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Ronda Rousey started her career in the WWE on a high note in the 2018-19 season as a special attraction with a super babyface role given to her. Things drastically changed for her in the second stint where she organically became the villainous figure among the masses and hence nobody really cared after she left the company in 2023 summer.

Before experiencing a wrestling career in WWE, Ronda Rousey had already picked up a legendary reputation in the UFC. Multiple title wins and a lengthy winning streak also secured her a prestigious spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. But those accomplishments could not take her out of the critical lens of both fans and MMA pundits.

In a recent interview with High Performance, Ronda Rousey addressed the criticism that she had to deal with the MMA media and fan base. She showed frustration over the negativity showered toward her which was also attributed to be the cause for not visiting a UFC show after her exit from the MMA brand in 2015.

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Ronda Rousey was affected by the boos from the audience

“I don’t know, ask the MMA media that. They are the ones saying it. That I was a fraud and I was hype and I was exposed and I was never anything and just lucky and all of these things,” Ronda Rousey noted.

“And that I wasn’t gracious or a good loser, or you know every other thing… I feel like I’m really vilified by MMA media at this point and I’m not really welcomed back, which is why I haven’t gone to a UFC fight since, ’cause I’m pretty sure if I walked into the arena, I’d be booed. Yeah! That’s how it feels.”

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Some of the WWE Universe felt that Ronda Rousey took the audience’s reactions too personally which zoned her out of the equation. The former UFC bantamweight champion confessed that she wished it didn’t affect her but the reactions hurt her because she poured her heart and soul into her sporting career.

A year ago in the summer of 2023, Ronda Rousey forced pro wrestling fans to think that she was leaving the sport for good after her tenure with the WWE was over. She then proved that WWE wasn’t the only company that she was interested in by appearing in a couple of matches with her MMA bestie Marina Shafir on Tony Khan’s Ring of Honor.

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