Out of favour England batsman Kevin Pietersen still hopes of playing Test Cricket for England again. 

Pietersen is currently facing international exile (because during England’s disastrous Ashes tour of 2013-14, he was accused of indiscipline), but with England most unlikely to undergo a lot of changes in three to four months, Pietersen feels that there is a chance for him to come back. 

He said:

I’m not so sure – it’s very interesting. I know there are a lot of changes that are going to be happening in England in the next three or four months, so who knows?

“I know I still have four or five years left. Whether I just want to play T20 though, is another thing. The next six months, with the changes happening in England, (it) could be interesting.”

I have 8300 runs – I’d love to get 10,000 Test runs. I’d love to beat Australia again … last time, we got hammered. That doesn’t sit well – I’m not a player who likes being hammered, I’m a player who plays to win.”

Image Courtesy: thenewsreports

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