Wenger compares Piers Morgan with Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
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Piers Morgan compares Wenger with Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

  • Wenger and his old friend Piers Morgan

    Television host Piers Morgan was left fuming as Arsenal manager Wenger singled him out for criticising over the campaign and asking him to leave his job at the Emirates.

    Morgan accused Wenger of talking bull***t hours after the French boss had accused the Good Morning Britain host of having a big ego.

    And in a hilarious Twitter rant, the life-long Arsenal fan got personal and suggested to sack Wenger and call on supporters to reclaim their club.

    Wenger actually fired the first bullet after finally feeling the immense pressure of supporters who are waging a campaign to force him out — of which Morgan is the most high profile.

    Wenger hit out at his critics and also accused the club’s own supporters of being partly to blame for the team blowing their best ever opportunity to win the Premier League.

    He said: “There are some groups of people who try to manipulate our fans. Apart from an agenda and a big ego there’s not a lot behind.

    “Some people question this teams character but they have character and attitude and some people who question them have less character than this team has.

    “We lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played at home in a very difficult climate.

    “We have to realise that, away from home, we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we lost the league.

    “This club does have special values though and one I’ve experienced over the years is to stick together and support the team. There’s no success without that.”

    But Morgan hit back with a scathing assessment of Wenger’s performance as manager over the past few years.

    In a series of posts on Twitter, he said: “If you believe any of Wenger’s excuses re stadium/transfers/money etc, how do you explain Leicester’s triumph? It’s all bulls**t.

    “Arsenal fans have two home games left to register our feelings about Wenger blaming the US for 12 years of failure. Reclaim our club.

    “It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC.

    “It’s time Arsenal fans wrestled back control of our club from Emperor Wenger. This arrogant, stubborn man is going nowhere until we do.

    “Twelve points behind Leicester and Wenger blames Arsenal fans for our Premier League failure this season. He’s become a laughing stock. #WengerOUT.”
    Former England Captain Michael Vaughan also joined the party.

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