Rameez Raja trolls fan on twitter
Rameez Raja trolls fan on twitter

Pakistani cricketer turned commentator Rameez Raja  never misses out on being in the news. Rameez Raja  has his own style of commentating which has made him one of the most famous cricket commentators around the globe. However, just like most other leading commentators, he is also not free from gaffes and has been the source of some of a hilarious lines heard in cricket in recent times and that has made him a favourite for the social media trolls.His commentary bloopers have  been heavily trolled on social media and even have a nomenclature ‘Rameez Gems’.

Social media has greatly enhanced the relationship between a fan and a celebrity. Fans have the opportunity to follow their favorite players, and athletes have the opportunity to post anything they would like, and engage with their fans at their discretion. And recently when Rameez Raja was interacting with his fans on Twitter,one of the mischievous fans asked him whether he is aware of certain phenomena called ‘RameezPorn’?

But the fan was unaware what was to come next.The reply from Rameez was shocking, as it was hilarious but still below the belt. Replying in his own inimitable style, the commentator’s tweet read :“Yes I am… It is interesting deep penetrative stuff…”

While we appreciate Rameez Raja’s efforts to reply to fans’ queries in a funny way but it seems that he has crossed the line by a fine margin.

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