Controveries and Luis Suarez are like brothers of other mothers. Inseperable as usual, Luis Suarez is once in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a collection of the best Memes, troll pic and jokes on the Luis Suarez Bite.


The Pre-game warmup routine of Luis Suarez revealed 


Someone found a way to restrain Luis Suarez afterall 



Oh boy, guess who just took a bite at the Apple logo



Luis Suarez finds it Finger lickin’ good.





Luis Suarez could play the lead in the sequeal for this.


And it’s a Hat-trick for Luis Suarez.



Luis Suarez and his gentle bites. Awww….



Luis Suarez has something stuck between his teeth. It’s some Chiellini probably.



Only Mario Balotelli can do this.