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Virat Kohli: I will not tolerate a word against Anushka Sharma

  • Well, the vibrant Virat Kohli, vice captain of Team India and skipper of Royal Challangers Banglore, is known for his bold and blunt attitude. Off course, this stubborn approach had recently landed him in a big trouble (when he mistook a reporter for someone else who had annoyed him with a few unwarranted remarks against Anushka Sharma and had abused an Indian reporter). Even earlier, he was seen showing his guts on the fields he does not tolerate sledging. 

    So once again dashing Virat Kohli has come forward to defend his relationship with Anushka Sharma. In his latest interview running in the social media, the stylish cricketer has made it clear that the things pin-pointed at Anushka are surely going to hit him.

    Elaborating about the backlash that the couple faced during World Cup 2015 (when people had simply blamed Anushka Sharma for the alleged failure of Virat kohli in the World Cup, especially in the semi finals), Virat has stressed that the incident has made them stronger as a couple.

    Virat, in his latest statement, in line with his image of an aggressive individual, has accepted that though he becomes aggressive and crosses the line sometimes, targeting Anushka will never be accepted. He said, “If someone is saying bad things about my partner, obviously I will get annoyed. I will get angry because that’s a very personal thing to me. You cannot sit quietly when such things are being said about your girlfriend or partner. People talk about my behaviour. I do accept that sometimes I have crossed the line.”

    This star cricketer showed what good features as a true boyfriend he possesses and he also claimed that he cherishes his bonding with Anushka throughout that entire ‘criticism span’. He stated, “My relationship with Anushka has only become stronger because of that incident. We have gone through this together. We have stuck to each other through this.”

    Already many of the former cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar and many other team mates have expressed their concern about the right of freedom to Virat Kohli and had underlined a clear message that his personal life should not be targeted by anyone. Also, Virat Kohli must learn to understand that as a future leader of team india, the expectations of the fans are very high and in this process of emotional bonding it becomes hard for them to tolerate his repeated failures.

    Meanwhile, we must respect his loyalty and truthfulness.   


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