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Brock Lesnar has been absent from the WWE programming since last summer which sparked widespread speculation about his future with the company. With the new era ongoing in full force it seems unlikely that he will return to the squared circle, anytime soon. However, WWE has lifted the ban on mentioning his name, leading to new anticipations from the fans around his possible return.

During the King and Queen of The Ring Premium Live Event, Brock Lesnar was mentioned by Michael Cole on live WWE TV programming which surprised the fans. This came shortly after Paul Heyman also mentioned his previous client during his WWE Hall of Fame speech. Fans have since been optimistic about a potential return by the marquee attraction.

WWE lifted the ban on mentioning Brock Lesnar on television

Ringside News reached out to a member of the WWE writing staff for clarification on Brock Lesnar being namedropped on TV, and it was after Heyman had referenced him several times during his WWE Hall of Fame speech that WWE lifted the ban on his name,

”Heyman mentioned him several times during his Hall of Fame speech and I think the ban on his name was lifted from that.”

Brock Lesnar Needs To Be Legally Cleared Before Making 2024 WWE Return

The uncertainty surrounding Brock Lesnar’s return also persists as Ringside News further reached out to a member of the WWE writing team for more insight into the matter. They revealed that there has been no indication of the former WWE Champion being “on his way back” to television.

Initially, plans were there for Brock Lesnar to make a triumphant return during the Royal Rumble event. However, those chances were abruptly gone after his indirect involvement in legal matters linked to Vince McMahon’s s*x-trafficking lawsuit. The same reason was also later suggested to be the delay in comeback to WWE TV.

This is the same reason why Brock Lesnar was excluded from the latest installment of the WWE video game franchise, WWE 2K24. He was further omitted from WWE Creative’s future plans. The good thing is that his situation is reportedly different from that of McMahon Sr. and that we haven’t seen the last of him in the WWE.

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