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WWE Smackdown Preview (17/09/19): New Day vs. FTRKO, King Of The Ring Coronation

Most of the champions on SmackDown have retained their titles at the bygone pay-per-view event of Clash of Champions. It leads us to believe that whether there will be new title match storylines heading into the next big WWE Network special on October 6th. It will mark the return of Hell in a Cell which is one of the most popular gimmick-based show in WWE programming.

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The Fiend Bray Wyatt Attacks Returning Kane On WWE Raw

Kofi Kingston is still the reigning WWE Champion of SmackDown who has defeated Randy Orton for the first time in his career. Now he is looking forward to going into a new championship rivalry. Women’s champion Bayley has also managed to escape Charlotte’s challenge and may get a new challenger. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns has suffered a devastating loss at the PPV as he will look forward to making a comeback when Smackdown airs tonight from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Rock Vs. D-Generation X Advertised For This Week’s Smackdown

The rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton has been a decade long thing. After hearing enough of ‘Stupid’ from the Viper, Kofi was finally able to put away the Viper in a clean pinfall win. After this big accolade of pinning the 13-time world champion, Kofi is looking forward to having a new opponent for the WWE Championship. But there may also be the case where WWE officials would want to extend the feud between these two. In that case, we may get a Hell in a Cell match between them from the SmackDown brand. As per the current ads, Kofi will team up with New Day buddies to take on FTRKO members hinting the feud may just continue.

Women’s Division Hell In A Cell Match Set For October 6th

Potential Hell In A Cell Main-Event Announced On WWE Raw

A grand celebration will be there on Smackdown in honor of King Corbin as updated by,

“All hail King Corbin! Baron Corbin remained confident throughout the King of the Ring tournament, foreshadowing his eventual reign by donning the crown after winning each of his matchups. On SmackDown LIVE, it becomes official, as the coronation of Baron Corbin takes place following his defeat of the underdog challenger Chad Gable. Will Corbin begin his rule with a modest celebration, or will The Lone Wolf deliver the pomp and circumstance fit for true royalty?”

WWE Raw Full Results: September 16th, 2019

Harper made the biggest impact by returning at Clash of Champions. This was one of those comebacks which no one saw coming surprising the fans, completely. If that’s not it then he went right after the poster boy of the company, Roman Reigns to garner the maximum attention from all around the social media.

The Big Dog was lying in the middle of the ring after suffering the merciless attack by Rowan and Harper at Clash of Champion. The original guess was that Daniel Bryan may just arrive on the scene and reveal that he was the master-mind. But Rowan has surely closed the chapter with Daniel Bryan and looking forward to reuniting with his former Bludgeon Brothers. We’ll find out on SmackDown whether Roman Reigns can seek payback of this new team.

Speaking of this duo, Rowan and Harper were perhaps the most intimidating superstars when they first arrived as a team in the scene. Injuries forced them to relinquish the tag team titles. But their comeback as a combined force will not be news of relief for the new tag champs on SmackDown, The Revival.

In the SmackDown Women’s Championship scenario, Bayley had a successful title defense at Clash Of Champions. She sent Charlotte Flair into the exposed turnbuckle to get have the pinfall win and get rid of the Queen in her hometown. We hope the feud between the two Four-Horsewomen members is over. Or else, Bayley will have a tough test waiting for her at Hell in a Cell in a rematch against The Queen. Once again.

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WWE News: King Of The Ring 2019 Winner Revealed On WWE Raw

King of the Ring tournament for 2019 came to an end, last night keeping the unpredictability intact. To the absolute disgust of the WWE Universe, Baron Corbin became the new King of the WWE which is hard to digest. He defeated Chad Gable in the last match who failed to pull off a shocker.

Women’s Division Hell In A Cell Match Set For October 6th

AJ Styles Continues Attacking Former Champion On WWE Raw

The Knoxville audience fully backed up Chad Gable from the get-go. Baron Corbin took the fight to outside and pushed him into the timekeeper’s area hoping to get a count-out win. But Gable quickly got back to the ring and delivered German Suplexes to take control of the match. The crowd rallied behind him as the two went back and forth. Suddenly, Corbin nailed him with an End of Days to pick up the pinfall win. The new King of the Ring celebrated with all the accessories amid loud boos from the fans.

Potential Hell In A Cell Main-Event Announced On WWE Raw

Earlier, hyped up King of the Ring final match releasing the following statement,

“Baron Corbin has proven to be an unlikely, yet deserving contender for the throne, outlasting his foes in epic matches, including the first-ever King of the Ring Triple Threat Match in last week’s semifinals. He’ll be facing a worthy foe, however, in SmackDown LIVE wunderkind Chad Gable, whose run is conjuring up memories of prime Kurt Angle and hinting at a magnificent legacy of his own. Of course, there’s only room on the throne for one.”

WWE Raw Full Results: September 16th, 2019

It was indeed the unlikely duo who reached the last lap of King of the Ring tournament. Favorites like Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet and more suffered elimination from the series earlier that appeared to be biggest upsets. But this set up an opportunity for the two young guns to steal the show on WWE RAW to put on a classic and write their name on the history books.

In the case of Baron Corbin, WWE wanted to feed him off with the insane hatred coming from the WWE Universe. With his success in the prestigious tournament like this, boos just continued growing. On the other hand, Chad Gable is hearing insults for the past few weeks for his short height and decided to take this as a motivation. Showing tremendous resiliency, he was able to reach the King Of The Ring final on WWE Raw.

Lastly, it was Baron Corbin who stood tall by the end making the WWE Universe irate. The social media has gone into a full-on rampage following the win. But the heel superstar will enjoy all of these as the officials have faith on him.

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WWE Raw Preview (16/09/19): Clash Of Champions Fallouts, Wyatt-Rollins, Becky-Sasha

After an interesting set of events took place at Clash of Champions, WWE Raw will have to address the fallouts on tonight. The storylines will have to move forward to the next pay-per-view event down the line that will take place within just three weeks. It will be the infamous Hell in a Cell show on October 6th. Overshadowing everything else for the upcoming PPV will be none other than The Fiend Bray Wyatt. He will be looking to get a title shot at the earliest.

WWE Clash Of Champions Full Results: September 15, 2019

In the women’s championship scenario, the current feud has not ended at Clash of Champions. Hence, we expect something bigger in store as the next gimmick-based PPV comes closer. The finale of the King of the Ring 2019 will be there on the show. The Club is still in the dominating position, as of late who will be looking forward to their next target. So will be the tag team champions from both men and women’s division as WWE Raw airs live, tonight from the Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Big Update On When Brock Lesnar Is Returning To WWE TV

Reports were all over the internet suggesting that The Fiend Bray Wyatt is next on the line for a Universal Championship match. The scary superstar confirmed the same by appearing after the main event of Clash of Champions, He took out Seth Rollins with a sudden attack after the reigning champion successfully defended the title against the monster among men, Braun Strowman.

It is a no-brainer that what the next prime storyline from WWE Raw is going to be after what transpired at the PPV show. The Fiend Bray Wyatt is lurking in to dismantle Seth Rollins for only one reason and that’s the Universal Championship. Tonight, we will officially get to know about the match that must be taking place at Hell in a Cell set for October 6th. Additionally, this title match will also take place inside the demonic steel cage structure, for sure.

In the WWE Raw women’s championship match at Clash of Champions, a fight ensued leading to the disqualification. Becky Lynch took a shot at the referee that forced the officials to disqualify the match. The champion will have to pay a huge amount fine, as noted on Lynch is not over with Sasha Banks as per the promo cut after the contest as the feud will continue through Hell in a Cell. This leads us to the obvious conclusion that Sasha Banks will once again challenge Becky Lynch for the women’s title but this time inside the cage structure.

AJ Styles successfully defended the United States Championship against Cedric Alexander. But not only he picked up the win but also delivered a strong message by beating up the youngster after the match. So who will be standing next to take on the Club? As per the recent updates on social media, Braun Strowman should be standing next on Styles and Co.’s path. The monster among men should be next in line to challenge Styles for the mid-card title.

We have received a new WWE Raw tag team champions in Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode that was a predicted win. They will try to pick up some momentums on their favor and possibly get the first challengers in line for the titles. The women’s tag team champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross had a valiant win at Clash of Champions who look forward to having a historic reign. Hence, there must be fresh opponents waiting for them on WWE Raw.

As for the finale of the King of the Ring 2019, Chad Gable takes on Baron Corbin in an unpredictable match. The audience will not be happy if Corbin wins the tournament since he is the biggest heel on the roster. Gable is the underdog who has a fair chance of winning, as well. But WWE creative team might just want to feed Corbin off the extreme heat from the fans with a shocker. Just imagine the insane boos will be there on WWE Raw after the announcer calls Corbin as the next King of the WWE.

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WWE News: Reason Why Shane McMahon Competed In King Of The Ring

As seen on SmackDown, there was a massive change in King of the Ring tournament semifinal lineup. The original set up match should have featured Elias going up against Chad Gable. But WWE announced today that Elias is injured and will not be able to compete in King of the Ring Semifinal match against Chad Gable on SmackDown from Madison Square Garden.

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This forced Shane McMahon to volunteer himself into the match as he took on Chad Gable where Kevin Owens acted as the special guest referee. In a follow-up update, Elias is reportedly suffering from a legitimate ankle injury, according to WWE decided to pull him from the ring before SmackDown went on the air.

Who Will Roman Reigns Face At Hell In A Cell?

The source then added that the decision to do Shane vs. Chad Gable on SmackDown was a Vince McMahon call. There were talks of doing a Battle Royal to determine the replacement for Elias. But later they decided to go with the idea of using Shane instead. This also resumed the canceled storyline between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon after Summerslam 2019.

The storyline moved in a manner where Shane McMahon made Kevin Owens the special referee of the last King of the Ring Semifinal match. He promised to forget about the $100,000 storyline fine against Owens for putting his hands on Elias. In exchange for his, Owens had to help him win against Gable. That did not turn out to be the case as Shane fired Owens on the spot.

This angle must continue on SmackDown for the next few weeks as Kevin Owens is not going anywhere from the WWE. Shane McMahon would also be making regular appearances on the show after a brief hiatus. The speculation was that the creative team does not have anything in-store for the younger McMahon. Here’s what Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio,

“The writers haven’t had anything for him and Vince McMahon is the guy that’s been writing the show and he’s forgotten about him. He’s forgotten about his son’s angle, yeah. I mean, he hasn’t been on.”

However, later the updated reports claimed something different. Shane McMahon has been doing his civic duty by taking part in jury duty. There are not many updates available on which kind of jury duty he was on. But he was definitely on a case doing social works. However, the MSG show has brought him back to a storyline as we can expect to see more of him in the upcoming weeks.


WWE News: Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens In Dramatic King Of The Ring Semifinal

The dramatic King of the Ring tournament continued on SmackDown Live bringing more twists to the table. The original lineup for the scheduled Semifinal Match had Chad Gable and Elias in it. But heading into last night’s show, we’ve learned that the latter mentioned name will not be able to compete due to injury. After several considerations, Shane McMahon decided to insert himself into the match to replace Elias.

WWE Smackdown Live Full Results: September 10, 2019

Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair Defeats Sasha Banks-Bayley On WWE Raw

To ensure that Shane McMahon picks up the win in the main event of SmackDown Live, he forcefully appointed Kevin Owens as the special guest referee of the match. The instructions were clear that Owens had to count pinfalls in favor of Shane McMahon. But Gable pinned him in quick time with the Chaos Theory after which Shane restarted the match with a 2 out of 3 Falls stipulation. This time too, Chad Gable picked two back to back wins with the last one being a submission win via Ankle Lock.

Shane McMahon was irate about this loss as Chad Gable made his way to King of the Ring tournament. He blamed Kevin Owens about this and fired him from the WWE to close this week’s SmackDown. We believe there will be a big fallout in this situation in the upcoming weeks.

The 2019 King of the Ring tournament went through a lot of ups and downs, as of late. All the favorites to win the tourney were out of the league even before we reached semi-finale. Eliminations of the likes of Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, The Miz and more indicated that we will be getting an underdog as the winner of this season. Last night’s matchup on Smackdown was a similar one where two youngsters (Elias & Chad Gable) has the chance of a lifetime, (courtesy

“Shelton Benjamin and Andrade both found out the hard way what happens when an opponent underestimates Chad Gable. In last week’s King of the Ring quarterfinals, Gable used an impressive rollup to top Andrade and Elias overcame Ali’s attacks on his guitar arm to move on.

“The Biggest Acquisition in SmackDown History” now awaits the underdog Gable in the semifinals, but Gable has stood tall against every challenge in the King of the Ring tournament thus far. Can he do it once more against Elias, or will Elias crush his King of the Ring dreams once and for all? Find out during the King of the Ring semifinals, tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA!”

As mentioned above, Chad Gable was the biggest underdog of King of the Ring, this year. For the past several weeks, Smackdown superstars have made fun of him calling him ‘Shorty G’. (mocking him for the short heights) But the former Smackdown tag team champion defied all the odds to reach the semifinal and square off against Shane McMahon. Last night, it was his night where he has done the unthinkable once again showing pure athleticism.

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WWE Smackdown Live Full Results: September 10, 2019

The second night of WWE TV taping from the ‘most famous arena of the world’ passed by with last night’s Smackdown. The Undertaker was in special attendance for the show to entertain the New York crowd. Kofi Kingston had an emotional journey to the infamous venue where he started his journey. Also, the storyline for Clash of Champions received a big boost up just five nights before the PPV show. Here are the results from this week’s Smackdown that took place at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Stone Cold Steve Austin ‘Raises Some Hell’ On WWE Raw From MSG

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SmackDown opened with the lights going down and the music hit as The Undertaker made his way to the ring for a pop. The fans continued chanting his name as the legend cut a promo of the memories he made at the Madison Square Garden. Sami Zayn came out to interrupt the segment and said ‘Taker needs to make way for the future. He continued talking trash until the Phenome caught him with a huge Chokeslam before making the exit.

Back from the break on SmackDown, we saw Andrade is out with Zelina Vega to have a match with The Miz. WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was on commentary while Vega distracted Miz allowing Andrade to hit the double knees in the corner. Miz came back with a neckbreaker backbreaker combo. Miz recovered from a back elbow and landed the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win. Nakamura attacked him after the match and dropped him on the mat.

We went to the ring and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came out on SmackDown. Rose talked trash about her opponent Nikki Cross until WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Cross came out. Cross started the match with some big right hands until Rose came back hitting a fall-away slam in the middle of the ring. She missed Crossbody and so did Rose while going for a big knee. Cross then rolled up Rose to pick up the win.

Heavy Machinery vs. Alex Keaton and Johnny Silver was the next matchup on SmackDown. Tucker hit a big clothesline on one guy before tagging in Otis who delivered the caterpillar. The duo then hit the Compactor for the victory.

Rowan came out on SmackDown with a brand new theme music to cut a heel promo. Roman Reigns did not take long to interrupt him as he hit the ring and delivered a few Superman Punches. A fight ensued within the crowd with Reigns taking control. But Rowan lifted a fan in the air, then launched him at security and Reigns. Roman tried to come back with another Superman Punch but Rowan grabbed a camera and hit Roman hard on the back. The officials separate him from The Big Dog to stop the fight on the ramp.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Ember Moon was next in a Non-Title affair. Moon started the match with a Crossbody but Bayley shoved her off the ropes while going for a move. Moon still came back with a springboard crossbody. She delivered a kick and went for the Eclipse. But Bayley blocked it and delivered the Bayley-to-belly for the win.

Coming from the break, we saw the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston coming out as The New Day’s music hit. He talked about the moment he created in this Madison Square Garden ten years ago by beating down Randy Orton. The Viper soon appeared around the ring and called him stupid. Kofi ran down to him to digest chair shots. Orton continued beating him down to set him up for a DDT. But Kofi soo turned the table and delivered some chair shots of his own to put down Orton on a table. He landed a dropkick through the table to keep Orton down.

King of the Ring Semifinal Match featuring Chad Gable and Shane McMahon was the main event of SmackDown Live. Elias could not compete since he is suffering from an injury. Kevin Owens acted as the special guest referee. Gable landed a Chaos Theory on Shane to get an easy pinfall after which Shane restarted the match with a 2 out of 3 Falls stipulation. Gable picked up the win locking in the Ankle Lock submission hold forcing Shane to tap out. Gable reached the finale of King of the Ring tournament. Shane was irate about this and fired Owens from WWE to close the show.

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WWE Smackdown Preview (10/09/2019)-Kofi Kingston, The Undertaker, King Of The Ring

WWE’s visit to the world’s most famous arena continues for one more night as Smackdown Live for this week also emanates from this venue. This would be the final night before Clash of Champions PPV takes place on this Sunday night. So there would be massive hype ups for the one single night of the year where all the championships present in the WWE stays on the line.

Stone Cold Steve Austin ‘Raises Some Hell’ On WWE Raw From MSG

Potential US Title Match Set For Clash Of Champions Featuring AJ Styles

The WWE Championship picture will be the headliner of tonight’s show as the champion returns to the same arena that witnessed his birth in wrestling. What will happen when he returns here just days before his title defense at the upcoming PPV. The emotional journey will continue for another man that is The Undertaker who is returning to the show as a special attraction. Also, the other title match storylines will continue when Smackdown emanates from the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

WWE Raw Full Results: September 9, 2019

First Finalist Confirmed For King Of The Ring Tournament

The WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will head into Madison Square Garden with a throwback picture in his mind. This is the arena where he announced his arrival to the pro-wrestling world, a decade ago. Ten years ago, this venue witnessed his fight against Randy Orton who already became a Wrestlemania main-eventer by then. Cut to 2019, pointed out what we can expect on his journey back to the same arena,

“WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is returning to where the spark was first lit. When SmackDown LIVE returns to Madison Square Garden this Tuesday night, it will also mark Kingston’s return to the location that put him on the map. In a truly full-circle moment, Kofi’s incredible journey will bring him to back to MSG, where he memorably smashed Randy Orton through a table in 2009, as he now once again engages in an ongoing battle with The Viper. What will Kingston’s return to The World’s Most Famous Arena bring?”

For the past several weeks, Randy Orton has been beating Kofi Kingston up with the help of the Revival. The newly created FTRKO seemed dominant against Kofi and New Day members as Xavier Woods is out of the equation. Could tonight finally mark the rebound point for the WWE and SmackDown tag team champions? We hope so as this is what they need to do before Clash of Champions PPV looms in.

A special attraction for this episode of SmackDown is going to be The Undertaker whose name has become synonymous with Madison Square Garden arena. He had plenty of memories here who now looks forward to making more such with tonight’s sudden show-up. There’s no update available on what he could be doing on the show. But it is likely to be a one-off appearance just to please the New York wrestling fans.

The storyline between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan has taken a massive turn, last week. Rowan, not only delivered a beatdown on Reigns but also turned on Bryan that was unthinkable. This set up a predictable matchup where Reigns and Rowan meet at Clash Of Champions. But before that, the Big Dog has to bounce back before squaring off against the monster in Rowan.

The second semifinal for the King of the Ring tournament is set on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live. After Baron Corbin pulled off the win on WWE Raw, we anticipate getting the other finalist who will face him at Clash Of Champions between Elias and Chad Gable. The latter one is the current favorite to secure the win and go to compete in a PPV match considering the unpredictability of the KOTR tourney.

After the heel-turn of Bayley, the landscape of the Women’s Division has drastically changed. Pairing herself with Sasha Banks, makes her look unstoppable at this point. However, on WWE Raw, the babyface force picked up a big win over the rest two members of the Four-Horsewomen faction. Could Charlotte Flair keep up the momentums before the title match set at Clash Of Champions? We’ll find out the answer when Smackdown airs from Madison Square Garden, tonight.

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WWE News: First Finalist Confirmed For King Of The Ring Tournament

The tradition of shocking outcome in the King of the Ring continued even at the semifinal of the tournament. It was a triple threat contest on WWE Raw, last night that witnessed Samoa Joe competing against Baron Corbin and Ricochet. The prediction was that the latter name would pick up the win as WWE officials are pretty high on this high-flying superstar. But at the end of the match, it was Corbin who stood tall and advance to the final.

Stone Cold Steve Austin ‘Raises Some Hell’ On WWE Raw From MSG

Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair Defeats Sasha Banks-Bayley On WWE Raw

As seen on WWE RAW, Ricochet started the match hitting a Shooting Star Press for a 2 count. Soon Joe sent him face-first on the apron to take back control. Baron Corbin then came from the back and nailed Ricochet with an End of Days, out of nowhere. Joe broke the pinfall by taking out Corbin. Soon, Ricochet recovered and went for the 630-splash but dived straight into the Coquina Clutch from Joe. Ricochet managed to get out of it and hit the Recoil followed by the 630-splash. Corbin came from the back to pull him outside the ting and pin Joe for the win. He will now face either Elias or Chad Gable at the final match of King of the Ring tournament.

WWE Raw Full Results: September 9, 2019

King of the Ring tournament has been a breath of fresh air for the WWE audience for the past few weeks. The prestigious event was back after Summerslam to crown the next King of the WWE. This gimmick has produced several WWE Hall of Famers in the past as we look forward to getting the next one in the line. Last night marked the semi-finale of the tournament which featured an unprecedented triple threat match.

While all the other matches of King of the Ring tournament had singles contests, this particular bout had three opponents for a reason. Last week on WWE Raw, the quarterfinal match between Ricochet and Samoa Joe ended in a draw after both the men failed to answer the referee’s ten counts during the match. As a result, they both received the opportunity to compete in another fair match and set up the final matchup, (courtesy

“After Ricochet and Samoa Joe’s King of the Ring quarterfinal bout ended in a rarely seen double pinfall, WWE officials determined that both Superstars would advance to the semifinal round on Raw’s side of the bracket. As such, Corbin – who defeated an injured Cedric Alexander in his own quarterfinal match – will meet WWE’s resident superhero and The Samoan Shark in a Triple Threat Match Monday night on Raw. The winner of that semifinal match will go on to face a Superstar from SmackDown LIVE in the final match of the 2019 King of the Ring tournament.”

By the end of the semifinal on WWE Raw, it was Baron Corbin who stood tall pulling off a shocking win and thereby keeping Ricochet out of King of the Ring.


WWE Raw Preview (09/09/19): Stone Cold, Becky-Charlotte Vs. Sasha-Bayley, King Of The Ring

Less than a week away from WWE Clash of Champions, WWE visits the ‘most famous arena in the world’ to hype things up. After a decade, Madison Square Garden will be the taping spot for WWE Raw which is the go-home show for the PPV event. The headliner of the show will be the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He will be presiding things over for the main event of this Sunday’s show. The two competitors will put their sign under his officiation to make things official.

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WWE Raw announced a series of more segments for this epical edition where WWE’s Four-Horsewomen will collide. Two bitter rivals will team up against the best friends in a tag team bout. King of the Ring tournament will continue with its semi-final lineup through a triple threat encounter. AJ Styles will be in action against a former Cruiserweight Champion. Also, the Master of 619 will be back in action trying to regroup things from a retirement-like situation when tonight’s show airs from the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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The Universal Championship scenario has become complex with every passing week. Last week on WWE Raw, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman could not sign the contract since AJ Styles demanded to be in the title picture. The situation provoked WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin to intervene as he wanted to look over things in another such signing segment. confirmed that it will go down on the show, indeed,

“Thanks to The O.C., WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returns to his old stomping grounds, Madison Square Garden, to preside over this anticipated contract signing … and raise some hell if he needs to. After United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson spoiled Rollins and Strowman’s contract signing, Austin took to Twitter, announcing that he would be making sure the contract signing goes down like it’s supposed to next week, and that’s the bottom line.”

It will be interesting to see whether the Rollins and Strowman can co-exist on the same page when this contract signing goes down. AJ Styles and the OC members are likely to interfere again to point out that Strowman did not earn his opportunity to the Universal title. However, Styles is not going to be involved in the prime title match. But rumors suggest that he will be in action against Strowman in a separate match for the United States Championship.

Becky Lynch Calls Out Stephanie McMahon For A Match, She Responds

After Ricochet and Samoa Joe’s King of the Ring quarterfinal bout ended in a disqualification, WWE had to set up this triple threat match. WWE Raw will be host to this incredible contest with a No-DQ stipulation attached to it. With all the three men poised to get their hands on the prestigious King of the Ring crown, no one will leave an inch of soil trying to win the bout. At this point, Ricochet is the current favorite to win the match and advance to the final at Clash of Champions. But the twists that King of the Ring tournament had, to date, there could be a surprise in the outcome.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley helped Sasha Banks fend off WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on two consecutive nights. This brings a proper culmination where WWE’s four-horsewomen will go up against each other in huge tag team matchup. The Madison Square Garden audience must be enjoying this mouth-watering bout that has lots of bad blood in it. Sasha and Bayley have become vicious than ever in recent times that ensures these two a big win, for obvious.

A backstage attack by The OCs prohibited Cedric Alexander’s chances of advancing in the King of the Ring tournament on WWE Raw. He is getting a shot at redemption as a match is looming against The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the youngster to steal the show at Madison Square Garden. But in the end, AJ will be standing tall with the help of his boys, Gallows-Anderson who must be at the ringside to distract Cedric.

Rey Mysterio’s Son To Go Heel Betraying Him In Future

The ‘biggest little man’ in the history of WWE returns to action this week on WWE Raw against a man from his country. In a fresh matchup, Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one against Gran Metallik in a contest where we can barely blink our eyes. This will be the first encounter for Mysterio who was on the verge of retirement. His son Dominick was the one to bring back from that spot and will be watching closely. Rey will pick up a win in this match, trying to pick some momentums in his favor.

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WWE News: WWE Created Big Match For THIS Superstar At Madison Square Garden

It’s no secret that WWE programming is going to be pretty unique, next week. The company is heading back to the world’s most famous arena, after all. As announced earlier, WWE confirmed that next week’s Raw and Smackdown Live shows will take place at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. This marks an end of almost ten years of hiatus that WWE brings the weekly programming to MSG.

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WWE has arranged the most special things to sell out both the shows from Madison Square Garden. All the prime superstars will be appearing in the show. King of the Ring semifinal lineups will be happening, there, too. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be appearing Monday Night Raw whereas The Undertaker will be in attendance for Smackdown Live.

Triple H Revealed Reason Behind Undertaker & Goldberg Match’s Failure

The interesting part is that WWE has recently created a match at Madison Square Garden for one particular superstar. His name is Ricochet who will be competing in the King of the Ring semi-finale match. The original singles contest was no more intact on the show as we learned about a triple threat match. There’s a reason why WWE announced so.

As per the reports of Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE set up the triple threat semifinals match in the King Of The Ring Tournament only for Ricochet. The high-flying superstar will be up against two bigger villains in the same match. Although there are no confirmations whether he’d win, the match will showcase his incredible athleticism to the Madison Square Garden crowd. Here’s more from the source, (courtesy

“They’re doing a three-way which actually makes no sense, but the idea there is to actually showcase Ricochet which is not saying that he’s necessarily winning. He might be, but the idea is that in the match at The Garden Ricochet’s going to be there as a babyface against two heels and two big heels and he’s not a big guy so they dynamic is supposed to work for him — I mean the match is for him.”

The King Of The Ring tournament 2019 edition has become very interesting so far. The favorite names to win the series like Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens or Andrade is no more intact on this, anymore. Ricochet seems to be a clear favorite to overcome all the odds and snatch the crown. It’ll be interesting to see how the tournament continues from the Madison Square Garden arena, next week.