Vince McMahon Net Worth | Vince McMahon Salary and Properties

Vince McMahon Net Worth – Details On Vince McMahon Salary And Properties

Vince McMahon Net Worth | Vince McMahon Salary and Properties
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Vince McMahon Net Worth, Vince McMahon Salary And Properties ∼ Vince McMahon is the backbone of the pinnacle of sports entertainment also known as WWE. This definition is not enough to explicitly define his role while changing the landscape of the wrestling business. He was the protagonist behind the explosion in the business in the 90s. His father Vincent J McMahon already was a wrestling promoter who owned World Wrestling Federation aka WWF.

His son took it over that was the first huge step to increase Vince McMahon net worth that it is today. In the year 1982, the WWF takeover officially happened with Jr. McMahon in the forefront. It was a pure wrestling based show at that point which was becoming a bit boring. The freaking genius mind came up with the idea of creating a unique show where everything will be scripted.

Furthermore, it would be the first wrestling-oriented weekly show that will be streaming live, globally. This gave birth to the revolutionary show that changed the definition of entertainment, forever. Till then, we have seen pure technical wrestling. But from the 90s onwards, it marked the beginning of storyline plots just like in movies or TV shows. Based on this concept, Monday Night Raw took off giving birth to a new term, sports entertainment.

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The longest running weekly episodic television show in history is perhaps the biggest asset in Vince McMahon net worth. There’s no such show in the entire world that has been running through this much wide course. It is gradually becoming available in a live format in more countries gaining more audience. This has become a phenomenon that has been an integral part of most of the wrestling fans’ childhood.

Vince McMahon has done pretty much everything in the WWE to run the show as much smoothly as possible. Starting from being the creative head of the company, he even tried to excel the job of doing commentary. In fact, pretty much things that come out of Michael Cole’s mouth is a reflection of what the Boss wants it to be. Furthermore, no storyline angle gets sanctioned on TV until or unless Vince McMahon gives the final stamp on it.

Most of the fans are not aware of the kayfabe things in WWE locker room. It is definitely not that Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle are the head of Monday Night Raw division. Shane McMahon and Paige are not the actual heads for Smackdown Live, too. They just act as GM or commissioners of the show whereas Vince McMahon is the real puppet master behind them.

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So the question stands how much this God-like figure earns from this business. How much Vince McMahon net worth stands at this point in the WWE? It is worth to note that the company pays him a handsome amount of money for his different roles, despite this being his own empire. Vince McMahon salary stands at $3.3 million as per the reports of Stamford Advocate.

According to the reports of The Richest, Vince McMahon net worth stands at $1.3 billion. This has increased over the years for him being a film producer, actor, wrestling commentator, announcer, professional wrestling promoter and occasional professional wrestler. Vince McMahon salary went downwards for sometimes in the recent past. But it is now back to track after the recent rise in WWE’s stock.

Last year, WWE stock jumped around 50 percent, overall. WWE stock was up to 18% during Wrestlemania. Vince owns 52% of the company’s stock. Most of the time this uprise was a direct effect of the success of WWE Network. This online streaming program is a revolution itself in the world of pro-wrestling. More subscriptions to it mean more boost to Vince McMahon net worth.

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Vince McMahon was already amongst the top billionaires of the USA. But the innovation of WWE Network gave cemented his spot at the top for the last few years. WWE always remain one step ahead of his rival brands. This video platform goes for $9.99 a subscriber with 1.95 million subscribers, as per the Forbes report. With new contents always popping up on the screen, this particular network already received awards for its contents. So the subscription numbers will only go upwards from here boosting Vince McMahon net worth.

When the launch actually happened, it was a huge hit. But it was during Wrestlemania 2016 when lots of cancellations happened. Subscribing rates became an all-time low with investors pulling out their money from it. Vince McMahon net worth dropped by nearly $750 million dollars – from $1.6 Billion to about $850 Million dollars. He lost $160 million in one single day. But it made a steady comeback earning revenues around $160 million in a year, thereafter.

Vince McMahon salary and net worth have hit another jackpot as of this year as WWE shows got a new mainstream platform for streaming on TV. Smackdown Live will be moving to Fox Sports starting from October, next year. The Tuesday Night show will witness another major shift as we can expect big changes here. Meanwhile, the deal was official between WWE and Fox Sports earlier this year. Vince McMahon net worth has increased by almost $1 billion through this historic deal. (courtesy of business insider)

Furthermore, an official statement from WWE also confirmed the retention of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network for the next five years. So the flagship show will continue staying in its home generating revenues for McMahon around $462 million by 2021. It could also hit an all-time high figure of $560 million all the forthcoming projects come to fruition. So, TV rights earning will continue to play a major role for Vince McMahon salary and net worth.

Speaking of this, it’s a must to mention that he has a lavish life in a house that contains the finest things. The three-story, seven-bedroom house with a pool situated in Greenwich, Connecticut worth $40 million. He also owns a $20 million vacation home in Florida and a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan, as per reports from Vince McMahon net worth also covers a 2010 Bentley Continental GT worth $189,000. A private yacht named ‘Sexy B**ch’ belongs to him in his vacation home as well as personal jet and limousine.

We provide you a breakdown of significant spots of Vince McMahon salary, net worth, and assets, (courtesy of TheRichest)

Asset Mar. 2001, Value of WCW upon purchase – $5000000

Asset Jul. 2002, Purchase value of vacation home in Florida – $2146000

Asset 2004, Value of his 47.1 million shares of Class B common stock at the time – $750000000

Vince McMahon Salary 2011, Annual base salary with the three-year contract with WWE effective January 1, 2011 – $1100000

Salary 2012, Annual salary with WWE for the year 2012 – $1100000

Asset Jun. 2013, Value of his mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut – $40000000

Asset Jun. 2013, Value of his penthouse in Manhattan – $12000000

Asset Aug. 2013, Value of his vacation home – $20000000

Salary Sep. 2013, Annual salary with WWE for the year 2013 – $1100000

Asset May. 2014, Value of his 39,722,641 shares of WWE Entertainment (28.49$/share in April 2014) – $1130000000

Sale of Asset Jun. 2016, a Selling price of 2 million WWE Shares – $40000000

Earnings Aug. 2016, Salary, non-equity incentive plan and other compensation from WWE for 2016 – $3000000

Earnings Mar. 2017, Earnings from WWE for the year 2017 – $5860000

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Vince McMahon net worth dropped a bit in 2016 for the twice consecutive occasion when sold 2 million of WWE shares. This was due to his desperate try to bring XFL back. The investment is becoming reality from 2020 onwards as it will start giving NFL a major competition. He is the current head of this venture of XFL via his other entertainment company, Alpha Entertainment.

McMahon tried for a proper culmination of the XFL back at the beginning of the century. But dwindled attention caused him to withdraw the event in 2001. His wife also lost a lot of money due to most expensive Senate Campaigns in United States history. The earlier campaign for a Connecticut Senate Seat ruined $100 million from Vince McMahon net worth and family properties. However, she is a rich woman as well and now leads small-scale industries from Donald Trump’s senate.

WWE is always growing up as an organization with share-values being up, as well. Vince McMahon is trying as much as possible to make it a mainstream brand across the world. The widening of WWE Network and Live Event tours are increasing just trying to reach more audience around the different countries of the world. So The Boss will end up getting in the front row among the billionaires in the USA. With everything being on track, it’s hard to believe that Vince McMahon salary and net worth will have to encounter any sort of troubles, at all.