Stone Cold Steve Austin: WWE To Throw A Celebration For The Legend

Stone Cold Steve Austin: WWE To Throw A Celebration For The Legend

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WWE loves to throw parties or celebrations on the occasions of legendary names in pro-wrestling. They could be throwing one such bash for the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin as we approach towards the fall of 2020 in weeks to come. Beer cans will be flying everywhere and Stunners will be delivered to people on the big occasion in-store.


According to the latest reports from Wrestle Votes, Stone Cold is all set to receive a special celebration week dedicated to him. It would be similar to what Triple H got for his 25th anniversary, earlier this year in March 2020. Fans will get a full-on dose of Austin 316 and re-live the iconic moments from his WWE career. Details on the same will be available only when the time is right.

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WWE must also be releasing a campaign around the milestone moment of Stone Cold’s career. They are looking forward to selling a ton of merchandise and make some profit just like they did with Triple H. Several t-shirts, replica belts, part of gears, and much more were made available on WWE Shop and things should be same for one of his best rivals in the company.

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WrestleVotes also provided an update stating that the upcoming celebration around Stone Cold Steve Austin will only go down once the fans return to the arena. At this point, it’s hard to assume when that happens but WWE has some big plans with the Texas Rattlesnake and the WWE fans can gear up for it,


“WWE has plans to honor Stone Cold Steve Austin in a similar way to the 25th-anniversary celebration for Triple H that has been ongoing with a slew of new merchandise as well as a live appearance once audiences return.”


Whenever Stone Cold comes around WWE TV, ratings go upwards and the company will take full advantage of it by using the veteran in a bigger capacity. They could get it rid of tanking of viewerships, at least for a couple of weeks, it seems.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: WWE To Throw A Celebration For The Legend 2

The last time Stone Cold was present at a WWE arena was on the March 16th edition of Monday Night Raw. An Austin 316 celebration was supposed to go down but unfortunately, WWE had to cancel shows with the audience amid coronavirus pandemic.

He had a blast with the then Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in an empty venue. WWE Raw commentator Byron Saxton ended up receiving a number of Stunners on that night.