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Since last week’s episode of WWE Raw, Liv Morgan has been the talk of the town and she just continues to grab more attention via her antics. After retaining the women’s world title, she planted a passionate kiss on Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio to create an unexpected moment that left the pro-wrestling fans buzzing for days.

As the hype around herself was big, the Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan kicked off last night’s WWE Raw and said she did what no other woman on this roster could do and that’s taking out Rhea Ripley. She also claimed to have sent Becky Lynch into early retirement after defeating her for the title not once but twice.

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Liv Morgan further mentioned that the cherry on top of all these happenings was kissing Dominik Mysterio on last week’s WWE Raw. This comment led Dirty Dom to come out and talk to her. But the fans booed him so loud that he could barely speak in the initial moments. After entering the ring, Dom asked the champion what kind of game she was playing and fans chanted “you suck” in reply.

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Dom reminded Liv Morgan that when Rhea Ripley comes back on WWE Raw, she’s going to kill her. In reply, Liv said Rhea is probably going to kill Dominik too. However, Liv also promised that she’d make it all worthwhile for Dom after being willing to take everything away from Rhea, including Dominik.

At this point in the segment on WWE Raw, Morgan came really close to Dominik and started touching him by siding him against the ropes. This led to Finn Balor coming and stopping her. Finn said Dom doesn’t have anything to do with Liv. Before Liv agreed to back off, she touched Dominik’s hair and questioned whether there was a doubt that Dominik didn’t want her.

Later on WWE Raw, Braun Strowman defeated Carlito after which Finn Balor and JD McDonagh attacked Strowman. Dominik Mysterio also attacked Braun’s leg and tried to hit Braun with a chair, but Braun smashed the chair. Braun went after Dominik, but Liv Morgan saved Dom as she stood in front of Strowman. Liv again tried to get close to Dominik but Finn kept them separated.

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