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For a long time, Minneapolis, Minnesota was rumored to be the front-runner for hosting Wrestlemania 41 at the beginning of 2024. However, in due course, Las Vegas emerged as the new option and it became the new favorite to be announced as the new host. In the latest instance, it’s now being touted that Minnesota is totally out of the race.

According to a new report by Fightful Select, Minneapolis did make efforts to host WrestleMania 41, with the city eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make the announcement. But in recent times internal discussions within WWE have shifted towards Las Vegas, particularly after the success of events like the WrestleMania 40 kickoff event and the Super Bowl.

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The ongoing inquiries continued regarding Wrestlemania 41 but WWE has remained tight-lipped about any updates regarding the show. However, sources within the company have further indicated that Las Vegas is the new frontrunner. Early indications point to April 2025 as the likely timeframe for WrestleMania but May dates have also been discussed.

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WWE has different reasons to choose Las Vegas for hosting Wrestlemania 41

There’s a preference among higher-ups to avoid another cold weather for WrestleMania 41 much like this year and this could be a decisive factor in finalizing the venue,

“Minnesota is no longer expected to be the site of WWE WrestleMania by most within WWE. For months, Minneapolis was the front runner, and the city has been “aching to announce” that they’d be getting WrestleMania. However, in recent months, there was heavy internal push for the show to take place in Las Vegas, especially after a successful WrestleMania XL kickoff event, and the success of the Super Bowl locally.”

Recently, The Undertaker’s podcast added fuel to the fire as the veteran indicated that Las Vegas was going to be the host of next year’s edition of The Showcase of Immortals. Then WrestleVotes further reported that signs are still there about the likelihood of WrestleMania 41 taking place in Minneapolis but Las Vegas beat the formerly predicted host city.

Breaking the usual tradition, WWE is yet to confirm the details around Wrestlemania 41 which would be the biggest premium live event set for next year. The announcement was speculated to come around Wrestlemania XL in April but things were postponed.

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