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The ongoing beef between WWE NXT standout Lola Vice and the veteran Natalya Neidhart reached new heights as these two women got booked in an NXT Underground match on the latest edition of NXT Spring Breakin’ 2024 Night Two. In a physically tormenting environment, these two stars competed with several roster members surrounding the ring.

A few weeks ago, Natalya had answered Lola Vice’s Open Challenge on WWE NXT and since then the feud picked up via multiple run-ins. The two finally agreed in the Underground environment where they have respective partners in their corner.

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Then in the main event of the April 30 episode of WWE NXT, the Underground Match favored Lola Vice due to her MMA background and having a specialist in Shayna Baszler in her corner. Natalya had fellow Canadian and NXT star Karmen Petrovic on her side. It was a hard-hitting affair where Baszler ultimately emerged to be the decisive factor.

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WWE NXT: Shayna Baszler helped Lola Vice to pick up the Underground Match win

The closing moments of this WWE NXT Underground match saw Natalya Neidhart locking Lola Vice in the sharpshooter and as she was about to tap out, Shayna Bazler applied her own Kirifuda Clutch submission on Karmen Petrovic. This led Natalya to break the hold and come to Karmen’s aid.

Karmen was let go from the hold only for Nattie to turn around and walk into a spinning back fist delivered by Vice. As Vice continued to pummel her opponent, the referee finally stopped the match. Nattie sold the knockout too much to award Vice a win via TKO.

However, it appears that the Queen of Harts isn’t done with WWE NXT and she’s definitely not over with this feud with Vice. In an exclusive interview released by WWE on X, Natalya seemed emotional following the loss and she did not blame Karmen Petrovic for it. She abruptly left the locker room before mentioning that things are not over between herself and Lola Vice,

“I don’t know what should I have done or if I could turn back time I don’t know what I would have done different … I just know this isn’t over, I need a minutes.”

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