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Stephanie McMahon is a true successor of the McMahon clan in the WWE who perhaps over-delivered to the expectations of her father. Now that Vince McMahon is long gone from the scene, it’s her daughter and son-in-law who will be the only McMahon representatives in the newly TKO-owned business. But there used to be a time when the McMahons had a different level of power on WWE programming.

While Vince McMahon has been the Chairman and CEO of the WWE for over four decades, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon has also worn many hats in the company, including that of Chief Brand Officer, where she has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s brand strategy and marketing efforts. Also, on-screen, she has portrayed the role of a heel authority figure.

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently remembered the days when Stephanie McMahon was appointed as the head of WWE Creative. He went on to label that move to be Vince McMahon’s ‘biggest mistake’. Russo stated on Legion of RAW podcast that she never saw a creative side of the Boss Lady which also shifted the dynamics of power within the company,

“Stephanie took over creative when I left and I knew that was the biggest mistake Vince McMahon could possibly make because, first of all, I spent a lot of time with Stephanie and I never saw a creative side to her. I saw her business side, brilliant. I never saw her creative side.” (quotes courtesy WWFOldSchool)

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Stephanie McMahon returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 40

After staying away from the WWE for more than a year, Stephanie McMahon returned to the spotlight at Wrestlemania 40, delivering a promo that not only celebrated her storied history with the event but also acknowledged the changed landscape of the WWE under the leadership of Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H.

It was in her previous stints in the early 2000s when Stephanie McMahon acted as a key figure in WWE Creative, where she was actively involved in shaping storylines and programming direction on TV. This did pave the way for her to receive more future roles but there are second opinions on her success as the head of the creative.

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