Natalya Clarifies Getting Movie Offer From Jasoon Momoa

WWE Star Natalya Clarifies Getting Movie Offer From Jasoon Momoa

courtesy WWE

Natalya is one of the best female talents that the WWE locker room has to offer. She has received a ton of opportunities when it comes to the pro-wrestling ring and utilized it in the very best way to proclaim herself to be the very best that WWE can offer.

The Wrestling Royalty nickname suits her the very best who had a very bad experience as revealed on the Total Divas show.

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During one of the recent episodes of the reality TV series, it was revealed that Jason Momoa (The Aquaman fame) offered Natalya a role in “The Wrestler 2” movie as his former love interest.

Natalya Shares Backstage Story Of Historic WWE Women’s Match In Saudi Arabia

Natalya had to clarify the false news and put those rumors to rest. The situation turned out in a way that she was actually being catfished.

The story has been pretty unusual, but one of the Total Divas cast member Sonya Deville seemed to enjoy hearing it, every time,

“Well……we should further clarify….while filming #TotalDivas I was “catfished” lol by a guy pretending to be Jason Momoa. It was a pretty hilarious situation and a long story!

@SonyaDevilleWWE definitely wants me to tell the story OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!” (stated by Natalya on her Twitter)

With the amount of experience that Natalya possesses under her resume, it’ll be no wonder if someday she ends up grabbing a role in a leading Hollywood movie.

However, it won’t be for The Wrestler 2 movie starring Jason Momoa. WWE could have been much happier if that would happen as they could receive some mainstream attention through this. However, it’s not happening, at least for now.

Natalya Says All-Women Evolution PPV To Return Soon

Natalya recently created history by competing in the first-ever women’s division match in Saudi Arabia. She wrestled Lacey Evans in the path-breaking match and eventually ended up winning the contest.

This was an extremely proud and honorable moment in her illustrious career. However, she did not receive any significant follow-up push towards her after the match was over.