COO Triple H Won't Stay With WWE Forever, Says Former Star

COO Triple H Won’t Stay With WWE Forever, Says Former Star

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Triple H is one of the head honchos of WWE, today leaving his Cerebral Assassin character from the past. He’s become one of the integral parts without whom it’s hard to imagine the daily goings of the company.

In fact, it’s believed that he could very well become Vince McMahon’s successor in the near future.

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COO Triple H Won't Stay With WWE Forever, Says Former Star 1

But a recent update suggested that Triple H might not stick around with the WWE, forever. The company would eventually have to figure out a replacement if The Game isn’t around but it won’t be an easy job, at all. Apparently, he has his own plans to leave the brand, according to a former WWE Superstar who once worked with him on the roster.


Triple H has recently celebrated his 51st birthday in July and ex-WWE star Ryback stated on his podcast that Triple H should be done with WWE within the next 14 years. Apparently, he’s been told by his own sources that Hunter doesn’t plan on being in WWE when his 65th birthday comes around.

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“Hunter, from the information I’ve been told doesn’t want to stick around past 65 and you know, it’s gonna be who gets the company after Vince goes?” stated Ryback. (transcription by


With that being said, the big question remains who would take over things from Vince McMahon when he passes away or decides to step down from his position, at one point.

COO Triple H Won't Stay With WWE Forever, Says Former Star 2

For now, The Chairman hasn’t been over with his duties, at all. He’s still in charge of the whole creative process despite there’ve been complaints that it’s him behind poor Raw TV viewership and ratings. On that note, people do want to see Triple H in charge as he’s quite good at running things on NXT.


But he’s not taken up charges from his father-in-law when it comes to run things on the main roster. Triple H still has over a decade to change his mind about leaving WWE, going by the words of Ryback.

But the professional wrestling world is very uncertain and you never know what to expect, next. We can only hope the pinnacle of this sports entertainment would be in safe hands after Vince McMahon’s reign gets over.

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