How Did Natalya & Lacey Evans Make History At WWE Crown Jewel?

WWE News: How Did Natalya & Lacey Evans Make History At Crown Jewel?

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WWE made history last night as Lacey Evans and Natalya became the first women to wrestle in Saudi Arabia. This was a big deal in the history of the country who had a lot of barriers when it comes to women taking part in sports.

After a lot of persuasions towards Saudi Arabia officials, they finally gave a green signal to the much-anticipated matchup that garnered mainstream attention.

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Brad Shepard provided some backstage updates on how Lacey Evans and Natalya appeared to be the two women to compete in this matchup. He reported that it was Vince McMahon who handpicked Evans to compete in this match.

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Stephanie McMahon is the one who inserted Natalya into the match. Stephanie didn’t make the trip to Saudi Arabia herself, but she was able to pull the trigger on behalf of  Natalya,

“According to a source in #WWE, Lacey Evans was handpicked by Vince McMahon and Natalya was handpicked by Stephanie McMahon, for the women’s match at #WWECrownJewel.” (As reported by Shepard)

Stephanie McMahon recently appeared in an interview with Bleacher Report to talk about the historic announcement WWE made on Wednesday during the Crown Jewel press conference. It was then when WWE confirmed that the women’s division match will take place after a lot of considerations.

Stephanie talked about the rich history that Natalya had over the years in the WWE. So it was an automatic choice for the officials to insert the veteran superstar in this kind of a historic contest,

“Natalya is somewhat of a legend in the women’s division. She is the veteran. She has been here for so long, been a part of so many of the changes that have happened.” McMahon added that when Nattie’s legacy and family history are pretty remarkable, itself.

As for Lacey Evans, Stephanie stated that she is new to the scene but managed to earn a ton of praise by showcasing her perspective towards life. She also wants to set an example for her daughter which is quite remarkable of her own. So Stephanie concluded saying, “I can’t think of better representatives for WWE.”

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