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The days are long gone when Vince McMahon used to run the WWE with his sole power as the Chairman of the Board. Not only did he sell the shares possessed by him to sell the company to UFC parent company Endeavor to create the TKO brand but also he was further shown the door due to some allegations which permanently released him from the pro-wrestling landscape.

As the reports claim, Vince McMahon is presently facing accusations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from former WWE employee Janel Grant. In the lawsuit, Grant alleged that McMahon distributed her explicit content without consent alongside which other WWE personnel, undisclosed executives, and wrestling stars have also got involved.

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Many WWE stars have previously opened up on these allegations against their former boss. During her conversation with the BirdsCallLive podcast, Tammy Sytch aka Sunny shared her thoughts on the Vince McMahon situation and the possible federal charges that he will be facing at his age. She joked about Vinnie Mac’s ability to still “get it up” at the age of 80 years old.

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Sunny speculates something unthinkable about Vince McMahon

Sunny further clarified that Vince McMahon had never crossed any lines with her personally but then she brought a controversial aspect into the conversation regarding the lady who filed the lawsuit in the first place. Sunny found a resemblance to McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon which possibly had indicated to possibly have incestuous feelings toward his daughter,

“He is looking at federal charges now so who knows what’s going to happen with that…I was floored. That dirty old man. (laughs) He is almost 80. I am surprised he can still get it up at 80…Never once was he out of line with me. You know what I do find weird about this girl who is in the news now? Doesn’t she look a hell of a lot like his daughter Stephanie?”

Sunny’s comments are considered to be purely filled with possibilities that don’t have any concrete evidence. However, there have been concerns that these allegations could possibly have negative impacts on the company as a whole. Vince McMahon has no way to enter the newly functioning WWE board and even Stephanie McMahon opts not to enter the fray after these scandalous incidents.

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