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Speculations are rife about a potential showdown between The Rock and Cody Rhodes since their feud was ongoing throughout the WrestleMania XL season. While there’s no positive update on when the match will go down, the preferred battleground for the match is being considered to be Wrestlemania 41. However, no plans regarding this match have been finalized.

For those who don’t know, The Rock retains considerable creative control over his wrestling endeavors especially after now that he’s a member of the TKO board that owns things in the WWE. For the time being, there’s no talk of The People’s Champion possibly participating in a match later this year but a future matchup against The American Nightmare has already been teased.

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The Rock and his commitments to filming a movie extend through July which also assures that any kind of potential wrestling appearances featuring him would be uncertain. However, before walking away from the scene, he teased a future confrontation with Cody on Raw and it stirred excitement among fans, irrespective of whether Cody remains a champion or not until his bitter rival’s return.

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Title vs. Title scenario coming for The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes?

Currently, there’s no definitive plan regarding the duration of Cody Rhodes’ championship reign. But a championship could be involved, nonetheless. Wrestling Observer reports that The Rock has floated ideas about defending his self-proclaimed “People’s Championship” when he does square off against Rhodes.

If Rhodes continues to hold the WWE title until then, a unique Title vs. Title scenario could be created for the match. The possibility of this segment was further fueled up by a symbolic exchange of belts between The Rock and Rhodes during their latest confrontation on Raw where the former officially headed onto a hiatus.

The source also suggested that The Rock favors a slow-burn approach in his storylines, and hence he is in no hurry. He is envisioning a year-long buildup to the anticipated clash. If his second match against John Cena in 2013 wouldn’t have caused an injury, The Great One was allegedly up to kickstart a storyline on Raw after WrestleMania 29 with Brock Lesnar and put over The Beast. However, the year-long narrative was scrapped due to the injury.

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