Top 10 WWE Faces of the Decade

Faces aka the baby-faces aka the good guys in WWE or in any professional wrestling organization have a very important role. Many fans say that being a heel is more difficult than being a face. But I say, being a face is

Divas of the Decade : Lita

The division of the divas in world wrestling entertainment is not the same anymore. There was a time when divas used to feature in some tremendous feuds and storylines and sometimes, in the main events too. Stephanie McMahon and Lita featured in

A brief look at All Paul Heyman guys – Part 16

Recently, we have seen a much of the drama surrounding CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. The drama is based on Heyman’s betrayal on CM Punk. He stated that Brock Lesnar is a better wrestler than CM Punk and Brock Lesnar

Forgotten Greats : Ivan Putski

This is a series of articles where we shall look back into the history of World Wrestling Entertainment and talk about some of the great forgotten superstars of the company. WWE always produced lots of talents, some succeeded with WWE, and some

Exclusive preview of new WWE comic of Mick Foley’s and Papercutz are proud to provide a unique three-page, lettered preview from the first problem from the approaching brand-new “WWE” comic series, starting off a brand new era in comics! (Image Source –   WWE Hall of Famer Mick

Comparing the WWE superstars with Superheroes Part 1

A Gimmick is one of the most important things in professional wrestling. For hundreds of years we have seen professional wrestlers showcasing various gimmicks. Some of those become legends, like the Undertaker or Bruno Sammartino’s. These gimmicks of professional wrestlers sometimes leave

WWE Power rankings 15/11/13

25. Tamina Snuka : A Friday night loss to Natalya sends Tamina down a spot on the Power Rankings. 24. Big E Langston : A hard-fought loss to Alberto Del Rio drops the big man down two spots this week. 23. Natalya

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