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Top 5 longest losing streak in IPL

Every team in the IPL each team faces other twice, at home grounds of both teams. At least this is the format that is followed in the majority of the seasons. Keeping this in mind every team has 14 matches to play and need at least 8-9 wins to have a chance of qualifying for the next stage. To win even those matches a team needs get their combination right as every team would want to win each match they play and in the end it is the best that comes out on top.

Winning matches is all about momentum, win a match and continuing the winning habit further. But is the momentum limited only to winning? Well we don’t think so. Having lost one match, a team needs to get back strongly or else they would lose the nest match as well and when a team losses two more matches, there is a chance that a team has caught on to the momentum of losing. A momentum very tough to get rid of.

In today’s stat we will take a look at teams that have lost consecutive matches the most in IPL:  



Losing Streak (matches)

Delhi Daredevils



Pune Warriors India



Pune Warriors India



Kolkata Knight Riders



Delhi Daredevils



*Stats updated till 17 April, 2015

Delhi Daredevils is the latest entrant into the list and is on top as well. DD had lost 9 matches on the trot in IPL 2014 and their bad form continued this season as well when DD lost their first two matches in 2015 season, which took their tally of losing streak to 11 and it took a spirited performance from Mayank Agarwal, Yuvraj Singh and other players against the Kings XI Punjab to break this jinx and finally got a win after 350 odd days in IPL.

Pune Warriors India is no more a part of IPL but had they been, they would now have team that had joined them in the record for most consecutive losses in IPL in the form of DD. Pune had lost 11 matches in a row in the 2012 and 2013 season of IPL. Senior players like Ganguly and Nehra couldn’t lead the team and set an example for others. Which was one of the reasons for the team go on a losing streak.

Next against is Pune team with 9 losses in the 2013 season of IPL. Pune were slightly happy that they ended their 11 match losing streak but little did they know that the there was another 9 match losing streak awaiting them. Players like Yuraj Singh too couldn’t help the team to turn tide.

Joining Pune for the 9 match losing streak is KKR in the 2009 season. Filled with big names like Gayle, Ganguly and many others was of no use for the riders as they lost matches continuously. It did take KKR so to get their combination right but two IPL trophies and the record for longest winning streak is held by them Knights today and they have definitely erased all those bad memories and finally fans of Kolkata can imagine a team without Dada.

On the 5th position we again have Delhi Daredevils who lost 8 matches in row in 2012 and 2013 season when players like Viru and Morne couldn’t come to the teams rescue when the team needed them.

Here was the Top 5 list of teams to loose most number of consecutive matches and set a record for longest losing streak. 

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