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Virat Kohli in action during the third day of the WTC final against New Zealand. (File)
Virat Kohli in action during the third day of the WTC final against New Zealand. (File)

Virat Kohli: 10 Famous Sledges From Current Indian Skipper

Virat Kohli is unarguably one of the greatest players of this generation having scored a lot of runs and leading India from the front. One wouldn’t find too many players as popular as him. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that he is a brand himself.

His stature has resulted in him grabbing the headlines, no matter what. Thus, this has prompted everyone to keep observing him. The media and cameras always have a close look at each and every move that he makes on the field. His fierce spirit just adds fuel to the fire. As Virat Kohli has had a huge history of getting involved in sledges intentionally or unintentionally, he has been a part of several arguments on the field.

Virat Kohli, Image Source : AP IMAGE
Virat Kohli, Image Source: AP IMAGE

Virat Kohli: 10 Famous Sledges From Current Indian Skipper

10) Virat Kohli and James Anderson in 2021

Virat Kohli and James Anderson
Virat Kohli and James Anderson. (Photo by Eddie Keogh/Getty Images)

This is one of the most recent incidents which has managed to grab the headlines all over the world. The Indian skipper and England’s veteran pacer Jimmy Anderson have had their own rivalry for a really long time. Irrespective of their legacies, they were involved in an ugly incident this time around.

Tempers flared between the duo on the fourth day of the second Test between India and England at Lord’s. During India’s second innings, India’s superstar skipper and England’s superstar pacer had a verbal spat at the non-striker’s end. The two had a go at each other thrice in quick succession.

Everything started a day earlier as on Day 3 when pacer Jasprit Bumrah welcomed the English pacer with several fiery bouncers. James Anderson seemingly didn’t like it and In reply, Virat Kohli had a go at James Anderson the next day by telling him that this wasn’t his backyard.

In the second Test match, England speedster James Anderson had to face a 10-ball over from Jasprit Bumrah. The Indian pacer struck with a barrage of bouncers to James Anderson in search of his first wicket of the match. He survived the spell of Jasprit Bumrah but eventually lost his wicket to Mohammed Shami.

The first Test of the five-match Test series between India and England was drawn, and then India won the second Test. After which England won the third Test and then Team India won the fourth Test to take a 2-1 lead before the final Test got called-off due to Covid-19 scare.

9) Virat Kohli and Tabraiz Shamsi in 2018

Tabraiz Shamsi
Tabraiz Shamsi. Image Credits: Twitter

The year 2018 belonged to the Indian skipper. While he was scoring runs for fun back then, he also sledged Tabraiz Shamsi. It was the Proteas spinner who first had a go at Virat Kohli while he was batting. The Indian captain wasn’t the one to hold back and thus, gave Tabraiz Shamsi a taste of his own medicine when Tabraiz Shamsi came to bat. He kept asking him if he had his chest pad on.

The Proteas bowler barely lasted a ball as he got out while attempting a big shot off Kuldeep Yadav. India went on to win this series 5-1 and Virat Kohli went on to win the player of the series award. The batting maestro scored three centuries in this ODI series as well.

Former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teammates Virat Kohli and Tabraiz Shamsi had a go at each other during India’s 73-run win over South Africa. Tabraiz Shamsi was seen sledging the Indian skipper during the latter’s 36-run innings in the 5th ODI at St. George’s Park.

8) Virat Kohli and Steve Smith in 2014

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith
Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Steve Smith and Virat Kohli are unarguably the biggest names of cricket currently. Seldom would one find a rivalry as iconic as the duo. However, this incident took place before the two of them became absolute legends of the game.

This happened during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2014/2015 where Steve Smith was smashing Indian bowlers to all corners of the park. When Rohit Sharma was bowling to the Aussie superstar, the ball hit his pads and he appealed only to get absolutely no response from the umpire. Despite that, Rohit Sharma continued to appeal to which Steve Smith got frustrated. This frustrated Virat Kohli who went to the Aussie and started to argue with him.

The RCB captain even went on to tell Steve Smith to “Stay in his limits” which the Aussie batsman seemingly ignored. David Warner then tried to curb the situation and pacified the two, this was the beginning of a new era between two of the greatest players of the 2010s as their rivalry managed to get the best out of them.

In the match, the Indian captain along with his teammates’ pacer Ishant Sharma and batsman Shikhar Dhawan, was involved in a heated exchange with David Warner and Steve Smith. Officiating umpire Ian Gould recently compared the final three days of that Test to a ‘war’ as things spiralled out of control due to the cricketers’ constant chirping on the field.

7) Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson in 2014

Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson
Virat Kohli and Mitchell Johnson. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

This incident occurred in the same series where Steve Smith and Virat Kohli had an argument. The Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2014/2015 was famous for the number of ugly incidents it had.  The “Fire meets fire” phrase would perfectly describe this situation. India’s No. 4 batsman in Tests arrived on the crease after the dismissal of Cheteshwar Pujara and was welcomed by the Australian pace attack with a lot of short balls. Suddenly, an instance on the field happened that attracted a big controversy.

The Indian skipper played the ball towards Mitchell Johnson, who soon picked the ball and attempted a non-existent run-out. However, the ball directly hit Virat Kohli, who looked in pain. Both of them suddenly got riled up after this and a few words were exchanged between the two. India’s tour of Australia in 2014 saw Virat Kohli’s rise to the top.

The right-handed batsman just didn’t smash Australian bowlers, but also took over as full-time Test captain by the end of the series. Leading the team for the first time in Test cricket – MS Dhoni missed the opening Test due to an injury – Virat Kohli started the tour with twin centuries in Adelaide. The vice-captain had a tough outing in Brisbane but bounced back with a gutsy 169 in Melbourne.

6) Virat Kohli and Tim Paine in 2018

Virat Kohli and Tim Paine
Virat Kohli and Tim Paine. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Things got so heated during the incident that even the umpires couldn’t stop the two from having a go at each other. This occurred during the second Test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2018/2019. While Tim Paine was generally referred to as the “Mr Nice guy” all along, even he didn’t hold back this time around.

On Day-3 of that game, Tim Paine was on the strike when the Indian skipper said, “If he messes it up, it’s 2-0 in the series.”

This didn’t sit well with the Aussie skipper as he came out all guns blazing the next day in order to give it back to Virat Kohli. Things got ugly on the field and a lot of inappropriate words were exchanged between the two skippers.

At one point, the on-field umpire Chris Gaffaney had to come in between the two players in order to separate them. Moreover, he reminded both the players that they are the skipper of their respective sides. Virat Kohli then gave Tim Paine a long send-off after the Aussie wicketkeeper was dismissed. Tim Paine then ended up sledging again in the 4th innings as Australia went on to win the match by 146 runs.

On day four of the second Test at Perth, Virat Kohli and his Australian counterpart Tim Paine were involved in a verbal spat. This happened after Virat Kohli had celebrated a couple of Australian wickets a bit more animatedly than usual. That was time Tim Paine thought he had enough.

5) Virat Kohli and Kesrick Williams in 2019

Kesrick Williams and virat Kohli
Kesrick Williams and virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)
The rivalry between the Indian captain and the Windies pacer was running throughout the series between West Indies and India. The seeds of this incident were planted way back in 2017.

After Kesrick Williams dismissed Virat Kohli in a T20I match in 2017, he did his trademark notebook celebration. Virat Kohli did the same in 2019 after hitting Kesrick Williams in the first T20I. He had hit the Windies pacer for three sixes and a four. The Indian captain later clarified that he meant no disrespect.

“Williams had given me the notebook when he dismissed me in Jamaica, so I remembered it from there. We gave each other a high-five later. Play hard but respect the opponent,” Kohli said after the match. One can watch this moment over and over again!

Virat Kohli took apart Kesrick Williams during a T20 series in India in 2019, even mimicking the bowler’s celebration from India’s 2017 tour of the Caribbean. The two first came face—to—face in 2017 when Kesrick Williams used his signature ‘notebook celebration’ after dismissing Virat Kohli during a contest in Jamaica.

Fast—forward two years and Virat Kohli took apart Kesrick Williams during the T20 series in India in 2019. He smashed an unbeaten 94 off 50 deliveries in Hyderabad and during his innings, also mimicked Kesrick Williams’ celebration.

4) Virat Kohli and Ollie Robinson in 2021

Ollie Robinson PA Images via Getty Images
Ollie Robinson- PA Images via Getty Images

This is the most recent amongst all the incidents featuring Virat Kohli sledging the opponents. However, unlike the previous one, this was an absolutely “No Nonsense” scenario as the Indian captain seemed pretty furious while sledging Ollie Robinson.

The fifth and final day at Lord’s was an absolute cracker of a contest, to say the least. After England had a batting collapse, they needed to save the Test match with three wickets in hand. Ollie Robinson was the batsman and Virat Kohli had a go at him. Virat Kohli’s voice got recorded on the stumps mics and a Twitter user shared the video.

Indicating to Ollie Robinson, Virat Kohli said, “Pujj (Pujara), How boring was your innings? Maybe, that’s how you survive in a test match.” Calling Robinson “big mouth,” the Indian skipper said, “Come on, Gonna bring your sheets today?”

At that point of the match, India needed 3 wickets to bring the game home. Referring to Cheteshwar Pujara’s 206-ball 45-run knock, Virat Kohli passed a nasty comment to sledge Ollie Robinson during the fourth innings of the game. Cheteshwar Pujara’s 100-run stand with vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane in the second innings played a vital part in India’s win.

3) Virat Kohli and Rubel Hossain in 2011

Virat Kohli and Rubel Hossain
Virat Kohli and Rubel Hossain. (Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

Virat Kohli was just a talented star and not an all-time great back in 2011. However, even back then, he never held himself back and always spoke his mind out on the field. This aforementioned incident occurred in the opening match of the World Cup (WC) in 2011, which was later won by India ending a 28-year-old hiatus.

Virat Kohli and Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain were rivals since their U-19 days and continued it in the 20211 World Cup. They had a heated moment during the 2011 WC. Virat Kohli was seen abusing the Bangladesh seamer after defending a ball off him. The then youngster abused him and asked him to get back to his bowling.

The Bangladeshi pacer, later on, went to reveal that Virat Kohli used to sledge a lot, even during his U-19 days. Both of them played together in the 2008 U-19 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in which Virat Kohli led India to victory and thus, began his legacy. Virat Kohli made 282 runs in 9 matches in the 2011 World Cup. He hit an unbeaten 100 in that game against Bangladesh.

2) Virat Kohli and Brad Haddin in 2014

Virat Kohli and Brad Haddin
Virat Kohli and Brad Haddin. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

As mentioned earlier, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2014/15 had a lot of sledging. However, this incident involving Virat Kohli and Brad Haddin tops all of them.

The engaging verbal dual between the two occurred during the fifth and final day of the third cricket Test at Melbourne Cricket Ground. While the Indian batsman was batting, he survived a run-out chance.  After the incident, Brad Haddin started saying “It’s all about you. It’s all about you” while clapping his hands in Virat Kohli’s direction.

Virat Kohli appeared to gesture in the direction of the umpires, apparently in protest of the Australians’ needling which was audible on Channel Nine’s stump microphone. Virat Kohli then continued it when the Aussie wicketkeeper walked out to bat with the game in the balance. As Brad Haddin asked for and marked centre, a chirpy Virat Kohli shadowed the batsman in a fashion more commonly associated with AFL taggers. A total of four misconduct fines were dished out in the opening two Tests.

1) Virat Kohli and James Faulkner in 2016

Australia's James Faulkner (Eranga Jayawardena/AP)
Australia’s James Faulkner (Eranga Jayawardena/AP)

Arguably one of the most famous incidents of all time, Virat Kohli and James Faulkner indulged inoffensive banter on the field. The Indian captain is someone who would always give it back to the opposition no matter what. Thus, he replied to the Aussie all-rounder in his own style. In the ODI series between Australia and India in the third ODI, James Faulkner tried to sledge Virat Kohli when he was batting.

“You tried to smash me there, but you failed.” is what he said.

India’s number 3 in ODIs then gave it back to him when he was in the non-striker’s end.

“I’ve smashed you enough in my life. Don’t waste your time, go bowl.” is what Kohli replied to Jimmy Faulkner. The Aussie then replied to him by saying something in the lines of “Yeah b***h we’ll see who’s wasting time after the match”.

This video of Virat Kohli and James Faulkner sledging each other went viral as well. The 5-ODI series between Australia and India has not witnessed any ugly incidents on the field barring Virat Kohli and James Faulkner exchanging few words during the 3rd and 4th matches in Melbourne and Canberra respectively.

Coming to the third ODI, Virat Kohli was at his usual best and slammed a memorable 117 (117 balls) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, MCG after Australia opted to bowl first. For the unversed, Virat Kohli slammed another ton in the fourth and penultimate ODI of the 2016 five-match series Down Under. However, India lost both the encounters before winning the fifth and final match to lose the series 4-1.

Pat Cummins, Ashes 2019
Pat Cummins (Image Credit: Google)

Pat Cummins Would Love To Captain Australia But Haven’t Got Much Experience

Pat Cummins has explained that he is open to the idea of leading the Australian team in the future. But the pacer was quick to admit that he needs to gain some experience in that regard before taking up the new role.

Australia recently suffered a 2-1 series defeat against an injury-ridden Indian side in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy following which Tim Paine’s captaincy was criticized by experts.

Pat Cummins.
Pat Cummins. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Pat Cummins Haven’t Got Too Much Experience Of Captaining

Since then, several former cricketers and cricketing experts have called for Tim Paine to step down as the captain of the Australian Test team. Pat Cummins, who is presently Tim Paine’s deputy in Test squad, is in line to be the next Aussie skipper in the longest format of the game.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine. Image Credit: Getty Images.

When asked if he would like to captain the Australian Test team, Pat Cummins responded that he would love to do so but he hasn’t got much experience as he has captained a few warm-up games previously only apart from captaining Under-16 side.

“Absolutely – at the moment I haven’t got too much experience at all, just a couple of warm-up games in England and other than that it’s Under-16s cricket when I last captained. So for sure it’s something that’s going to be more on the radar. Even to increase my experience as vice-captain if I ever need to step in or help out Painey or Finchy, I think it is something I’d like to have a crack at to find out either way, whether I enjoy it, whether I’m no good at it or whether I find it manageable.”

Greg Chappell, former Australian cricket captain threw his support behind Tim Paine as he claims that it is still not the time to be jettisoning Australia’s captain. Tim Paine’s captaincy and wicketkeeping were thrown into the spotlight and were criticized following last week’s shock 2-1 series loss to an injury-hit second-string India.
Michael Clarke had questioned national selector Trevor Hohns for not finding anything wrong with current skipper Tim Paine’s leadership as he was retained as skipper for South Africa Tests which was postponed later. Mitchell Johnson backed skipper Tim Paine to continue as Australia’s captain, and believed that calls for him to be dropped are “ridiculous.”

Pat Cummins Admits Changes Needed In His Game If Handed Captaincy Role

Pat Cummins also reflected on the fact that he needs to alter his game if he is indeed handed the captaincy role. The pacer insisted that he currently tones down his mental focus scale when he is not bowling. But that can’t be the case if he is the skipper as he always has to be mentally switched on.

“I think that would be the big one, at times, just the nature of not having to totally switch on, you take the opportunity to switch off. That’d probably be the biggest change, but whether that’s a dealbreaker or not, I’d have to try it first I think. Naturally you try to stay pretty involved in a game, so always thinking about the game in the background. Just taking that extra step to be a decision-maker, it might be a small step or a big step, but keen to give it a crack and see how it goes,” Pat Cummins added.

Pat Cummins.
Pat Cummins. Image Credit: Getty Images.
Australia’s three-match Test tour of South Africa was postponed over coronavirus fears. As a result, New Zealand became the first team to qualify for the ICC World Test Championship final. However, Australia can still reach the showpiece event at Lord’s later this year, depending on the outcome of the India-England series.
Mitchell Johnson Reveals Cricket Helped In Hiding His Depression
Mitchell Johnson. Image Credit: IPL.

Mitchell Johnson Terms It’s Ridiculous To Sack Tim Paine

Mitchell Johnson has backed skipper Tim Paine to continue as Australia’s captain, and believes that calls for him to be dropped are “ridiculous.” Tim Paine’s future has been the topic of hot debate over the past 24 hours after Australia lost the Border-Gavaskar Trophy by a 2-1 margin as India breached the Gabba fortress.

Despite winning the first Test of the four-match series, Australia under Tim Paine failed to register another victory as an injury-ravaged Indian team scripted a memorable series triumph Down Under.

Tim Paine.
Tim Paine. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Mitchell Johnson : Ridiculous To Sack Tim Paine As Skipper

Tim Paine took charge of the Australian Test team following the 2018 sandpaper scandal in South Africa which saw Steve Smith and David Warner banned for 1 year and sacked as skipper. He has since led his country to 11 wins, four draws and eight defeats.

The 36-year-old helped Australia retain the Ashes in 2019, but the recently-concluded series against India has certainly hampered his prospect to continue. With the Ashes coming up later this year, the Aussies will look to ensure that they do not suffer another series defeat to arch rival England.

“It’s ridiculous. The comments that come out about that stuff is just nit-picking, and we’re seeing a lot of that these days,” Mitchell Johnson said while appearing on The Fast and the Curious Podcast.

David Warner and Steven Smith.
David Warner and Steven Smith. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Tim Paine was heavily criticised for his conduct in the Sydney Test Cricket legends such as Michael Vaughan, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne have also criticized Tim Paine over the last few days. They were especially critical of the Australian skipper’s sledging and on-field behaviour in the third Test at Sydney.

During the final day’s play in the 3rd Test at Sydney, he had a verbal war with Ravichandran Ashwin and resorted to abuses. Tim Paine, thereafter, apologized admitting that he got a bit carried away in the heat of the moment.

Tim Paine Expected To Lead Against South Africa And Afghanistan

But Mitchell Johnson has warned that such over the top criticism could result in players denying media access.

“It’s a sport and there’s competitiveness, we’ve got to understand there’s a thousand cameras on these players, there’s stump mics that are turned up. If we don’t want to see or hear that stuff then take away the cameras, so we only have a couple cameras, take the stump mics out and you won’t hear anything. Simple.”

Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson -Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Tim Paine is expected to lead Australia in the upcoming tour of South Africa. But with no other Test series scheduled up until the Ashes (except perhaps a one-off Test against Afghanistan), failure to win against the Proteas may well tempt the selectors into dropping the wicket-keeper-batsman.

Mitchell Johnson Reveals Cricket Helped In Hiding His Depression
Mitchell Johnson. Image Credit: IPL.

Mitchell Johnson Reveals Cricket Helped In Hiding His Depression

Former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson, who retired from all forms of cricket in 2018, has opened up on his struggle because of mental health. He stated that he was suffering from depression from a young age, but cricket helped him to hide his mental illness.

Mitchell Johnson threatened batsman with his pace and bouncers. He represented Australia in 73 Test matches, 153 ODIs and 30 T20Is, picking 313, 239 and 38 wickets respectively.

Mitchell Johnson Reveals Cricket Helped In Hiding His Depression 1

Talking on Monday night’s episode of SAS Australia with Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham and Ollie Ollerton, former Australian pacer said that he had stopped enjoying cricket back in 2011. He could not ignore outer voices and was deeply affected by criticism.

“In 2011 in South Africa, I just wasn’t enjoying myself. I wasn’t enjoying being a professional cricketer and, I guess, being looked at and judged all the time.

“I just took everything personally. I was physically exhausted, and I was mentally exhausted, as well. I just thought about it too much, just the lead-up of it,” Mitchell Johnson said.

Cricket blocked things out for me: Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson. Image Credit: Getty Images.

He revealed that he had lost confidence in him, and after consultation, he found out that he is suffering from depression from a younger age, but cricket had helped him to deny his mental suffering.

“I just think I’m in that transition now where I’ve been out of playing cricket for two years. I found out I got depression. But I think the depression is something I’ve had from even a younger age’,” he said.

Cricket blocked things out in a way. It sort of hid the depression, but there were a lot of times where you go back to your room, you’re away from family, and you start to dwell on things.”

Mitchell Johnson played a key role in the semi-final and final matches of the 2015 World Cup, which ultimately culminated in Australia winning the World Cup for the fifth time.

Imran Tahir (Image Credit: Twitter)

2011 World Cup: Top 5 Bowlers With Most 4+ Wickets

MS Dhoni-led India fulfilled their dream to win the Cricket World Cup trophy in the 2011 World Cup (officially named as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011) where the Indian national cricket team won their second Cricket World Cup trophy after their first such achievement in the 1983 edition.

During the 2011 World Cup, a total of 27 different bowlers managed to claim four or more wickets in an innings for at least once. However, only five of them managed to record it for at least twice.

Here we are talking about the top five bowlers who claimed most 4+ wickets during the 2011 World Cup.

Mitchell Johnson (Australia) – 2 times

Mitchell Johnson, 2011 World Cup, bowler, 4+ wicket
Mitchell Johnson (Image Credit: Twitter)

During the 2011 World Cup, the Australian left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Johnson finished as the third most wicket-taker for his side. At the end of that tournament, Johnson had the overall bowling figures of 57.3-7-231-10, along with two times 4+ wickets.

Johnson started that tournament with the two four-wicket hauls (during the Group Stage). At first, he managed the bowling figures of 9.2-2-19-4 against Zimbabwe (at Ahmedabad on 21st February 2011). Then, during Australia’s second game of that tournament, which was against New Zealand at Nagpur on 25th February 2011, Johnson managed the bowling figures of 9.1-3-33-4.

Mitchell Johnson
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 27: Mitchell Johnson of Australia poses with the 2003 World Cup trophy during the Australian Cricket team World Cup portrait session at The Hilton Hotel February 27, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

5 Cricketers Who Won The ODI World Cup Without Playing A Single Game

For cricketers playing on the international stage, a world cup trophy is an achievement that is rare and extremely special. Winning a world cup is the dream of every nation and all the cricketers who take up professional cricket. For some cricketers, a world cup win is an ultimate glory in their international cricketing career.

For them, what adds to the speciality is performing to the best of their abilities when it matters the most and guide their team to the most coveted trophy win in world cricket. There have been a lot of cricketers who have shone exceptionally in an edition of the world cup. However, there have been a few lucky cricketers who have not played any game in the world cup but still possess the world cup trophy.

Srinivas To MS Dhoni, Here Are The Six Skippers Who Led India In World Cup
ICC World Cup Trophy. Photo Credit: ICC.

Today, we’ll take a look at the five cricketers who won the ODI World Cup without playing a single game during the entire tournament.

5 Cricketers Who Won The ODI World Cup Without Playing A Single Game:

5. Marvan Atapattu – 1996

Marvan Atapattu
Marvan Atapattu. Image Source: Twitter

Former Sri Lankan batsman Marvan Atapattu has scored close to 13000 thousand runs in international cricket. The veteran made his ODI debut in 1990, after which he was given a place in the team for the World Cup 1996. Sri Lanka won the World Cup in 1996, but Attapattu did not get a chance to play a single match during the entire tournament. And, it makes him one of the cricketers to win a world cup without playing a single game.

10 Fastest Deliver10 fastest deliveries, ies Bowled by Bowlers in The History of Cricket,
Photo Credit: Getty Images.

10 Fastest Deliveries Bowled by Bowlers in The History of Cricket

The cricketing world has witnessed some great fast bowlers who achieved legendary status in world cricket with some electric performances. It is with due respect that we call them legends of the game due to their ability to rise on the big occasion and make everyone take notice of their performances.

Apart from them, fans have also witnessed fast bowlers who have bowled their heart out. They were considered fastest as compared to some of their contemporaries in terms of their speed. These bowlers created fear in the minds of the opposition with their pace and brutal deliveries.

In this piece, we are about to discuss ten bowlers who had produced some fastest deliveries during their playing days. The list also consists names of the bowlers who are still playing the game. These bowlers possessed tremendous speed and were not afraid to challenge the batsmen with their raw pace.

We take a look at ten fastest deliveries bowled by bowlers in the history of cricket:

# 1 Shoaib Akhtar (161.3 Kmph):

Shoaib Akhtar celebrates a wicket.

“ The Rawalpindi Express” as he was nicknamed due to the speed and pace he possessed was considered the fastest when he arrived at the International arena. The right-arm fast bowler was genuinely quick when he bowled brutal Yorkers and quick bouncers.

Akhtar’s reverse swing was hard to pick, and the batsmen always found it difficult to handle his pace when he was on song. The Pakistani clocked 161.3kmph against England in the 2003 World Cup which was considered the fastest delivery bowled by him.

Virat Kohli, Mitchell Johnson
Photo Credit: IPL/BCCI.

IPL 2019: Mitchell Johnson Believes Royal Challengers Bangalore Can Win If Virat Kohli Quits As A Captain

Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the few, who have seen the rise of Virat Kohli right through his career. Though he started poorly, the franchise stuck to him hoping for the better. As they expected, he grown a lot in stature and knocked many memorable knocks for the team but unfortunately, couldn’t deliver with his captaincy. Meanwhile, the Australian Mitchell Johnson makes his voice on Virat Kohli’s captaincy.

Despite losing the tournaments, they asked Virat Kohli to lead the franchise once again. Under his captaincy, they reached finals once when they failed to defend heavy target on the board against Sunrisers Hyderabad at Bangalore.

In IPL 2019, it wasn’t the right day at the office for Virat Kohli and Co during the opening game of the tournament. They were outsmarted by Chennai Super Kings in all sections of the game thus starting the season on a poor note.

Virat Kohli, Mitchell Johnson
Virat Kohli, Mitchell Johnson shared a great rivalry. (Photo credit – WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Right from the toss, everything went against Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. They lost the toss and were put into bat first. The Bangalore skipper Virat has gone for a cheap score while the rest of the batsmen followed him. The game not only cost them 2 points but also dented their Run Rate.

If they got rid of their captain, they might just win – Mitchell Johnson

In a question and chat session with the fans, one of them asked Mitchell Johnson’s prediction for Royal Challengers Bangalore’s chance in the ongoing edition of Indian Premier League. The reply from Johnson was something, which Virat Kohli and RCB fans would never want to hear.

Johnson believes that Royal Challengers might win the tournament if they remove their captain Virat Kohli from the duties, who failed to give them a trophy for quite a period of time now. His reply read ”If they got rid of their captain, they might just win.”

IPL 2019: Mitchell Johnson Believes Royal Challengers Bangalore Can Win If Virat Kohli Quits As A Captain 2

Well, it would be interesting to see how Virat Kohli responds to the comment from Mitchell Johnson. Meanwhile, the run machine of RCB and also India is pretty determined to win the trophy for RCB at any cost.

Jos Buttler, Ravichandran Ashwin, | IPL 2019 |
Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin (Credits: IPL)

IPL 2019: Mitchell Johnson Reveals His ‘Thoughts On The Mankad’

Former Australia and Kings XI Punjab pacer Mitchell Johnson has joined the long list of present and former cricketers giving their views on the Mankad controversy.

Controversy and IPL go hand-in-hand. In the past eleven seasons of the competition, there have been numerous examples of incidents that made the news for all the wrong reasons. Well, the first controversy of this season took place on Monday during the fourth game of the season between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur.

The game was progressing smoothly with the hosts looking on course to start their campaign on a winning note. Chasing 185, the Royals were 108 for 1 in the 13th over with Jos Buttler taking the Kings XI attack to the cleaners. The wicketkeeper-batsman had already hit ten fours and two sixes during his 69-run knock before Kings XI Punjab skipper R Ashwin ‘Mankaded’ him.

On the fifth ball of the 13th over, Ashwin spotted Buttler leaving the non-striker’s crease before the ball was bowled and had immediately dislodged the bails. After a while the third umpire gave his decision in the favour of the bowler, leaving Buttler mighty frustrated and angry. Ever since the incident took place, the cricketing world is busy debating over it.

Jos Buttler, R Ashwin, Mitchell Johnson
Credits – Twitter

And now Mitchell Johnson has joined the debate. Johnson, who helped Kings XI Punjab make it to the IPL final in 2014, said that there was nothing wrong with Ashwin’s act. He also said that it was not against the spirit of the game, tweeting:

“My thoughts on the Mankad. Its not cheating, it’s not against the spirit as it’s in the rules you can do it. Personally I would warn someone if I was to do it but the batsman should also play fair by staying behind the crease. It’s a bit like the underarm serve in tennis right??”

Buttler’s dismissal proved costly for the Royals as they slipped to a 14-run defeat despite being in a strong position for the majority of the game. Chasing 185, they eventually finished on 170 for 9.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Ashwin  also shared his views on the incident:

“Look, it was very instinctive. On my part, it was very instinctive. It was not planned or anything like that. It’s there within the rules of the game. I don’t understand where the spirit of the game comes, naturally if it’s there in the rules it’s there.

“I don’t understand the point of sporting or sportive in that point because it’s rules. What applies for one man does not apply for everyone else. Neither was Jos Buttler playing there nor was I played so it’s very pertinent to just not compare two people,” he said.

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IPL 2019: Rishabh Pant is a Good Player But Needs the Right People to Guide Him Feels Mitchell Johnson

Wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant played one of the finest innings in the IPL as he smashed a sensational 78 of a mere 27 deliveries against Mumbai Indians in their first game of the competition. Courtesy Rishabh Pant’s heroics, Delhi Capitals posted a gigantic score of 214 on the board in their allotted 20 overs.

It was some audacious hitting by the young man who was recently criticised for his batting and poor glovework during the home ODI series against Australia. Rishabh Pant was given an opportunity to play in the last couple of matches as MS Dhoni was rested. Pant scored 36 in one of the matches but his poor glovework caught the attention of every expert.

The Indian crowd was booing the youngster when he missed a stumping chance of Ashton Turner. A couple of balls later people started chanting Dhoni Dhoni when Pant attempted a Dhoni like throw by not looking at the stumps. It was really hard on the young player who has already made a name for himself with his audacious batting.

IPL 2019: Rishabh Pant is a Good Player But Needs the Right People to Guide Him Feels Mitchell Johnson 3
Rishabh Pant (Credits – IPL)

Former English skipper Michael Vaughan lauded the youngster for his exceptional knock and questioned why he keeps getting criticised in India. He urged all the Indian spectators to allow him to enjoy his game and play the way he is used to.

Michael Vaughan questions why Rishabh Pant is criticised in India

Taking to his Twitter handle, Vaughan wrote, “50 off 17 balls for @RishabPant777 … #IPL2019 … No idea why he keeps getting criticised In India … Just let him play the way he plays …”

In response former Australian speedster Mitchell Johnson gave a good explanation. He felt that more luck is involved in T20 cricket considering the other two formats. However, he likes Pant as a batsman and sees similarities of Glenn Maxwell in Him. Johnson opined that Pant needs the right people to guide him during this phase.

Mitchell Johnson feels more luck is involved in T20 cricket

“Because t20 cricket has a fair amount of luck involved in it & the other formats more skill maybe but I like him as a player. I see similarities to Maxwell, Pant needs the right people to guide him through,” Mitchell Johnson wrote in response to Michael Vaughan’s tweet.

Rishabh Pant | Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians | IPL 2019 |
Rishabh Pant (Photo by: Faheem Hussain /SPORTZPICS for BCCI)

Pant has been criticised for playing too many false shots at the start of his innings. He tends to mistime a number of deliveries and it was no different yesterday. After a horrible shot, commentators started criticizing him and urged him to change his technique. However, he didn’t change his technique but shut their mouths by smashing 7 fours and 7 sixes during his 27 balls innings. The southpaw didn’t even spared Jasprit Bumrah and took him to the cleaners in his final over.

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