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Liv Morgan has gradually gone on to become one of the most reliable female star powers on the WWE roster. Apart from establishing herself as a bonafide wrestler who can call herself a champion, she also aspires to become a mainstream star through her roles in TV and movies.

One such opportunity came to Liv Morgan in late 2022 when she got to feature in a dream role in Chucky. The 29-year-old star was vocal about her love for Chucky and repeatedly expressed her dream was to be killed by the possessed doll. That fantasy of hers turned into reality when she appeared on the “Death on Denial” episode of the series to fulfill the desire.

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In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Liv Morgan revisited the episode and how the appearances came together which led her to the surreal experience of being killed by Chucky. She called the experience fantastic and WWE was the one to orchestrate things easily on her behalf to make it happen.

“I love Chucky, and when I saw that they were working on a series, I asked WWE if they could reach out and see if there was any way I could be involved, even if it was just being on set and watching,” Liv Morgan said.

“WWE reached out to Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, and I had a Zoom call with him that week. He wrote me into the show, and it was as easy as that. I had such a great experience; they treated me like family. It was cool. I love Chucky, and we have a great relationship despite the murder.”

Liv Morgan sharpened acting skills during WWE hiatus

Liv Morgan suffered a shoulder injury in May of 2023 and it turned out fatal one which made fans fear she would be gone for a long time. In fact, that injury also caused her to relinquish the tag team titles. However, she made her shocking return during an episode of Smackdown within a month which wasn’t a smart decision as the injury got reaggravated.

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As the recovery period kept her away from in-ring competition till January 2024, Liv Morgan was busy honing her acting skills. The info was provided in a post on her official Twitter account which claimed that she’s a good student of acting classes. That being said, we can only hope that more such TV and movie projects will be waiting for her.

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