Kumble Shashtri
Kumble Shashtri

Finally, all the assumptions and speculations regarding the new coach of the Indian team was put to rest the moment BCCI President Anurag Thakur said that the veteran cricketer Anil Kumble will be the coach of Indian team. Though Kumble does not have any experience in coaching a team under his belt but his experience and his achievements in the past proved to be the key for him. He is one of the best bowlers India has ever produced. Surely competing with a player of this class was a tough job for every other candidate as Anil Kumble the name itself is enough to tell about his status and charisma Indian cricket. With the announcement of Anil Kumble as the coach of Indian team; there were few big names that were left out.

Today we have a look at those big names that were ignored –

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