Stephanie McMahon Net Worth | Salary And Career

WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon Net Worth, Salary And Career Details

Stephanie McMahon Net Worth | Salary And Career
Stephanie McMahon Net Worth | Salary And Career

WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon Net Worth, Salary And Career Details ∼ Stephanie McMahon is one of the most influential female personas in the entire world. The women’s revolution has taken the world by storm for quite sometimes. It would not be wrong to say that she is one of the flag-bearers of the tradition. The women’s Evolution in the WWE has become reality in recent times with her constant efforts.

But Stephanie McMahon is not only a wrestling personality. She is a woman that left her mark to all over the mainstream entertainment industry. This built herself to be the true successor of Vince McMahon. To be honest, she has created her own legacy as a businesswoman in the past few years. WWE depends a lot on her as the brand representative whenever global media conference takes place.

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Stephanie McMahon net worth is quite huge from the beginning considering her parents’ status. Vince McMahon is always one of the richest persons present around the United States of America. His wife Linda McMahon is no less when it comes to securing property. Very few might know that her net worth helped WWE to become the brand that it is today.

A big chunk of Vince and Linda’s properties goes to Stephanie McMahon net worth. Plus, the boss of WWE’s flagship show has also established herself to be no less than her predecessors. WWE already put her on a number of important posts in the brand. Currently, Stephanie McMahon is the Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of WWE and serves as the on-screen commissioner of WWE’s Raw brand.

Apart from these, Vince’s only daughter has to maintain a number of posts in different organizations. We will talk about those affecting Stephanie McMahon net worth to a big extent, later in this article. For now, we will have a brief look at her WWE career that is the main reason behind the initial fame.

Stephanie McMahon career

Her full name is Stephanie Marie McMahon which later changed to Stephanie McMahon Levesque after marrying Triple H. Her father did not bring her straight to TV back in the 90s. But he involved her in different backstage roled for the company from teenage days. WWE placed her in the role of a receptionist who used to sit at the front office desk.

Later, Vince made her daughter one of the accountants of the company. But the talent of young Stephanie McMahon was not left unnoticed by the Chairman of the Board. He recognized the hidden gem and hired her in an on-screen role. At first, she entered a storyline angle with The Undertaker. The Phenome was part of the Ministry of Darkness who wished to marry the Boss’ daughter.

This made her a famous character right away on Monday Night Raw. Thereafter, Stephanie McMahon entered into an on-screen relationship with Test. Rumors suggest that the relationship became reality at backstage. However, it came to a quick end as Triple H entered the scene. We all knew how they played a power couple on the show to own the company.

The infamous in McMahon-Helmsley Faction storyline began in the WWE. This awarded Stephanie McMahon with her first and only WWF Women’s Championship. She did not excel in wrestling skill much but had the leadership skills inherited by her father and mother. So the creative team made her on-screen authority figure from the get-go.

Starting from 2001, Stephanie McMahon became the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling. The Invasion Angle started back then with Monday Night War breaking out on the scene. It’s worth to note that Stephanie McMahon turned out to be an integral part of this angle. She used to be perhaps the only relevant female figure on the WWE programming during this timespan.

Stephanie McMahon net worth and Salary

So it increased her salary better than her contemporaries affecting Stephanie McMahon net worth. Later, she became the general manager of Smackdown Live in 2003. It was the same year when she married Triple H and became part of the Levesque family. Due to motherhood, she had to take hiatus from on-screen appearances, going forward.

But being a boss was always in her brand. She came back with a bang on TV forming the Authority stable. It cemented her status in WWE as the top figure just after Vince McMahon. Perhaps it’s just an indication that she is going to be the successor of the genius. He already handed over WWE Raw to her as she is the commissioner of the show.

This is another on-screen role played by Stephanie McMahon that draws her the base salary from the company assumingly $1.7 million per year. But that’s nothing in comparison to Stephanie McMahon net worth. As of the recent calculations, this worth up to $79 million which makes her one of the richest female persons around the United States of America.

Most of her income comes from WWE shares as she is an integral part of the business alongside her father. Stephanie McMahon herself owns 2511071 shares of the company. gave some more details on these shares,

“These include 609,733 shares of Class B stock held by the Stephanie McMahon Levesque Trust U/A Vincent K. McMahon Irrev. Trust dated. 6/24/04, 1,849,393 shares of Class B stock held by the Stephanie McMahon Levesque Trust U/A Vincent K. McMahon Irrev. Trust dated. 12/23/2008 and 51,945 shares of Class A stock that Stephanie holds personally.”

Back in 2013, Vince McMahon and Triple H built a new house selling 80000 stocks of the WWE. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H live here which is a real-quick distance from Vince’s house in Connecticut. This house also includes to Stephanie McMahon net worth.

Meanwhile, this is her income as the official figure of the WWE. We have to remember that she possesses a dual-contract with the WWE of a performer. This is why she appears on WWE Raw to play the role of a commissioner. Plus, the creative team reserves sporadic appearances for her to perform inside the ring. The last time she performed was at Wrestlemania 34 that became the most entertaining match of the night.

WWE gives him $325000 year to compete in matches. The renewal of the deal happens after three years on an automatic basis. This is quite similar to that of the franchise players like John Cena, Roman Reigns, Nikki Bella etc. Additionally, Stephanie McMahon earns more courtesy of her role as the Chief Brand Officer for the company.

This hands her over $500000 per year and allows her to represent the company on different outlets. It is her association why we see WWE’s partnership with organizations like Susan G Komen, Connor’s Cure, Make A Wish and more. In fact, these associations have become an integral part of WWE programming. Charity works made Stephanie McMahon more of a mainstream name for quite sometimes.

Stephanie McMahon is the board member of Metropolitan Washington from 2011 and in WWE from 2015 to present. She donates Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation from 2015 onwards. Plus, Connor’s Cure is an entire initiative taken by her that works with thousands of children. It raises money from WWE programming and other means to cure the pediatric cancer patients.

These have increased her brand value to a big extent in the past few years. Stephanie McMahon has proven to be a huge asset on WWE programming due to her business entrepreneur persona. Her one appearance could pull up the ratings just like that for the flagship show of the company. She has already stepped foot to take over the kingdom created by Vince McMahon.

But The Boss and better half can overshine Stephanie McMahon net worth just like that. The junior McMahon’s property reaches up to $1.13 billion. If that was not enough then the launch of WWE Network handed him even more dollars for the past four years. The innovation of this platform is earning money like never before. Nobody could have thought about coming up with such a platform based on wrestling only.

WWE Network had a monthly fee of $9.99 to give access to programming that could continue over a decade. It is the fifth largest direct-to-consumer subscription service in the U.S. behind only Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and MLB TV. WWE stock continues to witness rise through this platform directly affecting Stephanie McMahon net worth.

It’s worth to note that the Billion Dollar Princess will definitely receive shares from her mother’s property. Linda McMahon is the owner of property which is worth more than $500000 dollar. She is a key figure why WWF, a local wrestling promotion operating from New York transformed into an international sports entertainment giant.

Linda previously used to be the CEO of the WWE brand. But now she belongs to Donald Trump’s ministry as the Administrator of the Small Business Administration. No wonder why Stephanie McMahon has become a true leadership by example. She received this from her parents, biologically.

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It’s almost certain that the kingdom of Vince McMahon will transform into the Queendom of Stephanie McMahon in near future. She alongside her husband is the one who will rule the pro-wrestling world for the next couple of decades. With Triple H’s visionary prospects and her leadership qualities, they can create a revolution in the pro-wrestling business just as Mr. McMahon did three decades ago.