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Amid speculations of her contract expiry, Natalya Neidhart competed in a match on the latest episode of WWE Raw and came up short. This match also marked the in-ring debut of NXT call-up Kiana James and she was ultimately able to topple the resistance offered by one of the most veterans available in the locker room.

Ahead of this match on WWE Raw, Jackie Redmond interviewed Kiana James who was excited to make her debut against Natalya. James called Nattie one of the most accomplished stars in WWE history. The debutant also took some time to get accustomed to the new roster but now that she was ready to compete, she specifically asked for a match against Natalya which admittedly was her step one on the way to the top.

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In the match, Natalya Neidhart hit a German suplex and went for the Sharpshooter, quickly but James blocked it and hit her finisher the 401k which is a reverse STO or flatliner version for the pinfall win. The match failed to impress the crowd on WWE Raw and the show progressed to the next segment as quickly as possible.

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Meanwhile, Natalya, possibly leaving or beginning a new phase in the WWE, was teased further after the match was over. In a backstage segment on WWE Raw, Natalya was shown frustrated due to the loss when she was approached by Sonya Deville, who asked if she was ready for something different.

In response, Natalya quoted her late uncle, Owen Hart saying, “Enough is enough and it’s time for a change,” which was the motto behind him joining The Nation of Domination. It’s not clear if Nattie was indicating at her stint’s end at WWE Raw as the contract expiry approaches closer or if she will continue to be here under the influence of Sonya Deville.

As for Kiana James, the newbie has received a major boost in her career upon securing this singles win against Natalya Neidhart on WWE Raw. Before entering the mainstay scene, two months ago, she spent over two years in NXT following three appearances as Xtina Kay on AEW Dark in 2021. James is also a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Fallon Henley who lost the titles to Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn at Stand and Deliver 2023.

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