Cricket as a sport has evolved massively over the years with different alterations taking a course in the game. For a proactive and highly followed sport like our game, it becomes highly imperative to ensure that there is a lot of variety so that the viewers and fans alike remain hooked throughout the show. Bringing up different formats to enhance the brand value of cricket has been an extremely successful option as that has benefitted the game not just from the monetary front, but even from the fundamental front.

A basic instance of how a change in the game can lead to its complete enhancement and revolution can be perceived by the introduction and sudden boom of T20 cricket. In the mid 2000’s, ODI’s were losing its charm due to the predictable nature of the game. The ICC’s masterstroke of organizing a World T20 in 2007 reaped colossal dividends as the entire outlook of the game was enhanced.

Nevertheless, there is always the scope for further improvement and despite taking measures; cricket isn’t yet a perfect sport. Loopholes within the game are still present and the ICC needs to be active to take note of them and act quickly.

In this article, we analyze the five rules or regulations that the ICC can use to further develop the game.

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