Associate nations slammed Harsha Bhogle for question their hunger

Associate nations slammed Harsha Bhogle for questioning their hunger

  • Scotland, Ireland, and Netherlands have to bid goodbye to the World T20 in India as rain washed out their match and chance to qualify for Super 10. Now Oman vs Bangladesh and Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan will fight for two berths in two matches respectively. But, the rain in Dharamshala  and re-qualifying round  annoyed  the face of associate nations Ireland and Scotland.

    Scotland, Ireland and Netherlands, Afghanistan and Oman qualified in World T20 in India through a World T20 qualifier in Scotland and Ireland. But, after early exit and because of no reserve days these teams are not happy. Indian cricket analyst and commentator Harsha Bhogle as he questioned their hunger for victory.


    You can either moan about how little you have or you can make the most of whatever you have. For the hungry, opportunity resides everywhere

    — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) March 12, 2016



    Scotland captain Prosten Mommsen got angry as Harsha questioned their hunger for good cricket.


    But, Harsha feels 140 words are not enough to explain his thoughts. He defended his thoughts on emerging nation in cricket. He added that twitter has limitation. So discuss on a platform like that is difficult to express what he wanted to say.



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