How Stephanie McMahon Changed WWE History At Wrestlemania 21

Revealed: How Stephanie McMahon Changed WWE History At Wrestlemania 21

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Stephanie McMahon is the perfect brand ambassador for WWE for some rightful reasons. Despite having a family, she handles the corporate tasks pretty effortlessly which makes her a true entrepreneur by all means.

Plus, she also helps out setting up creative things when her father is not around. In one recent instance, she revealed how she did change the history of WWE at Wrestlemania.

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Money In The Bank has become a yearly pay-per-view event starting from the past decade. But it was not the case from the get-go as it just started as a special match at WrestleMania. It seems like if it wasn’t for Stephanie McMahon that matches concept might not even get executed in the first place. She was the one to put things together for the very first edition in 2005.

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In the latest episode of WWE Backstage, the Billion Dollar Princess talked with Renee Young to talk about the backstory behind the Money in the Bank match. Stephanie McMahon revealed how she stepped up as a creative head and helped out to sketch the inaugural Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 21, together. Thus the gimmicked ladder match became a reality that became incredibly popular.

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As revealed by Stephanie McMahon, her father tore his quads during the Royal Rumble match and hence he could not attend the creative meeting needed for Money in the Bank match. So she needed to give proxy on behalf of her father,

“Right before WrestleMania 21 which we called ‘WrestleMania Goes Hollywood,’ my dad actually tore both his quads at the Royal Rumble, so he was not able to come to TV. I had to step in and help fill that role. I remember the pitch meeting when all of the competitors in the Money In The Bank match were actually pitching me after the show and they were saying, ‘This is the idea, this is what we wanna do and we wanna do it at WrestleMania.’ So, that’s the Money In The Bank story with a little extra flavor.”

Vince McMahon was eventually back to work once the injuries were healed up. But it was Stephanie McMahon who approved the concept of Money in the Bank, all together to give birth to the most favorite match in WWE history to many. If she would have rejected the idea then we may have never seen that match in the first place.