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In the spring of 2023, Alexa Bliss and her husband Ryan Cabrera announced that they would have a baby daughter. A few weeks later, they also revealed that their daughter had been named Hendrix Rouge Cabrera. Then after many months of anticipation, the former Women’s Champion finally gave birth to her daughter in the fall and the Cabrera family has since been enjoying some quality time.

Since Alexa Bliss was always vocal about returning to the competition after giving birth to her daughter and working as a working mother, fans anticipated seeing her comeback to the competition, quickly. The expectation was there that she might manage to return in time for Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania which wasn’t the case.

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It appears that the multi-time champion is preoccupied with her daughter’s health and that WWE return is out of the equation for the time being. Taking to X yesterday, Alexa Bliss addressed a recent video she posted showing her daughter wearing a helmet.

Alexa Bliss’ daughter needs to reposition her head permanently

It was revealed that Hendrix was born with torticollis, a dystonic condition which led her to suffer “moderate to severe plagiocephaly.” The attempts of repositioning and stretches failed to help, and hence Hendrix is now required to wear a helmet in order to improve her condition.

In the series of tweets, Alexa Bliss sounded hopeful that wearing the helmet will help repositioning her daughter’s head, permanently and in the future, she will not have to deal with problems in life. She was also seen asking her fans for tips regarding how babies should wear helmets. It was further emphasized that Hendrix’s condition was very common and there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Hendrix’s health concerns are the latest issues that Alexa Bliss has been facing in recent times. Since she last stepped into the ring in January 2023, she announced her pregnancy. Shortly after, it was revealed that she had been treated for skin cancer. She was cleared from the disease only days after she let everyone know about her condition and blamed it on her use of tanning beds earlier in her career.

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