did it before, and so I am always open. It usually depends on creative, what they offer … yeah, I’m definitely open.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

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