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Cricketers and their celebrity look-alike

  • In this series, we try and look at cricketers and similar looking celebrities from other fields- sports, entertainment and even politics.

    Michael Vaughn & Christian Bale


    Michael Vaughan and Christian Bale. Batsman and batman. Thirty-nine year-old Englishmen who both had career highs in 2005. One has played a psychopath, the other has played Andre Nel. Same gent? Aye says we.  

    Ricky Ponting & George W. Bush


    Australia‘s 42nd captain and America’s 43rd President. It’s more than just formidably furrowed brows that link them, you know. One was involved in a brawl in a pub, the other was involved in a spat in Asia. One speaks faster than a speeding train, the other’s a train wreck when he speaks. Ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Thought not.  

    Steve Bucknor & Morgan Freeman


    One’s an actor known for his reserved demeanor and authoritative voice, the other’s an umpire known for his implacability and appreciation of the art of suspense. Who’s going to play Steve Bucknor in Slow Death the slow-burning mystery thriller-cum-biopic they’re no doubt scripting even now? Morgan Freeman, duh.

    Nasser Hussain & Vladimir Putin


    Pursed lips come with the territory when you’re a ruthless leader who seeks results at all costs. Glaring and pouting, Nasser Hussain took the reins of the England side 10 years ago and dragged it up from the depths of No. 9 on the Test table, using sheer willpower and orneriness to sweep away all obstacles in his path. Over in Russia, meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, who too took over in 1999, did about as much for his country’s economy, brushing aside criticism of despotism and lack of transparency with big double handfuls of gleaming results. It’s the ends, not the means, silly.  

    Brad Hodge & Mark Ruffalo


    Brad Hodge paid his dues on the state cricket circuit; Mark Ruffalo worked part-time as a bartender while doing theatre. Steady performers, both have made their marks without setting the world on fire. Yes, it’s official, the world is full of Australian cricketers who are, in fact, American actors.  

    Dale Steyn & Daniel Craig


    Antiheroes who are franchise spearheads. Dale Steyn has experience at Titans, Bangalore and Hyderabad; Daniel Craig has under his belt seven years helming the James Bond property. One uses advanced weapons, the other is an advanced weapon. License to kill or license to maim, glare and terrorize? Choices, choices.

    Chris Gayle & Emmanuel Adebayor


    One nifty mover and one who’s too cool for footwork. Emmanuel Adebayor does red cards like they’re going out of fashion, Chris Gayle black bandannas like they was in next month’s Vogue. One can often be seen in lime green when he turns out for Togo; the other can often be seen in lime green sunglasses when he’s doing his Lady Gaga impression. Same gent? We’ll say.  

    Charlotte Edwards & Miranda Otto


    As if an English World Cup-winning captain wasn’t a strange enough concept, next to her we have an Australian actress who played a shield-maiden from Middle Earth in a movie by a New Zealander. Get your head around that.  

    Desmond Haynes & Forest Whitaker


    This one played for Scotland, that one was in Last King of Scotland. Put that in your haggis and eat it, coincidence fans.  

    Michael Hussey & Steve Carell


    When Steve Carell was playing the 40-Year-Old Virgin back in the middle of the decade, Mike Hussey was losing his Test cherry at the ripe old age of nearly 30. Did someone say Bradmanesque? The Huss was Australia’s colossus for two years and some; Carell was voted America’s funniest man and played a character called Almighty in two films. The jury’s out but we know what they’ll say. 

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