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Fiction – Nine Indian cricketers who can be found in weird places!

  • 9 Indian cricketers who can be found in odd places

    In India, cricket is a festival and cricketers are evaluated as demigods. With media 24X7 covering the most popular faces of Indian cricket, everything is out there for the buzz-hungry people to know. Their favorite color, places they love to visit, the food they love everything is available to increase the knowledge. But then, there are some things that even media can’t get the wind of. As we let our minds work here in Sportzwiki, we have come up with 9 cricketers and 9 odd places they can be found in. So, what are we waiting for? Let the journey begin.

    1.Shikhar Dhawan

    It is not news that team India calls the macho-with-the-moustache opener with a nickname- ‘Gabbar’! With his curled moustache and dacoit laugh, we can imagine Shikhar walking with those famous boots in the sets of the epic Bolly flick Sholay and say, “Kitne admi the?”

    Shikhar Dhawan as Gabbar

    2. Rohit Sharma

    Ahh well, the picture says it all! In the kitchen, cooking Maggi, it is our another beloved opener!

    Rohit Sharma

    3. Virat Kohli

    With such rugged attitude on the field, that much passion, where else would anyone find Mr. test skipper of Indian cricket team than a CIRCUS? No no, not as a Joker, as the ringmaster. Who else do you think tame those wild lions? 

    Virat Kohli as ringmaster

    And he looks so adorable kissing that lion…Ok, ok, let’s move on with the list.

    4. Cheteswar Pujara

    A name so religious that it reminds of the temple bells ringing on top of a mountain and we can instantly sense incense sticks burning, the smell of sandalwood. We could not really think of anything else than this.

    Cheteshwar Pujara as a priest

    So people who want to get starstruck by Mr. Pujara, need to offer a ‘puja’ in some temple and Wa-Lah ! He is the priest!

    PS: His wife’s name is Puja.

    5. Suresh Raina

    The newly married chap, as he posts pictures, is visiting places with his lady love it seems. So, it is very common that if you hit any of the popular honeymoon destinations, you might end up catching Suresh Raina with Priyanka taking cozy selfies there.

    Raina and his wife

    6. MS Dhoni

    As we all know that Dhoni has recently been blessed with a cute little daughter,it is very obvious that he might be taking care of her in every possible way with a bit of time to relax in his hand. Suresh Raina in a recent interview revealed that he changes Jiva’s diapers, so no price for guessing that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is nowadays a regular visitor of the kid’s care section of shops, especially the diaper zone. The dapper buying diaper eh? Alright, no more PJs.

    MS Dhoni in diaper store

    7. Stuart Binny

    With your once in a lifetime opportunity, you enter a selection committee meeting of BCCI and this can be the scene. We are just talking about calculated probabilities. 

    Stuart Binny

    8. Ravindra Jadeja

    And Ravindra Jadeja might be practicing his skills in Mars much ahead of the official first human football on the planet. What? Do you want a reason? Don’t you dare, he is Sir Ravindra Jadeja, he can do anything.

    Ravindra Jadeja

    9. Ishant Sharma

    After the animated avatar of him in the India-Sri Lanka series recently, we think Ajay Devgan wouldn’t mind giving up his Singham song to this bowler of his nation’s cricketing side. Otherwise, Ishant Sharma will say ‘Ata Majhi Satakli’ !

    Ishant Sharma

    Bonus: Ravi Shastri

    Everyone loves bonus and we know that. So here is one bonus along with the 9 players. It is their director Ravi Shastri, whom we can find in any director’s chair looking at how he has been playing the role of director of the team for a long time. Habits can’t be shrugged off easily.

    Ravi Shastri

    *This is an article based on fiction made for entertainment and humour and should be taken in the same manner*

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