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The go-home edition of WWE NXT for their upcoming premium live event, NXT Battleground went down this week which offered a chaotic way toward the future. While heated rivalries are already there to culminate in the upcoming PLE, there will be more as the 2024 summer has just started to heat up things. That being said, an anticipated return alongside a stipulated match has been announced for next week’s show.

After weeks of vignettes teasing her comeback, Wendy Choo will finally return to WWE NXT TV, next week. The 32-year-old star had been sidelined due to a reported knee injury since May 2023 before she returned to competition at an NXT Level Up taping, last month. She was seen wearing a brace on her left knee in that match, proving the injury rumors to be true.

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Then on the latest episode of WWE NXT, a video clip aired indicating the imminent show-up of Wendy Choo. In her usual slipping gimmick, Choo was rising to wash her face with water in a nearby bathroom sink. As the camera went close to Choo’s face, a noticeably darker aura was introduced, where she was wearing dark eye makeup while staring into the mirror above the sink. The vignette ended with the announcement of her return on the June 11 episode.

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WWE NXT: Choo was sidelined after suffering a storyline injury

As noted above, Choo has been sidelined since the February 28, 2023 episode of WWE NXT where she was attacked by a mystery assailant, later revealed to be Blair Davenport in the WWE Performance Center parking lot. Interestingly after Choo returned to action for a few matches on NXT Level Up, she was again sidelined with an undisclosed injury.

During this short comeback on WWE NXT Level Up, Choo competed in a singles contest against newcomer Wren Sinclair, on April 30 (the match aired on May 10). Then her in-ring comeback continued with a six-woman tag team victory over Stevie Turner, Izzi Dame, and Jazmyn Nyx at a NXT live event in Lakeland, Florida.

Besides Choo’s comeback, the WWE NXT June 11 episode will also have a match between Lexis King and Dante Chen as the duo will compete in a Singapore Cane match. Chen already scored victories over King on NXT’s televised episodes as well as an untelevised show in recent times to continue their feud.

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