WWE Rumor: Two Big Names Returning On Next Week’s WWE Raw

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WWE Rumour: Two Big Names Returning on Next Week’s WWE Raw 

WWE Rumour: Two Big Names Returning on Next Week’s WWE Raw

The recently bygone episode of WWE Raw fell short to a big extent.

This was really disappointing at a time when the Wrestlemania season is starting to pick up. We are only three weeks away from the show of shows in April.

So, this was quite unexpected from the flagship show of the company. The biggest constraint for the show hosted in Detroit, Michigan was a lack of big names that are required to hype up the Wrestlemania season.

Names like Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, were absent from it even after the advertisements were given much before the show. Plus, there was an anticipation to see The Undertaker, as well. Also, a huge main event eight-man dark match was advertised which was not in-store. So, a fan backlash happened, as per wrestlingINC.com reports,

“There was no dark main event after this week’s RAW in Detroit went off the air. Correspondent Ed Haynes sent word that fans were upset because there was no eight-man dark main event as advertised and no appearances by Ronda Rousey or WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who were also advertised.”

These negative backlash is not going to help the show, at all which is why more prominent planning is needed to sell out the next week’s WWE Raw.

Apparently, the same is being planned for the show which is set to emanate from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. We can certainly expect two big appearances.

As per the statement of Vince McMahon, the Universal Champion will be present on WWE Raw. It came after Roman Reigns seemed irate over Brock Lesnar being irresponsible to the WWE fans. So, the expectation is that the Conqueror will finally resurface on WWE Raw after a long hiatus. He would be out to face the challenger Roman Reigns if he gets out of the temporary suspension.

The other name who might return on the show is none other than The Undertaker. John Cena has thrown a challenge to the Deadman for a couple of times.

Now, it is time for him to address it by appearing on the show. It is expected that the challenge will be accepted by appearing on the show in person.

The reason behind the same is that the next edition will be hosted in the home-state of The Undertaker in Dallas, Texas.

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