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Start the Series with a Bouncer: Merv Hughes

  • Former Australian pacer Merv Hughes has expressed his opinion that the first India-Australia Test which begins in Adelaide next weak should start with the bowler bowling a bouncer as Merv feels Phillip Hughes’ tragic death should not make the bowlers wary of using the delivery. There were some debates going on in the cricket world that the boncers should be banned, a move which will make the sport completely in favour of batsmen.

    “The longer it goes without someone bowling a bouncer, the more it’s going to be talked about and the more it’s going to be on people’s minds. I reckon just to clear the air the first ball of the game…Should just be a bouncer, and just say ‘right, let’s get on with business’. It might be a callous, uncaring way to look at it but what we’ve got to take in mind is what happened to Phil Hughes is a tragic accident,” he said.

    Hughes said the cricket world should follow Australian captain Michael Clarke’s call to continue playing the game fiercely to pay homage to the late batsman.

    “There’s been bouncers bowled over 100 years of cricket and this was an isolated incident. As Michael Clarke said in his speech (on Wednesday), we must play on,” he concluded.

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