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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Net Worth and Salary

Daniel Bryan's Net Worth and Salary
Here is the net worth and salary of former WWE champion Daniel Bryan.

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Net Worth and Salary ∼ Once in a long time-span, we get to see a WWE superstar like Daniel Bryan. It’d not be wrong if we consider him as the most organic babyface WWE superstar of this generation. The amount of support that he receives on a regular basis is hard to believe. WWE fans do not even back the franchise names like John Cena or Roman Reigns like him.

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It did not only make him a legendary WWE superstar but also increased Daniel Bryan net worth. Over the years, WWE increased his valuation as a WWE superstar. It also reflected in the paychecks as well as Daniel Bryan net worth. However, he is not someone who runs towards fame, constantly. He wants to live a simple life, as per what we have seen on the Total Divas show.

Daniel Bryan Net Worth
Daniel Bryan Net Worth. Image Courtesy: WWE

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Net Worth and Salary

Stardom has never affected his life despite the height that he reached during his days as a WWE superstar. In addition to that, he has Brie Bella as his wife who is no less than a gorgeous Hollywood Diva. But Daniel Bryan always wanted to remain the guy down to earth. Probably this is the part that WWE fans like the most about him.

However, an abrupt retirement in the year 2016 had affected Daniel Bryan net worth as a whole. We have seen his family getting much concerned about these during those days. But he continued the fight to transform into a WWE superstar again. Earlier this year, the medical personnel of the company gave him clean-chits about coming back to in-ring competition. So, the YES movement was back in the WWE starting from Wrestlemania 34.

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We should note that Daniel Bryan is one of the most successful competitors of this generation. Even before becoming a WWE superstar, he was a globally acclaimed name. He managed to become an ROH World Champion earlier.

Daniel Bryan Net Worth
Daniel Bryan Net Worth. Image Courtesy Google

Later WWE crowned him as a four-time WWE Champion during his illustrious career. Plus, he is one of those few names who come under the category of Grand Slam Champions. (WWE Superstars who won all the valid championships present in the WWE. It includes WWE Championship, US Championship, IC Championship and tag team championships). Needless to say, these title wins added big amount to Daniel Bryan net worth and salary.

Over the course of this article, we will try to give an overview of the pro-wrestling career of Daniel Bryan. We would also bring out his incomes while changing companies.

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Early career

Daniel Bryan started his wrestling career at Dean Malenko’s wrestling school. We often heard him mentioning that during interviews or talk shows. Later, he changed to Shawn Michaels’s wrestling school when Malenko’s closed down. The young teenager had the dream of becoming a WWE superstar since then, but Daniel Bryan net worth was zero back then.

Shawn Michaels’ academy was in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas under the name of Texas Wrestling Academy. Rudy Gonzalez was the main person to train Daniel Bryan the technical moves. The Heart-Break Kidd was unable to teach his student due to an exhausting WWE schedule. But his academy brought up veteran names like Brian Kendrick (WWE Superstar under 205 Live), Paul London, and Lance Cade.

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Independent scene success

Daniel Bryan had the fortune to sign with WWE. The company used to have tie-ups with several promotions like FCW, OVW, or even ECW. These promotions served as developmental brands for the upcoming talents. Bryan trained under the brand of Memphis Championship Wrestling in 2000.

Daniel Bryan Net Worth
Daniel Bryan Net Worth. Image Courtesy: WWE

William Regal was his trainer back then. Daniel Bryan net worth was about to see an uprise, but suddenly WWE had to terminate his contract in 2001. The deal with MCW came to an abrupt end. So the soon-to-be WWE Superstar had to continue his independent circuit stint.

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It marked his journey to the eastern region of the world. Japan became his new home for some time that gave initial fame to his career. After that, Ring of Honor promotion signed him as a top talent under their banner. He never had to look back since then in his career.

The wrestling industry witnessed the rise of one of the hottest independent talents of the last decade. ROH retained his original name, i.e., Bryan Danielson to treat him as one of the most top talents. He captured the ROH World Championship to start a record-setting reign. It continued for 462 days to make the title prestigious than ever.

ROH let their top talents hold the championship for longer span during that span. It helped the talents to cement their legacy including the future WWE Superstar. This reign built him as a prizefighter of this generation. To date, we know him as one of the best world champions that ROH had.

ROH allowed Daniel Bryan to compete in several other promotions. Carrying the ROH championship to these events let his potential known to the world. He became a world-famous name that attracted WWE. The officials wanted to sign him after the contract with ROH came to an end.


Career as a WWE superstar

So the much-anticipated return happened for Daniel Bryan in 2010. He joined the NXT brand which used to be a game show back then. Several top names from this generation’s pro-wrestling belonged to the bunch that Daniel Bryan was part of. His journey was not smooth at all, as a real-life incident caused the suspension.

NXT officials fired him for a choking out then announcer of WWE, Justin Roberts. It was not a storyline angle shown on NXT tv. Instead, he let his emotions got the best of him to go ballistic. Later, the demand of his return grew bigger from the WWE Universe. So he came back to take part in Summerslam 2010.

It was the main event of the show where Daniel Bryan returned to be a member of Team John Cena against Team Nexus. It was the same night where we saw the rise of a veteran WWE Superstar. Going forward, he went on to have United States Championship reigns. Feuds against the Miz, Chris Jericho, gave him initial recognition.

After that, Money in the Bank win earned him the first world heavyweight championship reign in the WWE. He used to be a heel during this tenure. But storyline angle converted him to a babyface when Team Hell No formed. The team of Kane and Daniel Bryan won the place with their entertaining antics. It witnessed one of the most natural rises for any of the WWE superstars.

The miracle on the Bourbon Street happened to him in 2014. Wrestlemania turned into Yes-O-Mania from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Daniel Bryan became the new WWE world heavyweight champion. He defeated three members of the Evolution stable to pull off the unthinkable.

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Daniel Bryan net worth reached sky-high limit following that night. He had a fairytale wedding with another WWE Superstar, Brie Bella. But it also marked an abrupt end to his dream journey. A neck concussion was bothering him for a long time. WWE doctors already suffered a lawsuit filed by CM Punk related to concussion.

They did not want to go through more troubles and banned Daniel Bryan from in-ring competition from Extreme Rules onwards. He went through different surgeries to fix the problem, but it did not give any positive outcome. So WWE doctors forced him to retire.

It was in February 2016 when Daniel Bryan announced retirement before Wrestlemania season. He was fortunate enough to do this in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. Future planning suggested he would go back to Arizona State University for post-Graduation courses.

But then WWE officials gave him a call to make a TV appearance offer. Daniel Bryan became the general manager of the revamped Smackdown Live. His contract was still intact with the WWE till September 2018. So the company wanted to make the most use of it. It also gave him the opportunity for a comeback to in-ring competition.

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The leader of the YES movement fought hard to be back in a wrestling capacity. He gathered numerous pieces of evidence of medical clearances from renowned doctors. WWE had no choice, but to make way for his comeback. It happened at the same building where he reached the top of the mountain, i.e., the Superdome in NOLA.

Currently, Daniel Bryan is a marquee superstar in the Smackdown brand. He is the topmost draw for the blue brand despite the presence of names like AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jeff Jardy and more. So this fact should be a huge booster for Daniel Bryan net worth. Let’s take a look at it.