WWE Stars To Leave Saudi Arabia Together-Super Showdown 2020

WWE Superstars To Leave Saudi Arabia Together After Super Showdown 2020

courtesy WWE

WWE’s last trip to Saudi Arabia ended in a great fiasco about which most of the superstars were not happy. Controversies surrounded all over the tour as superstars were stuck for an additional 24 hours once the show was over. Vince McMahon and his staff left before the problems arose and most of the stars were not able to attend SmackDown, the very next night.

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These raised concerns among the superstars who now want to ensure that they leave Super ShowDown on time. Mike Johnson stated on PW Insider Elite audio that there is an “unofficial edict” around the WWE locker room regarding WWE’s next trip to Saudi Arabia. It states that nobody is leaving unless all of them leave together.

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There are issues with the fact that some WWE employees left before most of the superstars, last time around that is during Crown Jewel 2019.

Here’s more from the source,

“I have been told that basically in the company there was an unofficial edict that stated like ‘We’re all going together, we’re all staying together, nobody is leaving early if there’s an issue, everybody is staying together.’ If you’re not a wrestler and you’re part of the support staff you’re not leaving until the wrestlers leave because there was some anger on the wrestlers’ end that some people who worked for the company left before the wrestlers did and the wrestlers got stuck.”


Mike although doubted the staying of Vince McMahon all the way through the show by saying,

“I’ll be shocked if Vince isn’t gone halfway through the show.”

All the eyes will be on the show organizers as well as on Vince McMahon and his staffs who should ensure that the superstars escape the Saudi Kingdom, safely, this time around.

WWE originally announced Super ShowDown at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But later the WWE website confirmed that the show will take place at the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh.

It is one of the venues that has been used for recent events held in the Saudi Kingdom as they try to attract more worldwide entertainment ventures to the country. The venue reportedly holds 22,000 guests, but that is not official.