WWE News: WWE stocks continues to do well, overtakes Netflix

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WWE News: WWE Stocks Continues to do Well, Overtakes Netflix 

WWE News: WWE Stocks Continues to do Well, Overtakes Netflix
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A lot of times fans continue to complain about the WWE products nowadays. They always compare the contents between present and past and then concludes the bygone era was far better.

Fans need to understand that time has changed and the company can’t deliver the Rate-R or Hardcore products available in the Attitude Era or the Ruthless Aggression Era.

There’s a reason the company has wholly transitioned into PG programming. Attracting fans all over the world is their ultimate goal through the contents.

Unless they air family-friendly programming, they can’t catch the market. Going by this logic, WWE had already become a tech-giant nowadays. The rising of the stocks are a direct reflection of it.

Reports are out indicating that WWE stocks are on an all-time high nowadays. They have outperformed another behemoth Netflix in a significant margin regarding the uprise. Netflix stocks already had a growth of 110 percent of stocks in the year 2018, whereas, WWE had 152 percent.

The analysts predicted they might have 30 percent more of growth in the upcoming months. CNBC is the source who reported that WWE is performing a lot better as the online streaming service all around the world than Netflix.

Oppenheimer technician, Ari Wald recently spoke on this good run of the WWE predicting that there will be no one stopping the company from having a good run. Here are the comments from CNBC’s trading nation show,

“This is a great example of momentum in markets. All of the academic research shows that stocks with high risk-adjusted returns over the previous year usually continue to be the leaders over the coming year, and we like momentum.”

Mark Tepper, the CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners confirmed WWE came up with the rightmost contents in recent months. So it’s almost certain the biggest pro-wrestling promotion in the world will force all the streaming giants a run for their money. Here is further analysis on this issue from him,

“They’ve been focusing on increasing original content, growing their subscriber base, [and] negotiating new TV deals which all really bode well for the stock. While the media and entertainment industry is really competitive, they’ve really got the wrestling niche obviously locked down. So I find it really hard to believe that any other wrestling entertainment company could enter this market and compete.”

Tepper also mentioned the recent partnership between WWE and Fox Sports as well as Comcast. The deal will be effective from 2019 onwards helping the company to go more mainstream in the near future.

It will result in almost 360 percent of the growth in their value. The superstars also benefitted from this, as they receive a huge bonus in the paychecks.

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