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Liv Morgan is probably enjoying the best phase of her WWE career since returning to the company in early 2024. Her revenge tour essentially established the heel persona which in turn further allowed her to become the Women’s World Champion, making her a two-time world champion in the WWE.

It’s safe to say that Liv Morgan’s return to the squared circle at WWE’s Royal Rumble was something remarkable after spending months on the sidelines as she was recovering from a shoulder injury. However, it appears she was also dealing with additional injuries which forced her to undergo surgery. Furthermore, the extent of these injuries has also been disclosed.

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While speaking with Chris Van Vliet Insights podcast, Liv Morgan confirmed undergoing surgery after discovering labral, bicep, and rotator cuff tears. If not going through this process, she wouldn’t have been aware of these tears. Before this happened, she was unable to process the extent of her pain as it was so intense.

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Liv Morgan wasn’t properly diagnosed with injury through an MRI

Thankfully, Liv Morgan is now pain-free, with the capability of rotation and mobility in her shoulder. It was further noted in the conversation that initially skeptical about the surgery, but it’s this process that her shoulder feels completely normal now.

“I had a very pretty serious injury that we kind of even haven’t really disclosed the details of… So basically, I dislocated my shoulder. Yeah (in a match), with Ripley. With Rhea Ripley, I dislocated my shoulder and I went and got an MRI,” Liv Morgan explained.

“The MRI showed a labral tear. I don’t know if you guys know anything about MRIs, but they’re only 60 percent accurate. I did not know that, and so, pretty much they’re like, ‘Hey, we recommend getting surgery because of the dislocation. So, you’re gonna dislocate it again.”

Liv Morgan suffered an injury back in May of 2023 and it turned out to be a shoulder injury which made fans fear she would be gone for a long time. In fact, that injury also caused her to relinquish the tag team titles. However, she made a quick return during an episode of Smackdown within a month which wasn’t a smart decision as she reaggravated the injury. Following this, she decided to undergo surgery to get fully healed.

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