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One of the top superstars of the WWE roster, Carmella suddenly stopped making appearances on Raw on the Road to Wrestlemania 39. Reports never confirmed anything about her status except for the fact that she was pulled from the show for an unknown reason. Moving on, she could be spotted with her husband and WWE Raw commentator Corey Graves for the spectacular set reveal of the biggest WWE premium live event in Hollywood.

But days fast forward, Carmella revealed herself to be pregnant alongside Corey which appeared to be the original reason to get pulled off the WWE appearances. Down the road, the couple was blessed with a baby boy, Dimitri Paul Polinsky, on November 8 following 60 hours of labor. Since then, the female WWE Star has been keeping fans updated on her journey through motherhood.

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Away from the WWE, Carmella is enjoying tons of family time with her husband who is making regular appearances on TV for commentary purposes. This is a joyful time for the couple who had a tough time on the road to pregnancy. The former SmackDown Women’s champion suffered a personal family tragedy after suffering a miscarriage a few years ago. But she stayed strong and ultimately tasted motherhood.

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Carmella reveals how her hair troubled her during matches

That wasn’t the only tragedy that Carmella was talking about. Going by her social media and the gorgeous character that she plays on TV, she always makes sure to look good as much as possible. While speaking to Women’s Health about her hair routine, the former Princess of Staten Island revealed that she went bald two years ago,

“As far as my hair care routine goes, I mean your girl was bald about two years ago. I had no hair. I mean getting my hair constantly pulled in the ring. I mean my extensions would get yanked out,” Carmella admitted.

“I would have bald patches and the constant heat and it’s just, it’s crazy being a lady wrestler and trying to keep your hair intact. But, I will say the prenatal vitamins have really helped. And I try not to style my hair as much as possible.”

Carmella previously confirmed that she will make her return to the squared circle after the pregnancy season is over. It remains to be seen when she will return to WWE television. With her foot injury still troubling her, she might have to wait for a little longer before coming back to wrestling capacity.

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