Switch kits in World T20 a new trend

Switch kits in World T20 a new trend

  • The after a shower in Dharamsala ruined two games at the World T20, there was something extra eye-catching about Bangladesh’s eight over hit against Ireland. Bangladesh switch their kits from green and red was not a merely a fashion statement this is the first world T20 event where teams have been asked to avoid wearing similar colours as their opposition.

    Three of the teams have been assigned two different colours to avoid clashes. When Bangladesh played Netherlands they were okay in green but against Ireland, they wore a jersey that predominantly red. Similarly, two other teams-Sri Lanka and Scotland have two different outfits.

    Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal in Bangladesh’s green and red kits 

    Scotland have already been knocked out and, for some reason, did not use their pink change against Afghanistan, who also play in blue, on Tuesday. Sri Lanka meanwhile, have a yellow ‘away’ outfit, which we might expect to see when India they take on India in the Super 10s. South Africa’s T20 kit is a mix of green and yellow, which saves them a potential clash with Pakistan; while Australia play T20 in black, and New Zealand have opted for a  light brown  jersey this time around.

    Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews in two different World T20 kits

    Whether all this has been promoted by broadcasters’ request or a desire to follow football’s lead and maximize on the merchandise, T20 continues to change the game. Now, wouldn’t be radical if a team decided to wear white?

    Till 1992, all countries in 50 over World Cup used to wear all whites. Things have changed in 1992 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. All countries had to wear rainbow jersey. After that evolution colour in kits takes a different level.

    1992 World Cup captains in rainbow kits for the first time

    In Football, many countries wear a white jersey to avoid confusion against his opponent. So, in cricket, it could be done. A vintage white in T20 cricket will look awesome.

    1983 World Cup Indian squad

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