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Roman Reigns was the top-most attraction of WWE TV programming for the past several years during his heel run starting in the summer of 2020. It was in August of that year that he became the WWE Universal Champion, a reign that lasted for 1,316 days. For a better part of this run, he became a part-time superstar which eventually increased his star power to the WWE Universe.

Speculations were always there about his reduced schedule despite being the poster figure of the WWE for such a long time. Many fans thought that this happened because of his health issues related to leukemia. As chances are always there that this could affect his body in the future, a sporadic schedule will always keep him in his comfort zone.

“Becky Lynch Will Come Back Around When The Time Is Right,” WWE Raw Star Claims

On his podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback speculated that Roman Reigns could be working even fewer dates from now on given that Cody Rhodes has taken up the baton from him at Wrestlemania XL and doing a great job with it. Ryback also teased that The Head of the Table could only work at Wrestlemania, once a year just like The Undertaker did for years,

“He doesn’t need to be around for the next 20 years, and he has a family. I think he’s made more than enough money. I think we could be seeing a much more limited schedule at the very least. Maybe he does the WrestleMania like The Undertaker once a year.”

Roman Reigns’ comeback on WWE TV might get preponed

In the main event of Wrestlemania 40 Night Two, Roman Reigns lost his Undisputed WWE Title to Cody Rhodes and since then he has been on an extended break. Previous reports suggested that this break could last for a long time but then recent reports also claimed that the timeline for his return might have been preponed.

Roman Reigns To Turn Babyface Upon WWE Return For A Big Match

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the topic that how Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns are being turned into babyface figures via current storyline progression on Smackdown. Furthermore, Meltzer also speculated that The Tribal Chief might just return in July and it should happen before SummerSlam on August 3rd.

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