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The Miz-Maryse
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WWE Star The Miz Will Be Part Of Dancing With The Stars Season 30

The Miz is the Hollywood A-Lister by his own rights as he has taken part in many outside projects while being with WWE over the past few years. Now he is set for one more project which will see him tying up his dancing shoes instead of dancing in the ring with wrestling superstars inside a WWE ring.

The veteran WWE Superstar is reportedly set to compete in the next season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. The Miz has been cast for the 30th season of ABC’s popular reality competition series, according to the reports of PWInsider. Filming for the season is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 30.

“ can exclusively confirm that The Miz has been cast in the forthcoming season of ABC’s Dancing with The Stars.”

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WWE Star The Miz Will Be Part Of Dancing With The Stars Season 30 1

This won’t be the first time that The Miz will be participating in a reality game show competition, because he previously took part in MTV’s The Challenge as well. The Superstar from Monday Night Raw was absent from the latest bygone edition. He was announced to face John Morrison in the first match of their new feud, just one week after turning on his former tag team partner.

The Miz is up for a dancing gig

The Miz was not backstage for RAW and reports noted that sudden absence was related to him getting selected for the upcoming Dancing With The Stars gig. The official DWTS 30 cast members’ announcement should be done in the upcoming weeks. Singer and YouTube personality Jojo Siwa has already been confirmed as another celebrity participant for this dancing show.

With this news, The Miz joins Chris Jericho, Stacy Keibler, and WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella as those WWE Superstars who previously competed on DWTS while being affiliated with WWE.

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WWE Star The Miz Will Be Part Of Dancing With The Stars Season 30 2

The veteran with the real name of Mike Mizanin recently celebrated his 15th anniversary with the WWE. During his time with the company, The Miz went on to become a two-time WWE Champion, an eight-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a two-time WWE United States Champion, a two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion, a four-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and a two-time WWE World Tag Team Champion. He is also the first-ever two-time Grand Slam Champion, the twenty-fifth Triple Crown Champion, and the fifth Grand Slam Champion under the current format. (info – Wrestling INC)

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WWE Raw Preview (30/08/21): Bobby Lashley In Action; Miz Vs. Morrison

Following SummerSlam 2021, WWE Raw is off to a solid start heading into the fall. With Extreme Rules waiting, next month, the storylines are playing out well as it will now be competing up with three solid matches, this week. The WWE Champion will be in action while two former buddies will fight it out when the show emanates from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

As noted, WWE RAW will be headlined by WWE Champion Bobby Lashley who is set to compete against Sheamus in a non-title match. Last week, the show opened with new WWE United States Champion Damian Priest interrupting an in-ring promo by the champion and MVP. Priest then challenged Lashley to a fight which was eventually accepted.

Lashley attacked Priest and they brawled before they go at it in a singles match. That match ended in a DQ as Sheamus attacked Priest to seek redemption for his SummerSlam title loss. Priest was then double-teamed by the two heels until Drew McIntyre made the save. This, in turn, set up a tag team match. Priest and McIntyre picked up the win after Lashley walked out on his tag partner Sheamus.

Lashley and Sheamus later argued and almost physical in a backstage segment. This is the reason that the two heels have now been booked for this non-title bout on this week’s WWE Raw. Picking up a win, Sheamus can become the new number-one contender for the WWE Championship.

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WWE Raw Preview (30/08/21): Bobby Lashley In Action; Miz Vs. Morrison 15

John Morrison vs. The Miz has also been announced for this week’s WWE RAW. The post-SummerSlam edition of the show witnessed The Miz turning on Morrison following a Moist TV segment with Logan Paul. Miz and Morrison had an argument on the talk show before Miz competed in a scheduled match against Xavier Woods in a singles contest.

The Miz had the victory unless it was for Morrison who distracted the referee for a late count. Also, Morrison willingly sprayed the floor with water that caused Miz to slip. As Woods won the match with a roll-up, Miz took his frustrations out on his former buddy. This set up a grudge match between the two former tag team champions which goes down, tonight.

WWE Summerslam 2021 Reportedly Most-Viewed Event In The PPV History

WWE Raw Preview (30/08/21): Eva Marie vs. Doudrop

WWE Raw Preview (30/08/21): Bobby Lashley In Action; Miz Vs. Morrison 16

Finally, Eva Marie vs. Doudrop has also been announced for WWE RAW. The tension between Eva and Doudrop has been picking up since they first debuted together a few months back under the Eva-Lution gimmick. Eva lost to Alexa Bliss at WWE SummerSlam on Saturday and blamed Doudrop for the loss. Doudrop willingly announced Eva as the loser of the match before walking out of the ring.

The on last week’s WWE Raw, Sarah Schreiber interviewed Doudrop backstage and asked about the happenings from SummerSlam. She admitted to making a mistake by associating herself with Eva. The former NXT UK Superstar also said she now likes the Doudrop name and that’s who she is now. That’s when Eva attacked her to set up this upcoming match between the two.

Charlotte Flair is the reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion who now claims to have a dozen title wins on the main roster. As she was celebrating her title win with a promo, Alexa Bliss walked out with the Lilly doll to say hi! This was a genuine indication that a new feud over the title is about to begin over the title. More on this story should unfold when the longest-running weekly television show airs with its latest edition.

The Miz - John Morrison
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The Miz Turns On John Morrison On Post-Summerslam 2021 WWE Raw

The friendship between The Miz and John Morrison is no more. As seen on this week’s episode of Moz showed his true colors by attacking his on-screen as well as real-life friend in a piece of big news. The set of actions also set up a match between the two on the next episode of Monday Night RAW as we move into WWE’s next PPV event, Extreme Rules.

Weeks of tension have been noticed between the former WWE Tag Team Champions while this week’s post-SummerSlam edition of RAW saw The Miz snapping on John Morrison and leaving him lying in the ring with his finisher. This came after the latter distracted Miz in his scheduled match against The New Day member Xavier Woods.

WWE NXT TakeOver 36: Record-Breaking Title Changes Take Place

The Miz Turns On John Morrison On Post-Summerslam 2021 WWE Raw 29

The segment began with celebrity Logan Paul appearing for a Moist TV segment with John Morrison being the host. The Miz eventually came out to interrupt who wasn’t happy about how Morrison didn’t even bother to introduce him. Miz and Morrison ended up arguing as Paul made his exit from the talk show. Then Xavier Woods came out to interrupt them reminding them how he embarrassed the duo at the SummerSlam PPV event.

WWE Summerslam 2021: Charlotte Flair Became A 12-Time Champion

The Miz will compete against John Morrison, next week

The Miz then competed against Woods in singles action while John Morrison supported him from ringside. Morrison tried to interfere a few times during the match but his antics with the drip-stick eventually back-fired as Miz missed a Skull Crushing Finale attempt. The referee also missed The Miz’s counts while Woods countered with a roll-up for the victory.

The Miz Turns On John Morrison On Post-Summerslam 2021 WWE Raw 30

After the match, John Morrison apologized and said that it was just an accident. He continued joking around to keep things smooth with his longtime friend. Miz suddenly snapped and attacked him as the fans booed the turn-on. Miz ended up laying out his former friend with a Skull Crushing Finale as the boos got louder.

This appeared to be a similar turn of events as from more than a decade ago when The Miz and John Morrison formed a tag team. The bond was broken with Miz becoming a heel by attacking Morrison in a similar fashion. Now, Miz vs. Morrison has officially been announced for next Monday’s RAW after Morrison featured in a backstage segment where he intended to put an end to the partnership when he gets “that son of a b—h” in the ring.

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WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz

Maryse continues to prove that she’s perhaps the most natural beauty in the history of the WWE despite embracing pregnancy on two separate occasions. Over the span of her career, she never underwent the knives for surgical procedures unlike some of her colleagues like Nikki Bella, Paige, and more. As days passed by, the French Diva became even more glamorous without any enhancement.

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 43

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 44

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 45

The Miz’s real-life wife is a pro when it comes to showcasing her assets. She previously did it, effortlessly and she did it, again via her latest posts over on Instagram. It appeared that Maryse went on a date night with Miz while being in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple is on a tour to Vegas despite not getting booked by the WWE for the PPV night.

Scarlett Makes Her Presence Felt In Latest Bikini Photo; Update On WWE Return

That being said, the IT couple must have had a couple of nights off from their busy schedule who decided to go for a romantic dinner date. Going into that date, Maryse donned a floral green outfit having a deep neckline. The gorgeous diva captured a few shots of her focusing on that deep neckline to flaunt her cleavage line to the fullest. You can check out a few snaps and videos from this date night of the WWE’s power couple.

WWE Star Charlotte Flair Shares Wings Unfolded Bikini Photos On Instagram

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 46

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 47

The Miz and Maryse are reality TV stars

The Miz is in the WWE for the past 15 years and he also became the WWE Champion, earlier this year by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Plus, he is also having his own show with Maryse named Miz and Mrs on the USA Network which is a spin-off from Total Divas.

WWE Diva Maryse Shares Super-Hot Photos From Date Night With Husband The Miz 48

“That’s what you have to do when you are a WWE Superstar. When I’m home, I’m Mike Mizanin; I’m a dad to Monroe and Madison. I am their clown, I am their entertainment all day long,” said Miz during an interview alongside Maryse in NotSam Wrestling Podcast appearance over shuffling his duties between a WWE Superstar and being a father.

“Then, once I go to WWE, I guess I’m everyone’s clown. Honestly, you flip it on. There’s a switch that is flipped, and you turn into The Miz. You lock in your focus and you try to figure out what is best for not only what the WWE Universe needs, but what the company needs. You figure that out, and you have one of the best matches that has ever been seen at a WrestleMania in a very long time.”

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WWE Diva Maryse Posts Hot Photos In Revealing Pink Outfit

Maryse is a mother of two baby girls with her husband and WWE Superstar, The Miz. But it’s hard to realize the fact, going by her amazing body shape. Following her first baby’s delivery in 2018, she came back to the ring in a record time of less than just six months. It appears that she’s been able to go back to her pre-delivery days even after welcoming her second baby.

Maryse has been absent from regular TV appearances for WWE for more than a couple of years, now. But she does make appearances on an occasional basis like the reunion episodes for Raw. Earlier this year, she attended two episodes on Monday Nights following Wrestlemania 37. Also, she could be spotted on the reality TV series on the USA Network based on her life, The Miz and Mrs.

WWE Diva Maryse Posts Hot Photos In Revealing Pink Outfit 61

WWE Diva Maryse Posts Hot Photos In Revealing Pink Outfit 62

Plus, Maryse is very much active on social media who keeps on posting updates on her two babies, every now and then. Additionally, she also remembers the Diva quotient within him which leads her to post gorgeous photos of herself, occasionally.

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WWE Diva Maryse Posts Hot Photos In Revealing Pink Outfit 63

WWE Diva Maryse Posts Hot Photos In Revealing Pink Outfit 64

The French Diva decided to do so, last night and thereby blessed her fans’ timeline with some extremely hot photos in a pick outfit. She looked busty in the attire in those photos that didn’t have any particular caption except for a heart emoji. Carmella, ex WWE Star Peyton Royce, Trish Stratus, and more commented on the photo mentioning how hot the outfit was.

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Maryse has been an inspiration to her husband

The Miz and Maryse met during the latter’s first run with the company from 2006-11 during the Diva Search contest. She was then released from the company, after which The Miz reached the main event status in the company while he also got engaged and subsequently, married.

After five years away from WWE, Maryse returned in 2016 as her husband’s manager. This was The Miz’s reaction over Sam Roberts’ podcast on his wife joining her on TV,

“When Maryse came back to the WWE, when I was in that Intercontinental Championship run, it created something inside. I don’t know what it is. It’s something about having your wife around the ring. It brings a whole new set of confidence. You have this beautiful woman supporting you, and it gives you this level of confidence that you’re untouchable, that you can’t be scathed in WWE. And having her around definitely made me feel that. That’s 100% correct.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

John Morrison
John Morrison. Image Credits: Twitter

John Morrison On The Promos With The Miz

WWE star and former three times WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison recently talked about the creative process behind the promos with the Miz. John Morrison has been really entertaining Since his return, and the Miz is of course as entertaining as he always had been.

Morrison made his WWE return back in 2019. Started his professional wrestling career at WWE back in 2002. He participated in the second Tough Enough contest of WWE, even though he failed to win the competition. After the competition he was sent to the Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was the development Territory of WWE back then.

John Morrison
John Morrison. Image Credits: Twitter

John Morrison On The Promos With The Miz

In 2004 he made his main roster debut. Morrison mainly became famous as a heel wrestler. When he started his WWE career as a professional wrestler, his real name was Johnny Nitro. She was a member of the famous WWE stable MNM with Joey Mercury and Melina and after the stable got disbanded he changed his ring name to John Morrison.

He left WWE 2011 and after spending eight years on Independent Circuit and other promotions, WWE find him in 2019 again and he made his in ring return to WWE in January 2020. Since then he has been doing excellent, even though he is a Heal but he is extremely entertaining because of this comic presence along with his longtime Tag Team partner the Miz.

John Morrison
John Morrison. Image Credits: Twitter

Recently Morrison did an interview with TV Insider where he talked about the creative process behind his promise with the former two time WWE Champion The Miz. Here is what he had to say;

“Sometimes it’s improv, but I would call it more collaborative. We’re not going to talk or say anything without producers, agents, writers, Vince [McMahon]. As soon as we get anything, we read it and talk to each other. We may say, “These lines are crap. Let’s fix it the best way we can and then go talk to them about our fixes.”

John Morrison
John Morrison. Image Credits: Twitter

“It’s not good to be thrown into an office and just say something is garbage. You may say, “You know what I like better is this other option.” We constantly do that. A writer or Vince may agree and say, “This is better. But you know what would be even better? This.”

“It then evolves…Also, something that is lost on so many people is it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and be affected by something. Just being cognizant about that, which I wasn’t during the first run. Doing improv and saying things. We are having fun, but we also work really hard on the promos. Everything you see on TV, it’s a process.”

courtesy WWE

WWE Raw: Huge Tag Team Match, Miz TV And More Announced

WWE Raw has announced a change to the earlier announced main event for the very next edition. It was previously announced that Xavier Woods would make his comeback to face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in a non-title singles match this coming Monday night. But that match has now been changed as per the latest advertisements for the show.

An update shows WWE Raw will host a tag team match, instead, where Xavier Woods will team up with The New Day tag partner Kofi Kingston to face Bobby Lashley Lashley and MVP. This match will serve as a follow-up of Lashley defeating Woods in a non-title match inside the Hell In A Cell structure. Lashley will also return on Raw after a week’s hiatus.

Bobby Lashley Achieved Major Hell In A Cell Record On WWE Raw

WWE Raw: Huge Tag Team Match, Miz TV And More Announced 77

As seen, this week’s WWE RAW saw Kingston and MVP feature in a face-off segment while Woods and Lashley were having the night off. MVP blasted Kofi with some verbal jabs claiming that Lashley will dismantle him at Money In The Bank PPV. The segment ended with Kingston running to the floor and dropping MVP at ringside with a Trouble In Paradise kick to send a message to the WWE Champion.

Kofi Kingston is scheduled to challenge Lashley for the WWE Title at the Money In the Bank pay-per-view on July 18. In more update to the situation, Xavier Woods reportedly requested time-off from this week’s WWE RAW.

Xavier Woods needed time-off from WWE Raw, last week

The June 21 post-Hell In a Cell edition of the show featured Woods losing a non-title main event to WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, inside the Cell structure. WWE did a post-match angle where MVP and Lashley destroyed Woods inside the Cell as Kofi was forced to watch from outside.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter now reports that Woods asked for a week off, and that’s the reason they did the beatdown angle to end that Cell match. Woods did not appear this past Monday as he is set to return this Monday. Lashley was also absent which was described as a much-deserved vacation.

Zelina Vega Makes WWE Return To Enter Money In The Bank 2021 Ladder Match

WWE Raw: Huge Tag Team Match, Miz TV And More Announced 78

WWE has also announced a special Money In the Bank edition of MizTV for this Monday’s WWE RAW. The Miz will host the segment with John Morrison, Ricochet, Riddle, and Drew McIntyre, all the qualifiers from the red brand for the 2021 Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Big E and Kevin Owens are the two confirmed blue brand participants for the upcoming ladder match.

John Morrison and Ricochet will collide in a rematch on the show while Charlotte Flair will also provide a medical update on herself after suffering a chop-block to the leg by Rhea Ripley.

The Miz
courtesy WWE

WWE Raw Star The Miz Gives Clarification On His Fatal Injury Rumors

The Miz reportedly suffered a torn ACL during the Zombie Lumberjack loss to Damian Priest at WrestleMania Backlash. It was supposed to be a fatal injury for the Raw Superstar who was also assumed to be out of action for a long time. That’s not the case as he’s already back, making appearances on Raw television, starting from last week. Now a bit of clarification was also provided on his injury.

Per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Miz must have suffered a partial tear in his ACL rather than a full tear. History suggests a full-tear keeps a WWE Superstar out of action for 7-9 months which isn’t the case. This is the reason why the former WWE Champion is back on Raw as he didn’t require to undergo any major surgery to fix the issues.

Spoiler On Eva Marie’s Client On WWE Raw, Next Week

WWE Raw Star The Miz Gives Clarification On His Fatal Injury Rumors 86

The same kind of situation happened with Rey Mysterio, a few months ago when he kept on making appearances in non-physical capacity due to a partial ACL tear. The assumption is that The Miz should be back in action within a couple of months. The A-lister also recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to clarify his WWE status after suffering that injury.

The Miz acknowledged that he’s injured

He told Barrasso in this interview that the initial reports of his serious injury were wrong but then he confirmed that he will be out of action for a “little bit of time.” But that won’t stop him from making regular appearances on Raw

“I love reading reports about my injury,” Miz said. “It’s amazing. It’s all usually wrong. I was reading stuff about me like, ‘What? Where are they finding this information?’ I hadn’t even released anything that I was even injured. As far as I’m concerned, everyone keeps asking me how I’m feeling, and I feel like a million bucks—and I’m going to be on WWE TV every week like I always am.”

“I’ll be out for a little bit of time. I’ve seen that I’ll be out nine months. I don’t plan on being out nine months. I was on TV last Monday, and I’m going to be on TV every week.”

Romancing Lacey Evans Was Uncomfortable For WWE Legend Ric Flair

WWE Raw Star The Miz Gives Clarification On His Fatal Injury Rumors 87

As seen on this past episode of Monday Night Raw, The Miz and John Morrison were scheduled to compete in a Battle Royal with four other tag teams to determine the new number one contenders for Raw tag team champions AJ Styles and Omos. But Miz never competed in the ring due to injury and Morrison went solo into the match, only to get eliminated.

courtesy WWE

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): McIntyre vs Kingston; Intergender Match; Miz TV

This week’s WWE Raw will be coming with high stakes attached to the main event match where we are bound to learn the new number-one contender for the WWE Championship. An Intergender Match is set to make things interesting while a former WWE Champion makes his return when the show airs, live from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida.

For the past couple of weeks, there’s been a debate on who should be the next man to challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title. While Drew McIntyre claims he never received a one-on-one rematch for the title, Kofi Kingston earned a pinfall win over the All-Mighty Champion, a couple of weeks ago. Via this win, he believes to be the legit front-runner in the race.

John Cena Reportedly Competing In Mega WWE SummerSlam 2021 Match

Both these men wanted to prove a point and thus it had to lead to a mega match. As per WWE’s Official Adam Pearce’s ruling, Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre will go down on WWE Raw with the winner becoming the new number-one contender to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at Hell In a Cell. Additionally, if Lashley or MVP tries to interfere, they will be suspended for 30 days without pay.

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): McIntyre vs Kingston; Intergender Match; Miz TV 100

It has been announced that The Miz will return during this Monday’s Memorial Day edition of WWE RAW on the USA Network. The former WWE Champion and John Morrison are set to host another must-see edition of MizTV where their guests will be RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair to promote their upcoming match at WWE Hell In a Cell.

It should be noted that WWE Raw marks The Miz’s first appearance since he was eaten [kayfabe] by zombies at the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view, after losing the Zombies Lumberjack Match to Damian Priest. The A-Lister reportedly suffered a torn ACL during that match. After the match, reports were out that he could be out of in-ring action for around 7-9 months due to an injury that is yet to be confirmed.

Summerslam 2021: Rapper Cardi B Reportedly Hosting WWE PPV Event

While we expect to receive an update on the Hollywood A-Lister’s condition, he will definitely try to stir things up for the WWE Women’s Title picture. The future match is booked between Ripley and Flair but it’s not confirmed whether the match will take place inside the Cell structure or not. Perhaps, we will get to learn about the same on WWE Raw.

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): McIntyre vs Kingston; Intergender Match; Miz TV 101

Also announced for WWE Raw, Xavier Woods will compete against Randy Orton as the feud between The New Day and R-K-Bro continues. Woods lost a match to Riddle who used Orton’s finisher RKO to get the pinfall win. Now, it’ll be Orton to take on Woods and perhaps hit an original RKO on the one-half of the New Day member.

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): Tag Team Title Match

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): McIntyre vs Kingston; Intergender Match; Miz TV 102

WWE RAW Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos will defend their championships against Elias and Jaxson Ryker in a match that WWE is billing as a perfect kick-off for the “Tag Team Week.” A cheap shot from Elias allowed Ryker to pick up a clean pinfall win over Styles, last week that has set up this tag title match.

WWE Raw Preview (31/05/21): McIntyre vs Kingston; Intergender Match; Miz TV 103

An Intergender Match has also been confirmed on WWE Raw between Reginald and Shayna Baszler. Since his arrival in the WWE, Reginald had competed in a number of such matches and this would be a repeat. Previously, Sasha Banks defeated him on SmackDown in such an Intergender Match.

Then on last week, Shayna Baszler challenged Reginald at the end of the show following another distraction that led to Baszler and Nia Jax losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match against Natalya and Tamina Snuka in their second consecutive rematch. Afterward, Alexa Bliss rumoredly took out Reginald with an explosion on the ramp. Now, he will have to face the wrath of The Queen of Spades when WWE Raw goes down from the ThunderDome.

courtesy Instagram

WWE Diva Maryse Ready ‘To Play Many Games’ In Gorgeous Insta Shots

The Miz and Mrs. show has officially wrapped up the second season in the bygone weeks as The Miz and Maryse have found out some free times in their lives. Currently, they are no more involved in promotions but it’s likely that season 3 is in the pipeline which could be announced, sooner.

This is a reality television series that chronicles the life of the former WWE Champion and his wife in and out of the ring. The fans receive an opportunity to have a closer look at the celebrity couple’s life. They are the IT couple of the WWE and the fans are genuinely interested in them.

WWE Star Alexa Bliss Posts Revealing Throwback Snap On Instagram

WWE Diva Maryse Ready ‘To Play Many Games’ In Gorgeous Insta Shots 111

WWE Diva Maryse Ready ‘To Play Many Games’ In Gorgeous Insta Shots 112

While The Miz has his own fanbase being one of the most popular superstars of the current generation, Maryse Mizanin has her own. For those who don’t know, she is a multi-time Divas Champion in the company who is also considered to be one of the most gorgeous female superstars to have stepped into the squared circle.

Maryse Shared Hot Promotional Stills For Miz And Mrs

WWE Diva Maryse Ready ‘To Play Many Games’ In Gorgeous Insta Shots 113

That being said, Maryse was all about channeling her hotter vibes in recent pictures posted on Instagram. In a black sultry outfit, she was posing in front of a pool deck. She was also bending before the playing desk giving the fans quite the view. The fitting captions of the photos stated, ‘Wanna play’ and ‘I can play many games!!!’

Maryse made a couple of WWE Tv appearances after Wrestlemania 37

Maryse was back on WWE Raw following Wrestlemania 37 as part of Miz and Mrs promotions. She was part of the storyline buildup between Damian Priest and Miz that produced a Zombie Lumberjack Match at Wrestlemania Backlash. Miz was reportedly injured during that match that led to a hiatus from TV.

WWE Diva Maryse Ready ‘To Play Many Games’ In Gorgeous Insta Shots 114

Since Miz will be absent from WWE TV, chances are really low that we will see Maryse on Raw or Smackdown. But in the future, a long stint by the French Diva can’t be ruled out. While speaking to the Sam Roberts podcast, she discussed the chances of returning to the ring,

“The fact that I love WWE. I love everything about it. It’s been my family for so long. I don’t think I will not be in with them in some capacity. I always come back. Listen, I was back on SmackDown and I just had a baby five months postpartum and I had a match against Brie Bella on SmackDown. We were the main event. If you would have told me that when I was pregnant I would have started laughing. It’s really hard to say never. We will see.”

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