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Live: FIFA Ballon d'Or 2015

It is the night of the Ballon d’or. This is the night of Champions. Tonight in Zurich the stage is all set for footballers who have shown great panache and class in the past year to be duly recognised and awarded. Tonight the efforts of great men and women will receive the due credit with awards to be given in several categories ranging from the best player to the best manager.

From Ronaldo to Sasic, these players have wowed us with their performances in the past year and are already legends. All your speculations and questions that have been a part of many a debates will be put to rest tonight!

Who will win the Ballon d’Or? Will Enrique be the best coach or will it be Pep? Who will make it to the FIFA world XI?

It is showtime now!

Stars have started to arrive on the main-event. The Biggest attraction right now is former AC Milan star Clerance Scedorf.

Ronaldo admits Messi will win Ballon d’Or this season

“It is not surprising to me that Leo might have better chance than me, but I am here for a reason, the vote from coaches and captains.”

Loudest cheers of the night so far

Samuel Eto’o has just arrived

Crows goes wild

Sergio Ramos has entered the arena

Wait for it, Paul Pogba is here & fans are over the moon

Keeping the Galactico theme, Marcelo has arrived

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