Virat Kohli wants to be a great Test player: Rahul Dravid

Virat Kohli wants to be a great Test player: Rahul Dravid

  • Indian batting protégée Virat Kohli’s rapid rise in international cricket has  seen him becoming the most important player in the Indian cricket team. Slowly but surely, he has become an inspiration for the generation of cricketers who are growing up in an environment abundant slam-bang cricket.

    Former India captain Rahul Dravid, in an exclusive interview with NDTV, says the greatest thing to learn from the 27-year-old Kohli is his eagerness to excel in all formats.

    “Virat and I had a lot of conversations. He wants to be a great Test player and knows that a player is respected more if he can perform in formats. The younger generation should learn from guys like Virat, Kane Williamson, Steven Smith, Joe Root who have been successful in all formats,” Dravid said about Indian Test team’s captain and World T20 player of the tournament.

    Dravid, who has been approached for India coach’s post, was in awe of Kohli’s current form . “Every time I see him perform well, I think he can’t raise the bar higher, but he does it!! Every time he plays a good innings, he does better in the next innings,” Dravid said.

    He further added that the advent of T20 can’t be ignored, but it needs to be balanced with Test cricket. ‘I hate to say 20 is the future of cricket. But it is a significant part of the future. ODI cricket started  to subsidies Test, and now T20 should do that too.”

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