Five funny moments caught on stump camera

Cricket like all other competitive sports demands a lot of physical and mental strength of the players. The rush of adrenaline is very high especially in knockout matches in tournaments or series deciding matches. This often results in funny or unwanted incidents. The stump cam catches a lot of these little moments. Either they are funny or they show incidents of sledging. Here are some of the funny moments caught on the stump cam:

  1. Vivian Richards & Greg Thomas
    In an English county match, bowler Greg Thomas managed to beat Richards on a few occasions. After Richards missed a ball, Thomas said,” Its red, its round. Now f***ing hit it!” Viv Richards responded in his usual style. He hit the next ball out of the ground and told Thomas,” You know what it looks like. Now go and get it.”
  2. Mark Waugh & James Ormond
    As expected, the bitter rivalry between England and Australia has been caught by the stump cam too. In a match between the two sides, when James Ormond came to the crease, Mark Waugh from slip asked what he was doing there. He added that Ormond was not good enough to play for England. But Ormond kept the sportsman spirits and responded that although that may be the case, yet he was the best player in his family.
  3. MS Dhoni & Ravindra Jadeja
    Captain cool MS Dhoni is rarely seen to lose his temper in a match. However he often gets angry when bowlers do not bowl according to his plan and field setting. During the last New Zealand tour, in the second Test at Wellington, Dhoni took out his frustration on Jadeja. Brendon McCullum was on the verge of his double century and Jadeja was not bowling to the field set by Dhoni. This led Dhoni to say,”Pujara ko wahan taali bajaane ke liye nahi rakha(I have not placed Pujara there to clap)”.
  4. Arjuna Ranatunga & Ian Healy
    Arjuna Ranatunga’s overweight often led to funny incidents on the cricket field. Opponent players also used this as a weapon for sledging against Ranatunga. Once during a match against Australia in the humid conditions of Sri Lanka, Ranatunga asked for a runner, claiming that he had “sprained something”. However Aussie wicketkeeper Ian Healy said that, Ranatunga could not get a runner for being overweight and unfit.
  5. Steve Waugh & Parthiv Patel
    When Steve Waugh was batting in his final Test innings for Australia, India wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel told him to hit one of the famous slog sweeps for the final time before he retires. Steve responded by saying that Patel should respect him, because when Steve made his debut, Patel was still in his nappies.
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