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Rohan Jaitley has been elected as the new president of DDCA (Twitter Image)
Rohan Jaitley has been elected as the new president of DDCA (Twitter Image)

Rohan Jaitley Confirms DDCA Offered Premises Of Arun Jaitley Stadium As Covid-19 Vaccination Centre

Rohan Jaitley, the state cricket board president confirmed Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has offered the premises of the Arun Jaitley Stadium to be used as a Covid-19 vaccination centre.

The stadium was in use up until May 2, the final day of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 before it was indefinitely suspended by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Arun Jaitley Stadium [Image-Twitter]
Arun Jaitley Stadium [Image-Twitter]

Rohan Jaitley Wrote If A Vaccination Centre Is Required, The DDCA Premises Can Be Used Till Normalcy Returns

Rohan Jaitley, therefore, wrote to the Delhi government and suggested they turn the cricket stadium premises into a vaccination site where at least 10,000 people can get the jabs every day.

“I had written that if they feel that they require a centre for vaccination, the DDCA premises can be used till normalcy returns,” Jaitley told PTI on Saturday.

Rohan Jaitley recently became the DDCA President. (File)
Rohan Jaitley recently became the DDCA President. (File)

Healthcare workers, frontline staff and those aged above 45 are being given jabs at 470 centres, whereas beneficiaries in the 18-44 age group are being inoculated at 394 centres. A total of 41.64 lakh doses were administered to beneficiaries across all categories in Delhi till Wednesday morning since the inoculation drive started on January 16.

Arvind Kejriwal: Covid-19 In Delhi Has Lessened

Delhi has so far received 8.17 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccines for the 18-44 years category, and over 43 lakh doses for 45-plus, and healthcare and frontline workers.

“In our stadium premises, we have a facility where 10,000 people can be vaccinated per day. If they want, till the time there is some semblance of normalcy, they can use it till cricketing activity resumes.”

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. (File photo)
Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. (File photo)

He said that he has got a reply that “the chief secretary will look into the matter.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that the Covid-19 impact has lessened in the city, with the case positivity rate in the national capital dropping to 11 per cent. Delhi recorded 6,500 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

In order to ramp up the coronavirus vaccination drive in the country, the Centre had last month announced a ‘liberalised and accelerated’ Phase 3 strategy of COVID-19 vaccination from May 1. Now, everyone above the age of 18 is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Delhi High Court
Delhi High Court

Staging Of IPL 2021 In The Midst Of Covid-19 Pandemic Is Questioned As A Petition Is Filed In The Delhi High Court

IPL 2021 staging in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is questioned as a petition is filed in the Delhi High Court seeking an inquiry as to why the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 is being prioritized over the Public Health amidst a surge in Covid-19 cases and to direct the Centre, the Delhi government, and cricketing bodies BCCI and DDCA to stop the ongoing matches with an immediate effect.

The plea was filed by Advocate Karan Singh Thukral and social activist Inder Mohan Singh. Karan Singh Thukral is a practicing Advocate who is presently suffering from Covid-19 and has been distressed to see the state of affairs in the city and the complete failure of the medical system.

Delhi High Court(Source: India Today)
Delhi High Court(Source: India Today)

IPL 2021 Playing In The Midst Of Covid-19 Pandemic Questioned As A Petition Is Filed In The Delhi High Court

In his plea filed through advocates, the duo of HS Thukral and Kapil Kumar, the petitioners urged to issue direction to the respondents to hold an inquiry as to why the IPL 2021 is being prioritized over Public Health. It also sought to stop the IPL 2021 matches held in Delhi with an immediate effect.

“Issue a Writ of Mandamus or any other appropriate writ, order, or direction directing the Respondent(s) to held an inquiry as to why the IPL 2021 is being prioritized over the Public Health,” the plea said.

” Respondent no.1 is the Government of India who has failed drastically to manage the current horrifying situation of COVID-19 in Delhi. Respondent no. 2 is the Board of Control for Cricket in India (“BCCI”), a society registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 founded the IPL in the year 2007. IPL is run by a committee constituted by a general body of BCCI and that governing body is called IPL Governing Council i.e. the Respondent no. 3.”

DDCA's Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.
DDCA’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.
“Respondent no 4 in the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) which is a governing body of Cricket activities in the Delhi state of India and the Delhi cricket team. It is affiliated with the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Respondent no.5 is the Chief Minister of Delhi who is elected as a Chief Minister by the people of Delhi, ” read the petition.

Karan Singh Thukral is a practicing advocate and alongside Kapil Kumar, he filed a petition that sought an inquiry on why IPL is being prioritized over the health concerns in the nation. The petitioners requested the high court to stop the upcoming IPL 2021 matches from being held in Delhi and in a sense, put a hold on the entire tournament until the condition improves.

Petitioners Strongly Object Priritizing IPL Over Public Heath As Covid-19 Cases Surge

The Petitioners said that they strongly object and with folded hands, request the High Court to put a stay over the conduct of upcoming IPL 2021 matches in Delhi.

“Although, point no 10 of Delhi Government notification dated April 19 clearly states that lockdown is exceptional to any Stadium organizing national & international level matches with no in attendance spectators, there is an urgent need to prioritize the Public Health over these matches,” they said.

They added that it is a mockery of the emotions of those common people who are constantly struggling for beds and space for cremating their loved ones. They added that the government has hurt the sentiments of the citizens by prioritizing entertainment over the lives of innocents showcasing a poor play of authority and responsibility.

IPL 2021 Last Match In Delhi Between MI And CSK
IPL 2021 Last Match In Delhi Between MI And CSK [photo: Twitter]
The petitioner said that the state through its careless acts has shown itself as an insensitive and capitalist figure losing every inch of public confidence over it. The Government has very conveniently turned a blind eye on the whole situation showcasing a completely reckless and insensitive approach towards dealing with the pandemic, it added.

The matter was listed before a single bench on Monday who has referred now it to another division bench to hear the plea. The matter is now listed to be heard on May 5 before Delhi High Court Divison Bench.

Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings. Image Credits: Twitter

IPL 2021: Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals Game Postponed Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Chennai Super Kings have decided not to play Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday after 3 members tested Covid-19 positive. It is the second match to be rescheduled after Monday’s game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Kolkata Knight Riders was also postponed after the KKR spinner Varun Chakravarthy and seam bowler Sandeep Warrier tested positive for Covid-19.

One of the Chennai Super Kings officials has told Indian Express that the franchise will be undergoing 6-day quarantine and have informed BCCI that they can’t play the match against Rajasthan Royals. Due to the current scenario, BCCI has decided to postpone the Wednesday clash, reported PTI.

Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier were found to be Covid positive in the third round of testing (Courtesy of BCCI)
Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier were found to be Covid positive in the third round of testing (Courtesy of BCCI)

Chennai Super Kings Can’t Play Next Game Against Rajasthan Royals As Per Covid Protocols Of 6 Day Quarantine

Kasi Viswanathan, the Chennai Super Kings’ chief executive officer, told ESPNcricinfo that the franchise had written to the IPL on Monday informing them that the entire Chennai Super Kings contingent was isolating immediately after it emerged two people, including bowling coach Laxmipathy Balaji, had tested positive for Covid-19 after yesterday’s round of tests.

Incidentally, Kasi Viswanathan was originally part of the three people to test positive in the tests conducted on May 2, which was a day after the Super Kings lost a last-ball thriller to defending champions Mumbai Indians in Delhi. Then, yesterday’s round of follow-up testing cleared Kasi Viswanathan, but Laxmipathy Balaji and the cleaner of the team’s bus tested positive for the second time in two days.

“The coach is asymptomatic. However, as per the BCCI’s Covid protocols, everybody who has come in contact with him will have to undergo a six-day quarantine. We can’t play our next game (against Rajasthan Royals). The BCCI knows about the testing protocols and how many tests need to become negative before an all-clear is given.

“We have communicated it to the BCCI. They will have to reschedule the game between CSK and Rajasthan Royals,” a Chennai Super Kings official told The Indian Express.

Laxmipathy Balaji is the bowling coach of CSK.
Laxmipathy Balaji is the bowling coach of CSK. © BCCI/IPL

This means not only Chennai Super Kings game against Rajasthan Royals will be postponed but also their game against Sunrisers Hyderabad will be under threat.

CSK is supposed to play SRH on May 7th. According to the report by the paper, CSK informed the BCCI that they could step back on the field only once all players who came in contact with the two people who tested positive cleared three tests over a six-day period, as per Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the IPL.

Chennai Super Kings Entire Team Should Go Into Quarantine: An Overseas Cricketer

It is worth noting that currently, Kolkata Knight Riders are also under quarantine and so is the Delhi Capitals squad. All these developments are making the continuation of IPL very difficult.

Problems for the IPL 2021 & BCCI are increasing leaps and bounds every minute. Sources have reliably learned that foreign players of one of the leading IPL franchises have told the management that they want to quit amid a surge in the Covid-19 cases in India. The concerned franchise has informed BCCI  about the decision of the foreign players.

“Most of our foreign players now doesn’t want to continue. They don’t feel safe anymore. We have assured them we will take care of them and if required will also take care of their travel out of India. Without the availability of these players, how we can continue,” said the franchise official. 
InsideSport.co also tried reaching out to some of the foreign players in various franchises and found out that most of them are on tenterhooks.
“We are extremely worried now, situation is not normal anymore. We are also concerned about Balaji’s positive case. Why BCCI is not quarantining the entire team, Balaji was their in the dugout and in the dressing room with the entire CSK team. The entire team should go into quarantine, its getting difficult to continue like this,” said one of the overseas player. 
DDCA's Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.
DDCA’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.

Tuesday’s match between Mumbai and the Sunrisers Hyderabad is set to run as per schedule. There were questions about whether the match should go-ahead for two primary reasons. First, Mumbai had played the Chennai Super Kings on Saturday with Laxmipathy Balaji in the dugout. Although all members of the Mumbai franchise were subsequently tested, there was lingering concern whether they, too, should have isolated.

The second reason was some members of the ground staff at the Arun Jaitley Stadium had tested positive. The Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) president Rohan Jaitley confirmed there was no positive case among the group of staff members that had been present over last weekend’s matches. Mumbai and the Sunrisers did not train at the venue on Monday.

DDCA's Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.
DDCA's Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.

IPL 2021: DDCA’s 5 Ground Staff Tested Covid-19 Positive After Result Of Two KKR Players Return Positive

DDCA’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is scheduled to host IPL matches until May 8. Five Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) ground staff have tested positive for Covid-19.

Five DDCA ground staff have tested positive for COVID-19. The staff members have been isolated.

DDCA Representative Image File Photo

DDCA President Clarifies None Of The 5 Covid-19 Positive Staff Were On Duty

DDCA’s Arun Jaitley Stadium is set to host matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 until May 8. However, Rohan Jaitley, DDCA president, said that none of the staff who tested positive were on duty.

This development comes on the same day that two players from Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) — Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier — also tested positive for the deadly virus. Delhi is scheduled to host four more IPL matches this season, including the next two games of the tournament.

Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier were found to be Covid positive in the third round of testing (Courtesy of BCCI)
Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier were found to be Covid positive in the third round of testing (Courtesy of BCCI)

Mumbai Indians (MI) and SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) are scheduled to face off in the next game in Delhi on Tuesday. KKR’s match against Royal Challengers Bangalore, originally scheduled for Monday in Ahmedabad, has been postponed due to the positive cases in the KKR camp.

“Both the players (Chakravarthy and Warrier) have isolated themselves from the rest of the squad. The Medical Team is in continuous touch with the duo and is monitoring their health,” the IPL said in a release.

The IPL further said that all other members of the KKR squad had returned negative tests. Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier’s positive results forced IPL 2021 organizers to postpone Match 30 between KKR and RCB.

Nitish Rana, Devdutt Padikkal, And Axar Patel Tested Positive Before IPL 2021

This was the first reported instance of players at a team testing positive for COVID-19 during IPL 2021.

Devdutt Padikkal , RCB Twitter handle
Devdutt Padikkal , RCB Twitter handle

Earlier, KKR’s Nitish Rana, RCB’s Devdutt Padikkal, and Delhi Capitals’ Axar Patel had tested positive for the virus before joining their respective squads. Delhi is among the cities with the heaviest COVID-19 caseloads in India. Currently, there are over 92,000 active cases in the national capital.

Bishan Singh Bedi
Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Bishan Singh Bedi Threatens To Legal Action Against DDCA

Bishan Singh Bedi, legendary spinner has threatened to take legal action against the DDCA if his name is not removed from a spectators’ stand at the Feroz Shah Kotla ground with immediate effect.

On Wednesday, he had sent a letter to the Delhi and District Cricket Association, criticising the body for installing a statue of its late former President Arun Jaitley at the Kotla Stadium.

Bishen Singh Bedi
Bishan Singh Bedi (Picture Source – Reuters)

Bishan Singh Bedi Sad At Receiving No Reaction From Rohan Jaitley

In the absence of any response from DDCA, Bishan Singh Bedi wrote another letter to the DDCA cricket body on Saturday and said he was sad for receiving no response for the first letter.

“It’s been a few days since I wrote to you … While within minutes of my letter going public I had the overwhelming support of the cricket fraternity across the globe. But I’m sad there’s been no reaction from you,” Bishan Singh Bedi wrote in his letter addressed to DDCA President Rohan Jaitley.

“… I hope in our country people still have a right to decide as individuals what they wish to be associated with & where their name plates can hang with dignity. Please don’t push me to take legal recourse.”

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Bishan Singh Bedi had also decided to renounce his membership of the DDCA. In his letter, he questioned the DDCA president’s “ill-advised” and “inexplicable” silence to his first letter.

“Your seemingly ill-advised silence to my letter that has triggered a public debate about perpetuating politicians at sporting venues exposes your naivety,” he wrote.

“Your inexplicable silence also underlines guilt of occupying a position of power solely because of your family name, which, you obviously wish to promote, come what may. Finally, I hope you will have the basic courtesy to reply to a former cricketer who is not asking for a favour but wants his cricketing integrity not to be bartered away.”

The statue of Arun Jaitley will be unveiled by BCCI president Sourav Ganguly at Kotla on Monday in the presence of union home minister Amit Shah and former BCCI chief Anurag Thakur, among others.

Bishan Singh Bedi Don’t Wish A Stand In His Name When Late Arun Jaitley’s Statue Erected Without Shame

Bishan Singh Bedi said he don’t want himself to be associated with the cricket stadium which has a statue of the late politician, who was a minister in the BJP-led NDA government and died last year owing to multiple health issues.

“I’ve been around long to know DDCA has a tradition of ignoring cricketers’ voice, hence this reminder. There’s a reason for my urgent request,” the 74-year-old said.

Arun Jaitley
Arun Jaitley (Image Credit: Google)

“… Not for a day or even a minute would I feel better to be part of a cricket stadium which has a statue of a person, who I strongly believe, brought down cricketing values in the Capital hugely, to say the least. No, I don’t wish a stand in my name when late Arun Jaitley’s statue is erected without any visible shame.”

Arun Jaitley was DDCA president for 14 years, from 1999 to 2013, before quitting cricket administration. DDCA plans to have a six-foot statue of him installed at the Kotla Stadium to honour his memory. DDCA had named one of the stands after Bishan Singh Bedi in November 2017 along with another former India player Mohinder Amarnath.

Arun Jaitley

Rohan Jaitley Elected Unopposed As DDCA President

Rohan Jaitley who is the 31-year-old son of former finance minister late Arun Jaitley was elected unopposed as the new president of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA). Rohan Jaitley is slated to remain in the post till June 30, 2021.

Elections, however, will be held on November 5,6 and 8 while results of the elections will be declared on the following day 9th November deciding the fate of rest of the office bearers (treasurer and director).

Rohan Jaitley's Father Arun Jaitley
Arun Jaitley (Image Credit: Google)

Rohan Jaitley Won’t Mind A Contest As It’s Good For Democratic Process

Professionally lawyer Rohan Jaitley had filed his papers on the last day of nominations. Notably, his father late Arun Jaitley had also served as the president of DDCA between 1999 and 2013, but allegations were raised during his tenure by several politicians like Arvind Kejriwal, Kirti Azad, Ram Jethmalani and KPS Gill.

DDCA Cricket Committee
DDCA Cricket Committee

Rohan Jaitley, who said he would not mind a contest as it’s in line with the democratic process, was expected to be the unanimous choice of all opposing camps at the DDCA.

“I don’t mind a contest. It is good for the democratic process. The Idea is to bring in good people at appropriate times to have checks and balances in place,” Rohan Jaitley had said PTI after filing his nomination papers.

Sunil Kumar Goel, the only other candidate apart from Rohan Jaitley, had withdrawn after filing his nomination for the president’s post.

DDCA Was Without President After Rajat Sharma’s Resignation

The DDCA was a headless body for nearly a year after Rajat Sharma who is an Indian journalist and the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India TV resigned on 16th November 2019 from the post citing corruption and unprofessionalism in the association. Since then a lot of office bearers have been suspended at different times by the High Court and DDCA ombudsman.

Rajat Sharma, DDCA
Rajat Sharma, DDCA

“Yes, I have filed my nomination today. I would like to work for the betterment of Delhi cricket and would love to have everyone on the same page. It’s good to come back and serve the association with an aim to take it where it should be,” he had added.

Advocate Sunil Kumar Goel withdrew after filing his nomination for the president’s post. The final list of candidates was revealed by the Election Returning Officer. The deadline for withdrawal of candidature for candidates expired on Saturday after which list was revealed.

Photo: AFP

DDCA Suspends Former India U-19 Batsman Manjot Kalra For One Year

A few days after being barred from playing junior cricket for two years, former India U-19 opener Manjot Kalra has been suspended from playing Ranji Trophy for one year. The decision has been taken by outgoing DDCA Ombudsman Badar Durrez Ahmed. The move to suspend Kalra does come as a surprise as he was in line to make his first-class debut against Punjab, replacing Shikhar Dhawan, but he will now have to wait to get a chance in senior cricket.

The DDCA will likely take up Kalra’s case when a new President takes over later this month. Kalra’s age-fraud case first came to light in 2017. Though he was cleared to play the U-19 World Cup and also scored a century in the final of the tournament to lead Team India to their fourth U-19 title victory.

Manjot Kalra
Photo Credit: Getty Images.

He was bought by Delhi Capitals in IPL 2018 auction and also made it to the state squad. He has played two T20s so far and is yet to make his first-class debut. Kalra cannot play junior cricket and will have to sit out for a year, as per the ombudsman’s order.

A decision on Nitish Rana is still pending as he has been asked to produce more documents. He is already 26 and cannot play age-group cricket now. Rana was one of the 22 players to be banned by BCCI in 2015. A week later, he made his first-class debut for Delhi and has also led the team.

Shivam Mavi,Vijay Hazare Trophy
Credit: Getty Images

Shivam Mavi, who was also under the scanner for age-fraud, is also waiting for a decision as his case has been forwarded to BCCI. Mavi came in the scheme of things soon after he made his U-19 World Cup debut. He made his first-class debut for India A in 2018.

BCCI, in past, has suspended few players for age-fraud. Last year, the board suspended Rasikh Salam for two years and also withdrew him from the U-19 squad. He had made his IPL debut for Mumbai Indians last year.

Gautam Gambhir
Gautam Gambhir. Source - Twitter

Gautam Gambhir Intrested In Taking Charges Of DDCA: Reports

Former cricketer Gautam Gambhir has always been vocal about the matters that concern Indian cricket. The cricketer-turned-politician is very active on the microblogging site where he is always ready to take a stand against the wrongdoings. Recently, he raised the voice against the shameful act during the Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Gambhir shared a video in his twitter account where the two rival parties indulged in a fight during the meeting. He strongly condemned the disgraceful act by the members of DDCA. He even urged BCCI and Sourav Ganguly to dissolve the present body. The former cricketer wants to revamp the tarnished image of a major cricket association.

“DDCA GOES “ALL OUT”…AND DDCA IS ALL OUT FOR A SHAMEFUL DUCK. Look, how a handful of crooks are making a mockery of an institution. I’d urge @BCCI @SGanguly99 @JayShah to dissolve @delhi_cricket immediately. Surely, sanctions or even a life ban for those involved,” Gambhir wrote in his twitter handle.

DDCA has been involved in violence, in-fighting, insults, accusations and alleged financial embezzlement and irregularities in the selection process. Some days back, the DDCA President Rajat Sharma resigned from the post because he was finding the difficulty to work with the persons who don’t follow the rules and regulations.

Gautam Gambhir has the potential to lead DDCA, and he also wants to work on the betterment for the cricket. A source close to Gambhir said that the former cricketer would like to take charge of DDCA if offered.

“Gautam Gambhir has taken this decision after a lot of thoughts and he is troubled by the fact that there is no order in the present head-less DDCA. He has been thinking about taking a pro-active role to resurrect DDCA’s tarnished image.”

“If given a chance, he would like to lead DDCA from the front and by example and ready to mantle the role of Presidentship through the duly elected process,” sources close to Gautam Gambhir confirmed to Republic TV.

Photo: AFP

DDCA Bans U-19 World Cup Winning Player Manjot Kalra From Junior Cricket For Two Years; KKR’s Nitish Rana, Shivam Mavi Under Scanner For Age-Fudging

Former India U-19 World Cup-winning batsman Manjot Kalra has been barred from participating in age-group cricket for two years. The decision was taken by DDCA’s ombudsman. Even before the World Cup in 2018, questions were raised on Kalra regarding his age. Though he was cleared to participate in the tournament which took place in January-February in New Zealand.

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The star of the final, Kalra scored a match-winning 101* to earn the Player of the Match award. He couldn’t make it to the Delhi squad on a regular basis and has played two T20s so far. Kalra was a part of the Ranji Trophy squad for the home fixture against Hyderabad. He was also a part of Delhi Capitals in IPL.

The two-year ban means that he might not be able to play junior cricket gain as he turns 21 in January next year.

DDCA will announce a decision on Nitish Rana soon. He was one of the 22 players to be banned by BCCI for age fudging in 2015. He is now 26 and cannot play age cricket. It is unlikely that he will be banned from playing senior cricket.

Rana, who has also led Delhi in senior cricket, is a regular for his state and in IPL. He was part of Mumbai Indians before joining Kolkata Knight Riders in 2018. He has also played for India A in home fixtures.

DDCA Bans U-19 World Cup Winning Player Manjot Kalra From Junior Cricket For Two Years; KKR's Nitish Rana, Shivam Mavi Under Scanner For Age-Fudging 3
(Credits: BCCI)

Shivam Mavi is the third player who has come under the scanner for his age. The case has been referred to the BCCI. Mavi was also a part of the U-19 World Cup squad in 2018 and rose to fame when he clocked high speeds during his spell in the opening match against Australia. He made his List A debut for India A in 2018.

The right-arm pacer is currently playing for Uttar Pradesh in domestic cricket. He was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 3.2 Crore in IPL 2018 auction. He is 21 and is eligible to play junior cricket but is unlikely that the UPCA will ask him to play age-group cricket.


State Associations Question Players For Missing Ranji Trophy Fixture

Mumbai’s defeat at the hands of Railways at their home ground, Wankhede Stadium, has led to a big controversy in MCA as an official has questioned Shivam Dube’s and Shreyas Iyer’s absence from the squad for the home fixture. Both Dube and Iyer were a part of the squad for the limited-overs series against West Indies which ended on December 22. The third round of the Ranji Trophy started on December 25.

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“It’s an unfortunate episode for Mumbai cricket. They told us that they had been ‘advised rest’ by the BCCI. However, when we checked with the selectors, we were told that there was no such instruction sent out to them from the selectors, at least. So, who asked them to rest? The physio of the Indian or the trainer? Or did they choose to rest themselves and fired from the Board’s shoulder? This is something that no one in the MCA, including the selectors, has appreciated. This issue will surely be discussed in the next Apex Council meeting of the association. We may take some sort of action soon,” an MCA official told TOI.

Shreyas Iyer, batting

Since the Sri Lanka T20I series starts on January 5, both the players could have played the home fixture. It isn’t known whether the Indian team team management asked the duo to take rest.

Mumbai suffered a big 10-wicket defeat against Railways. Opting to bowl first, Railways made most out of the conditions and dismissed the home team for 114. Riding on the century from captain Karn Sharma, the visitors scored 266, taking a lead of 152 runs.

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Mumbai followed up with another disappointing batting display and were dismissed for 198 in their second innings. Chasing a target of 47, Railways bagged a bonus point as they did not lose a wicket.

Both Iyer and Dube will not be available for Mumbai’s next fixture against Karnataka due to international commitments.

DDCA could question Navdeep Saini for missing Ranji Trophy match

State Associations Question Players For Missing Ranji Trophy Fixture 4
Navdeep Saini. BCCI

Like Mumbai, Delhi might also question their player – Navdeep Saini – for his absence. Multiple reports have suggested that the right-arm pacer might be asked to explain his absence from the Ranji Trophy fixture against Hyderabad.

Saini played the two Ranji Trophy fixtures before joining the national squad for the third ODI against West Indies. He could have played the home fixture but missed it. Saini is a part of the home series against Sri Lanka and Australia and is confirmed to miss the next match against Punjab.

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