Coronavirus: Stephanie McMahon Speaks On WWE Protecting Their Superstars

Coronavirus: Stephanie McMahon Speaks On WWE Protecting Their Superstars

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WWE didn’t hold back from conducting weekly or pay-per-view shows during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They haven’t missed even a single week of new content let alone a WWE Network Special events from the main roster.


Most of the superstars on the roster have also featured in those sets of TV tapings since they don’t want to lose their spot. They also don’t want the company forcing them to be on the show.

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Coronavirus: Stephanie McMahon Speaks On WWE Protecting Their Superstars 1

There have been several speculations on WWE not handling the coronavirus situation with enough importance. That may not be true going by the recent comments made by one of the head honchos of the WWE.


Stephanie McMahon recently had a conversation with Ad Age where she addressed several topics within the company. One popular topic of conversation was the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and McMahon openly addressed WWE’s efforts to make sure that they could keep the talents safe as much as possible.

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The WWE Chief Brand Officer also gave clarifications that they do not force any Superstar to work in the tapings from the Performance Center, as the rumors may often suggest. Anyone who shows attends work in the PC, does so on a volunteer basis. If anyone wants to dodge show tapings amid coronavirus scare, they could do so without hesitation or expecting any kind of fallouts.


“First and foremost, it’s all optional, it’s all volunteer-based, it’s up to them if they want to participate, we did have talent and crew members opt-out, and we do support that.”

“In addition, we do testing before all of our programmings and it’s the more advanced testing. It’s not the rapid test which has shown to have a lot of false positives and false negatives and that is improving, but we want to make sure that we have the best testing possible, of course, because the safety of our crew members and our performers is paramount.” (transcription by

Coronavirus: Stephanie McMahon Speaks On WWE Protecting Their Superstars 2

Stephanie McMahon added that they are “being as thorough as we can possibly be, but we’re in Orlando.” The state of Florida is said to be the most affected by the coronavirus in all of the United States that is creating a large number of cases, every single day. So there have been a number of WWE superstars who got affected by the deadly virus.


As reported previously, WWE has several positive coronavirus cases throughout the company be it talents or top-level producers. But Superstars aren’t permitted to disclose any information regarding their status, as strictly instructed by the company.