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When Gautam Gambhir’s wife said ‘no’ to World Cup final

  • Kolkata Knight Riders’ skipper Gautam Gambhir was the latest cricket star to attend comedian Vikram Sathaye’s chat show ‘What The Duck’. The left-hander, who is known for his outspoken nature, spoke of different things ranging from the issue of complimentary passes to cricket matches in Delhi, his bats being named after ‘Rocky Balboa’ and venting out his frustration on toothbrushes.

    “People go crazy in Delhi, I don’t know what goes wrong. They only need complimentary passes and that is just becoming a habit even if tickets are available. Even if you don’t know someone they will try and trace some kind of relation with you somewhere as you know them for passes,” said Gambhir.

    The southpaw, who named his favorite bat Rocky Balboa and the rest of the bats followed as Rocky 1, Rocky 2, shared an interesting story about his bat.

    “Rocky Balboa and the whole series has been close to my heart. I have been brought up watching the Rocky Series and ‘First Blood’ series. I am obviously a big fan of Sylvester Stallone,” he added.

    When asked about the co-relation between toothbrushes and his mood he said, “My mood depends on how I treat my toothbrushes. Being a skipper is a strenuous job, and when you are going through a rough phase, obviously you start taking out your frustration, you can’t take it out on anyone, you can’t take it out on your teammates or your wife. The only person that is left is your toothbrush”.
    He also narrated an interesting story about how his wife Natasha, to whom he was dating back then, rejected a pass to the final of World Cup in 2011.
    “I asked her if she wanted a pass, she replied asking if the match was that important.”

    “She still regrets and feels that is the only thing the missed till now in her life,”  added Gambhir.

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